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He moved so we were lying on his bed, he smirked shoving off the blankets and pillows, Derek flipped over so I was on the bottom and he was on top.

Derek grinned a very devilish grin and whispered in my ear "time for you punishment you've been a very naughty kitten" he purred going to his knees.

He took off his belt quickly and shoved my hands above my hand and tied it to the head board. I gulped; he gave me a sexy smirk and trailed his large hands up my thigh.

"So soft" he whispered, he took off my fish nets then my boots, his hands slithered up my thigh, and he fingers the hem of my lacy underwear. I arched slightly hoping that he would go faster and stop teasing me, he smirked and tilted his head slightly like an innocent boy. He rubbed two fingers against my cloth covered crotch; I panted bucking softly into his hands, and felt myself growing wet from his touch

"d-d-Derek" I whined, he pinched my thigh making me yelp "not Derek kitten" he whispered, I flushed a dark red and he smirked "m-m-masterr" I moaned when he rubbed harder.

"hmm what do you want kitten" he purred, pushing aside my underwear rubbing now my slick wet hole, I shook my head side to side "p-p-please" I groaned when his thumb circled my clit sending intense pleasure through my body and I threw my head back and groaned

"Please what kitten" he taunted growled, he pulled away while I whimpered. He rubbed his two fingers together "you're so wet for me" he mocked I flushed again, now he those wet finger s were at my lips "come on kitten" he urged. I opened my mouth slowly and he stuck them in. "Good girl" he cooed while I sucked off his finger with my eyes closed.

Derek slipped them out of my mouth, then he leaned down and placed open mouth kisses all over my neck "hmm kitten your skin…" he growled in pleasure thrusting his bulging erection against my wet core. I moaned and he I felt him smirk against my neck

His hands went around my back un-lacing the black corset; it was a bit loose when his fingers trailed back up towards my chest. His rough finger tips moving across my chest and down the valley of my breast, he nuzzled my neck. He kept on fondling with my breast while sucking on my earlobe.

Biting my lip I tried not to moan "you have to be noisy kitten or else I won't know if I'm doing it right" he growled trailing his tongue down the length of my neck, I gasped when he gently sucked where my neck met my shoulder.

He stood up abruptly and knelt between my legs, he looked at me and then I knew he was angry. "Chloe" he growled "I'm going to turn you into a hot mess" then Derek tore off my underwear and shoved his face down between my legs and devoured my heated core.

I cried out and wanted to touch him, or do something but my hands were tied so I clenched them, moaning again I arched as his tongue went inside me. He growled and slammed his arm across my hips so they won't move.

Shaking my head side to side I cried out again when he nipped at my clit, I panted and gasped "d-d-Derek" I whimpered. He pinched my ass and I yelped "ma-aster" I stuttered. "Yes" he growled against my core sending jolts of pleasure through my body, "m-m-more" I whined.

He smirked "my horny slave wants more" I blushed so hard at that but he just chuckled "if you want more then you'll get more" he whispered and slipped two fingers inside of me and pumped hard while he nipped at my clit; I was so close my breathing became heavy, "s-s-so cl-ah-ose" I stuttered, he then added another fingers and pressed his tongue down hard against my clit. I shouted as I came hard in his mouth, "Oh god Derek!"

"Mmm" he moaned licking me clean, he pulled out his fingers and kissed his way up to my chest, "you taste delicious" He purred, I nodded not knowing what else to say.

He leaned forward and gave me a sensual kiss, and then he reached up and untied my hands. In an instant they were free. I jumped Derek making him yelp and roll over so I was on top, he growled and I kissed him harder shoving my tongue in his mouth. His hands were on my bare ass softly patting it.

"Shirt off" I demanded, he chuckled and grabbed my hands "take it off without your hands" he whispered rolling over so again my hands were above my head not tied but he held with. "How" I said sternly "use your imagination" he taunted kissing my forehead, "okay, okay, god you're so pushy" I muttered.

I leaned up so my mouth was on his first button and unbuttoned it with my mouth, I was halfway done. When I brought up my right foot and put it between his opened shirt and shoved down so it ripped the buttons right off. "So eager" he growled playfully, I pouted "well I can't help it…you have be bounded so I'm useless" he chuckled and kissed my cheek

"Now the pants" I murmured thinking how I was going to do that.


