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Oh, I see you're back. You're quite the interesting one for coming back. But I guess you're only here just so you can watch me, the freak. But thank you, I guess.

Or maybe you're here to watch Rin instead? I wouldn't blame you if you did. She is an angel stuck on Earth after all, at least, to me anyways.

I don't really care about who you're watching though. Whether it is Rin, someone completely unrelated, or myself. I don't care.

If you choose to leave, that is fine too.

I scan Rin's beautiful sleeping face. Her blonde, and slightly transparent, eyelashes flutter lightly. I hear her mutter something under her breath.

"I… You're just… Home."

She shifts slightly. I adjust my position to match hers.

She's so beautiful… Yet she wastes her time for me. Out of all the people I've met, Rin is indeed the strangest.

I remember when Rin and I had first met. Our meeting wasn't grand or anything. Rin and I were in our junior years. That was the year Rin first transferred into our school.

Rin was daring, attractive- just amazing (she still is). I'm not exactly sure why she attached herself to me though. I was a freak (I still am), back then. Everyone avoided me, even the people who didn't know me!

But Rin… Rin is the only person who didn't treat me as if I'm nobody.

"Len! Len look!"

"C'mon Len! Let's go~!"

"Hurry up Len! We need to hurry!"

That was the year I started feeling hope.

As I start dozing off, Rin's soft voice echoing in my mind.

"Hey Len… Let's be together forever."

Huh… I wonder when she said… that…

Miniature Time Skip…

"Len… Len… Wake up. It's time to go home…" A soft voice speaks to me. I open my eyes slightly. A figure with blonde hair appears before me. M-mother? I reach out and, with my fingertips, lightly touching the figure's face.

"What are you doing? Len it's time to go home! Let's get out of here before they lock the rooftop's door." As my vision came into focus, I see bright ocean eyes. Ah, it's Rin not my mother. My mother has cerulean eyes not ocean blue eyes.

I tiredly sit up while rubbing my eyes. Rin helps me to stand, both of us stumbling slightly due to our height differences. Rin's shorter than me by five inches or so.

"Hey Len! Let's go to the music room. No one's here, let's go play the piano!"

We're currently standing in the abandoned music room. I like coming to the music room. It's nice and quiet. The old piano is still here too. I sometimes play that old piano. But only afterschool when there's no afterschool clubs or anything. Rin comes and listens whenever I play, which doesn't happen often.

"Here Len. I found this new music piece. It's called um… Soundless Voice. Hm…" I nod. I'm not offended in any way.

"I'm going to put it on the music stand okay?" She walks towards the old grand piano, her footsteps making a soft clicking noise, and places the piece onto the stand.

She then sits on the right side of the old piano bench. Rin waves me over to sit next to her, which I do.

I place my fingers on the piano, testing the keys. Small noises emits from each one I press.

Now before I go on, I'm not good at playing the piano. I don't practice often, no wait. I can't practice often. My house doesn't have a piano and there's almost always someone afterschool.

Wrong pitches and off-rhythm noise fills the room. Rin gently encourages me as I struggle to play. I eventually stop in frustration, hitting the keys once more in a last-ditch effort.

"It's okay Len. We can try again next time." Rin smiles at me kindly.

I sigh softly as I face the grand piano. I absentmindedly press a few keys allowing the sounds to echo throughout the room.

"Ah Len. I found you! Come on Len, we need to get back to class." Rin enters the room. She then notices the piano. "You can practice later Len." I nod.

I can always practice later. Thing is, that later can be months from now.

"Well, let's go Len." I take her hand and we enter the empty hallways. Class had started ten minutes ago.

"Say Len… Let's just skip class and go to roof instead." I raise an eyebrow at this. Rin was never one to just skip. But I agree to it of course.

Time Skip…

We arrive at the top of the roof, hand-in-hand. Rin and I take our usual spot on the roof.

"Hey Len… My parents don't seem to like it when we're together." I nod, understanding. A lot of people don't like me. Rin's parents aren't an exception.

"But you know what? I don't care! If they won't accept you for you, then fine! It'll only be you and me!" She abruptly shouts. I don't exactly understand what Rin is saying here…

"Len! Let's just get out of here! We don't need anyone else! Just you and me, doesn't that sound great? We're seventeen now and going onto eighteen in a few months. We'll be adults soon! I have some friends that'll understand and be willing to help us out." Rin quickly grasps my hands, removing my gloves, and starts massaging the scars hidden underneath.

"You won't have to deal with this-" She raises my hands to my face. "- Anymore if we just, just- Run away!" I shake my head at her. I don't like her idea, at all.

"What- why? Is it because you're scared? Don't worry! Meiko and Kaito are really nice! They're married and have good jobs… You'll love it! Just trust me!" Rin continues begging. I continue shaking my head while mouthing 'No'. I start backing away from Rin as she continues to splutter nonsense.