I watched as Chloe brought up her feet and placed them on my hips ready to pull down my pants, "damn I need to do the button" she muttered, her toes were at my button trying to unbutton it.

I looked at her face, she had her brows furrowed and her pink tongue peeked between her lips as she concentrated. Her head was thrown back then her eyes light up "got it" she hissed, I was amazed she actually had done it.

Then she placed her feet back at my hips, pulled them down slowly to my knees and I kicked them off from there, "master" she whispered. I looked up at her and she was grinning evilly, I frowned and tilted my head to the side.

I was about to ask what was wrong, I felt this intense pleasure on my erection. I gasped and looked down her foot was rubbing against my bulge, whimpering when she added pleasure I placed my head on her shoulder panting "Chloeee" I hissed when she stopped "you're such a tease" I muttered she just giggled and reached up to kiss my cheek.

This time I couldn't hold it anymore, I leaned up and ripped everything off of her while she squealed in shock.

Finally she lay there naked in front of me; panting, her face flushed all the way down to her neck, her big blue eyes were sparkling and staring right into mine. "You're going to get punished" I smirked sitting down so my legs were hanging off the bed "eh?" she replied. I grabbed her arm and softly yanked her towards me.

She gasped when she landed over my legs, "Derek don't you da-"

SMACK! She cried out when I smacked her ass. "Derek this is un-"

SMACK I couldn't help but smile a bit, she was too adorable. I softly rubbed my hands over her ass cheek; she moved the hair off her of her face and turned to look over her shoulder. I smiled at here "you're so weird" she muttered. She was grimacing but blushing at the same time,

"You called me weird, I'm hurt Chloe" I whispered pushing her head back down to the floor gently; raising my hand I smacked her. Chloe clutched my bare leg "it hurts" she whimpered. "You'll enjoy just shhh" I cooed at her softly rubbing her ass. She just whimpered again when I smacked her.

I could see fresh tears coming out, but she was growing wetter every second…she was really enjoying it. I smirked and smacked her softer this time, and she panted. "S-s-s-stop" she whimpered.

"Why?" I said innocently moving my fingers to her dripping wet core "you're body is obviously enjoying it" she flipped her back off her face and turned to look at me, her face a deep red when she saw me pull out my fingers to see them dripping with her pre-cum.

She moved her face back down flushing when I sucked on my fingers, "mmm Chloe you taste delicious"

- Down in the media room -

"Should we save her" Danny murmured into Simon's chest, "nah I think Derek can take care of her" he breathed in Danny's ear making him shiver in delight, and then suddenly they could hear a soft moan come above them.

They both flushed "oh god Derek!" Chloe cried out, "looks like their having fun" Simon whispered kissing Danny's forehead and pulling him closer to his chest.

They both were sitting on the couch with Danny straddling him, "looks like it too" he replied black back "Chloeeee" they heard Derek moan loudly.

Again they both blushed "um…." Danny whispered, he shifted a bit until he felt something poke him, he frowned and looked down. "Eh! Simon your pants" he cried poking the bulge; Simon gasped and grabbed Danny's wrist so he won't touch it again.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked, Simon shook his head "no nothing you did nothing wrong" he said looking at him "then what's wrong with your pants" Danny asked. He just looked at his boyfriend in shock "you have no idea?" he asked in shock. Danny shook his head "you're too innocent" Simon muttered pulling him into a kiss who gasped in shock.

Simon murmured in his mouth "I'll teach you everything" he whispered clutching Danny's thigh before standing up, Danny didn't see this coming so he wrapped his arms around Simon's neck and his legs around his waist. Simon moaned and burrowed his face in Danny's soft pale neck "you have no idea what you do to me boy" he growled walking towards the library to "teach" Danny

-Hunter's room -

"Come on my little witch" Hunter cooed into Tori's neck, she scowled and pushed him off "leave me alone Hunter" she grumbled and pulled the laptop onto her lap.

"You're so good with the computer" he said in awe as her fingers danced across the keyboard. "Hmm" she replied looking intently at the screen. Hunter stared at his girlfriend why was she spending so much time with a piece of technology but not her own boyfriend he scowled.

Tori glanced at Hunter and saw him scowling she sighed and pushed the computer away "what's wrong" she demanded. He smirked and leaned forward to nip at her neck "you're such a nerd" Tori gasped and shoved him away

"Ugh you're so rude" she punched a pillow in his face; while he laughed "hahah don't worry" he muttered grabbing her waist pulling her on top of him.

"My little witch is a sexy nerd" he purred, trailing his hand up her body. "Horny cat" she muttered leaning down to kiss him full on the mouth.

-back to Derek and Chloe ;)

Chloe was between Derek's legs looking at his cock in awe; Derek was leaning against the mountain of pillows that was against the headboard. Her hand reached up slowly and touched him, but his cock twitch slightly making her gasp "it's alright nothing happened" he cooed at her.

So slowly she grasped him softly in her hands, she was so small her hands barely fit around him, she frowned and concentrated what Tori told her what to do during sex, and then she remembered. Slowly she stroked him up and down Derek hissed, she tightened her grasp making him groan.

The tip of his cock was spurting out juices, it looked intoxication, she leaned forward and Derek's breathed hitched. She gave his tip a small lick; Derek groaned throwing his head back in the fluffy pillows his hands clutching the sheet. Chloe however giggled at Derek and did it again, he gasped.

"Does it hurt?" she asked tilting her head to the side, Derek just stared at her…after he spanked her he made her wear the white kitten ears again so she was fully naked beside that and the collar was still around her neck plus the ears

"Derek" she giggling crawling up his body until her face was inches from his, her little ass swinging back and forth slightly. Damn her she got the upper hand but not for now his wolf taunted, his hand slowly behind her and he cupped her heated sex making her gasp loudly.

"Think you can control me kitten" he growled at her, Chloe was instantly afraid what he was going to her. Her ass was still sore after all those smacks she was afraid what he was going to do next.

He smirked when he was the flash of fear and excitement in her eyes, her eyes fluttered a bit when he pushed his middle finger inside her wet dripping pussy.

"uh" Derek added another finger pumping it slowly, he smirked when her body moved with his fingers. Her mouth opened in a silent scream eyes shut.

He decided to go faster and rougher, her eyes brows bunched up in pleasure "nng uh mm" she moaned spreading her legs wide for him, as she did her knees slipped from his stomach and so her knees were know at his waist.

His thumb reached and caressed her clit, "m-mas mph" he cut her off with a kiss pushing third finger in her getting her ready. Derek felt her muscle tense around his fingers he knew she was close instantly. So he pulled them out making her whine and pull away from his lips.

"More" she whimpered, "hush kitten you will get more" he growled lustfully flipping them over so he covered her body with his. "Ready" he purred, she nodded and spread her legs wider.

Chloe's eyes widened at the size of him "that is seriously not going to fit!" she cried closing her legs, he sighed and pulled her legs apart "yes it will Chloe" she narrowed her eyes "are you a virgin" she demanded.

He blushed "yes Chloe I'm virgin" he mumbled "oh okay" she whispered, he smirked and leaned down "jealous you thought I wasn't" she blushed bright red "no!" she lied; he laughed kissing her forehead sweetly "I'm yours Chloe for and forever…and your mine" he added possessively.

"Okay I'm going to go fast it'll make it easier that way" he said she nodded clutching the bed spread for dear life "okay" she squeaked shutting her eyes.

He nodded and plunged in her, Chloe cried out in pain a few tears slipped out from her eyes "shh Chloe it'll be okay I'm sorry" Derek whispered in her hair.

Chloe waited a few moments until the pain was gone and was left uncomfortable, she moved slightly making her inner muscles clench tighter around his cock, Derek groaned "oh god Chloe."

Derek's breathing became heavy she was so tight, wet, and warm around him; she fit him like a glove. "Okay" Chloe whispered, he slowly pushed out making her gasp then pushed back in slowly "okay?" he asked.