"Tell me Len! I love you enough to run away with you, don't you feel the same?" I continue shaking my head.

I do love Rin, I honestly do. But not enough to run away with her- I mean. It's not my life I'm worried about; it's Rin's! Rin's smart, beautiful- she can do better than me.

"Ah. B-but." She sighs. "I guess I'm being selfish huh? Sorry, sorry. I guess I got carried away. L-let's just sleep for a while, okay? I don't want to go back to class just yet…"

As we lay down, I notice Rin's back is towards me. I worriedly poke her in the side, once, twice, three times. I'm assuming she's either mad, disappointed, or both.

I let out a puff of air and face the other way. I suppose it's best to leave Rin be. I sigh once more before closing my eyes.

I awake to the sound of the afterschool bell. I quickly stand up and look for Rin. She's nowhere in sight… How cold of her.

I feel my heart twist in pain. Even if Rin was angry, she shouldn't have just left like that! Luckily, the rooftop's door is still unlocked.

As I walk down the stairs, I keep thinking about why Rin left. I mean, there must be a reason why she had left… Right? Maybe… Maybe I'm being too hopeful. To think that someone like Rin would enjoy being around me…

Miniature Time Skip…

I approach my locker and try to open it. I hit it in frustration. It won't open! I hit it again, this time out of anger.

Maybe I'll go and practice the piano. No one seems to be here… It should be safe, right? Still… Something seems off. Maybe everyone went home already?

I approach the music room's door and notice through the door's windows; the lights are off. That's strange… The room's lights are always on except when the teachers go home.

I open the door and enter inside the dark room. Huh, the window blinds are shut. I wonder why?

I flip the light switch. I immediately feel sick when I see the room


Is spray-painted, in large bold red letters, across the room. There are also many other small unkind messages next to it in red permanent marker.

Go die in a hole.

You're a freak! No one likes you!


Get out of here already!

But it's not the messages that bother me… It's the piano… The old grand piano that creaks every time it's moved, even by an inch. It… It… They… They destroyed it!

Wooden splinters, stray keys, and other parts surround the, now destroyed, piano. I fall to my knees in disbelief.

Why… Why… Why? I feel tears fall into my lap.

"Aw look! He's crying!" I hear a boy's voice snicker. Laughter soon follows.

"Crybaby! Such a crybaby!" I notice a crowd of students had formed around me.

"What a freak! Freak! Freak!" The students start to chant.

Rin… Rin… Rin… Where are you? Rin… Rin… Rin!

"R..in…" The room falls into silence.

"Rin…" I mutter. Rin… Rin… Rin…

"He… He talked!" A shocked voice speaks.

"RinRinRin!" My voice increasingly gets stronger. I look up and scan the crowd for her face. Rin… Rin… Where are you? I need you.

"Your girlfriend isn't here to save you." I freeze when I hear the voice.

"Rin…" I continue to mutter. The laughter ensues.

I clench and unclench my fist, willing myself not to cry.

"Hey look! He's crying again!"

I hurriedly wipe at my tears with the back of my hand. I hastily get up, stumbling in the process, and break through the crowd. Thankfully, no one stops me in the process.

I run through the halls and up the stairs to the roof. I arrive at the top and immediately shut the door behind me, not bothering to lock it.

I sink down to the floor and let my tears fall. I hold my knees to my chests and cry into them.

"Len!" I feel warm arms wrap around me. "It's okay now… It's okay now…" Rin soothes. She gently rubs my back in circular motions.

"Now stop crying and look at me." I raise my head and unwrap my arms around my knees. With her fingers, she wipes away any remaining tears.

"I'm so sorry Len. I just remembered that I had detention for spilling water on a teacher's desk. I didn't think you'd wake up before I got back from detention, so I left." She then envelops me in a hug and rests her head atop my shoulder.

"Oh Len… I'm so sorry. I p-promise I-I'll protect you f-forever." I feel tears stain my shoulder. I detach her from myself and hold her in front of me. I wipe away her tears.

"Don't cry Rin…" I softly murmur.

"Len… I love you."

"I love you too… Rin."

Hello. I see that you have decided to stay. Would you like me to congratulate you? But I guess I should be grateful.

I am Len Kagamine. My mother is currently dead and my father is an abusive alcoholic. I am also mute which labels me as a freak. I am gay for wearing leggings and side ponytails. But there is one person that sees beyond that. And that is Rin Kagaene, my wife.

And that is the end of Feeling the Blues (there may be a separate one-shot for this two-shot, so look out for that). And my Lord, that must have been the corniest endings ever. I'm sorry about that, but I have had great difficulty writing this. Please excuse any mistakes you manage to find.

Now, here's a small message to think about:

Help those who can't speak for themselves (literally and figuratively). It may be scary but you can make a huge change in that person's life. Together, let's end bullying. c:

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