She nodded and he slowly pulled out of her then back in, Chloe's eyes were shut and she had her hands on Derek's bicep, "harder?" he asked "harder" Chloe moaned.

He smirked and pumped into her harder…in a few seconds Derek was pounding into her like a wild animal "ah nngh!" she moaned "Derek" she panted. She was close and he could feel it, just a bit more.

His eyes widened when he saw her own hand play with her right nipple, pinching, twisting it between her thumb and forefinger, her other hand going down between their bodies rubbing her clit.

Chloe moaned "ah bit ah m-m-more" she cried out. Derek nodded and reached down to bit her nipple that was being neglected, a second later she came with a cry tears leaking out in full blown pleasure. Her cum spluttering around his cock and leaking out

Derek came right afterwards…they both were panting…gasping for breath "god I love you" he breathed Chloe giggled and pulled him down for a kiss…then pulled away when she felt him harden inside of her making her gasp. "Is that supposed to happen" she asked bewildered.

He smirked and instantly she felt a bit frightening again "uh D-d-Derek" she whispered, he pulled out of her. "Round two?" he asked sweetly, she blushed and before she could answer. He flipped her over, grabbing her hips and pushing them upwards…Doggy Style

Her head down in the bed, while her ass in the air. He spread her legs wide; he grabbed his hand and swiped the remaining cum from her pussy and rubbing it over her puckered hole.

Derek then just plunged into her "Derek!" she shouted, "oh sorry" he whispered "you stupid bastard" she muttered and he waited for her to get comfortable…she wiggled a bit making him moan as her inner muscled clenched him.

Derek pulled out then thrust back in, she moaned again…he kept in rhythm. In, out, in out, but the sensation was too much for him so he lost rhythm. He grinded against her hard, he reached down to finger her but was surprised to find her own fingers there doing his job. He smirked and went to rub her clit.

He went harder and faster, he grabbed her waist tightly probably going to leave bruises on her but at this moment he didn't care. Fast he plunged in her as hard as he could. And Chloe…well she was moaned at every thrust. "So close" she whispered, he nodded and rolled over so she was on top.

She twisted around making him moan and arch his hips; he grabbed her waist helping her move up and down his large length. At this position he went farther in than before… "Mmm" she moaned biting her lip. She slowed down her face just wanting to enjoy it. Derek wanted her small breast bounce up and down as she moved.

Instantly he felt himself cum…it came out of nowhere and surprised both of them, she moaned clawing her nails down his chest cumming as well. She collapsed on top of him breathing heavily; "that was a surprise" she whispered making him laugh, he pulled her closer and kissed her deeply.

She kissed him back with as much force as he did; he pulled away and looked at her. Derek's eyes widened when he stared at his beautiful girlfriend…her lips were swollen, and red, cheeks flushed and her chick fluff blond hair was a mess…not like a birds nest mess but more like "I just got fucked out of my life" mess; and sometime during sex her kitten ears had fallen off and lay on the floor forgotten

"I love you" she whispered "Love you too…oh and follow your master's rules…we want to make sure you don't get any more punishments right" he said smirking when she blushed, "I'll try" she whispered.

He groaned kissing her full on the lips "please don't try that much" she giggled and he wrapped his arms around her waist, he tilted his head kissing her deeply slipping his tongue inside her mouth.

Chloe sighed when she felt him tighten his grasp on her maybe this isn't as bad as I thought she thought smirking.

The next Day

"Chloe" Derek called from his bedroom, she sighed "what does he want now" she muttered fixed her ears before walking up the stairs "yes master?" she asked.

He was lying in bed without a shirt, wearing only dark wash jeans hanging low on his hips showing off his delicious 'V' also the jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. He crooked a finger at me, I sighed shutting the door before stepping in towards him "yes" I grumbled.

He smirked and grabbed my waist pulling me closer "I'm bored" he whispered fingering the hem of my really, really short maid outfit skirt. "Well entertain yourself" he glared at me then pouted "but I want you to entertain me" he whined.

I glared at him this time I opened my mouth to say something but all was came out was a squeal as Derek pulled me into bed and rolling over so he was on top and underneath the covers with him.

I sighed this is going to be a long day smiling going into kiss him deeply

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