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Title: Clockworks

Summary: "Have I seen you before?" In his life, Tsuna only remembers a few things of his past. When he meets Vongola Decimo: Giotto, his memories resurface; unraveling the mysteries of Millefiore and his existence. Also, rekindle a love that has repeated countless times between them. Just as the two discover the secrets within, things ought to be more than what they seem. AU.

Rating: T

Note: Tsuna will be a little OoC here. Yes, he's still uke-ish. He's still kind, deep down. But, he won't be no-good anymore. He also adapted a little (a lot) of Reborn's attitude. How? Just see the next chapter, my dear readers~.

Pairings: G27 (GiottoxTsuna) and all27 (AllxTsuna). Yaoi/shounen-ai only.




~Changes in KHR storyline~

A.) The Primo Family replaces the 10th generation. The 10th generation replaces Arcobaleno. The Arcobaleno will be the 9th generation. The original 9th generation will be the founders of Vongola except for Nono himself. Simora (Vongola 6th) will be Primo.

B.) Xanxus & Ricardo are brothers. They are Timoteo's sons. Timoteo is Luce's uncle. Luce and Aria are twins. Iemitsu is the descendant of Simora (Vongola 6th). Tsuna and Giotto are 9th cousins. So yeah, more or less they have Hyper intuition. Did anyone notice that Luce, Aria, & Uni have dark green-ish hair like Daniela? That's one of the reasons why I included the 3 Sky Arcobalenos in the Vongola bloodline.

C.) Reborn and the rest of the original Arcobaleno will be in their adult forms.

D.) This will be in accordance to the manga only until the end of Inheritance Arc. Also, this will include 2 characters of the Curse of the Rainbow Arc: Checkerface and Tsunomichi. Nothing more, nothing less.

Chapter 0 (Prologue): The Darkness Within

"Truths are shrouded with lies, and lies are hidden beneath truths."

Hear the past,

It was dark, so very dark.

And he was alone, so very alone.

Why was he alone?

Wherever he looked, he could see nothing but pitch black darkness. He couldn't even see his own hands in this place. No matter how much he tried, he was not able to get rid of the hollow, yet nostalgic feeling in the pit of his stomach. 'I don't understand.' Someone grabbed him from behind.

"What the—!" The boy didn't get to finish his sentence when he felt himself get swallowed up by a never-ending abyss.

"Ah!" He woke up with a start. Sweat was trickling down his face and chin. His eyes were wide, and his mouth slightly agape. His breathing was quite ragged. Eyes were wide as he frantically looked around his room. He sighed in relief. "And here I thought—" He shook his head.

A teen slightly older than the boy from before also had a dream. For some strange reason, he can't seem to remember what he dreamt of. All he knows is that there was chaos and death. 'What was that? I'm confused.' He sniffled a little. The teen glanced at his ring and saw that it was glowing brightly. 'Huh—'

Voices from someone else's memories echoed in the room. He closed his eyes to listen carefully. For some reason, when he had his eyes open, he would only hear the events that were playing in his mind. Once he closed them, he could vividly see the images.

"Mom, I'm gonna go play over there. Can I?" The boy pointed towards the sandbox where there were other kids his age. A brown-haired woman smiled. "Alright, have fun and don't go too far Gio-kun!"

"Hai!" He waved at his mother. Once he was in quite a good distance away from his mother, a blond man approached his mother. The man had a troubled expression on his face as he watched his son walk away.

"Was it okay to just let him, Nana?" Nana looked at her husband with a sweet smile. She spoke with a soft, motherly voice. "Of course, Iemitsu. It's not fair if we just keep tying him down with us. Gio-kun has a long life to enjoy. Let him be."

Iemitsu rubbed his temples as he thought of the possible bad things that can happen to their son. "If you say so." Nana giggled. "You're such a worry-wart sometimes. I can't help but think you have a son-complex." Her husband blushed in embarrassment. They watched their son talk to a couple of boys around his age.

Back to the blond kid, he felt that the two other kids are trustworthy friends. "Hi, my name is Giotto! What are yours?" The younger blinked at him. "I'm—" He pointed towards his companion. "and this is—, my big brother."

"I see. Nice to meet you!"

The younger grinned at him. "I have a feeling we'll be great friends. Ne, nii-chan?" The older companion smiled at Giotto and nodded at the other boy. Said boy was a bit confused. "He said you were his big brother. How come you don't look alike?" He laughed. "We aren't blood-related, but that doesn't mean we can't be brothers."

The younger grinned. "What can we call you then?" Giotto tapped his chin in thought. "Gio, I guess…? My parents call me that." His older companion nodded in understanding. "M'kay! What are you standing there for? Gio, come and join us!"

"Gio-nii, we're waiting for you. Let's go! He's coming with us, right?" The younger boy looked at his so-called big brother. "Of course he is! We won't let him walk off on his own. After all, we're friends." The boy's face broke into a grin.

The younger of the two stretched out his hand. "Come on, don't be afraid! We'll be here with you!" Giotto looked at him. "Trust us, Giotto." The older added. He looked happy.

"Count me in! I won't let you have all the fun by yourselves." He said with a big smile. When he said it, the two took both of his hands with big smiles on their faces.

The scenery faded away slowly.

Giotto rubbed his temples. 'What a nostalgic dream… I don't think it's a memory. If it was, I'm not sure it's mine, though.' A sardonic smile crept up his face. 'After all, my parents died after I was born.' Who were those kids anyway? Even if he saw those happenings, he could not make out their faces. There was just no way.

He shook his head and decided to just forget about the whole thing. It's not very special, that's for sure. Must be an old childhood experience. Though no matter how hard he tried to forget, he kept playing it over and over in his head.

And that's how the blond spent his morning, mind plagued by the strange phenomenon. How ironic that he'll meet one of them later that day. Maybe it was some kind of sign for his Fate?

How peculiar.

A small voice resounded in the room where he was, but he didn't hear it. As he submerged himself in his thinking, he did not notice the two pairs of eyes watching him from the window. A blond-haired man grinned while slinging an arm around the woman beside him. She giggled.

"Good luck in your future, Giotto."

The flash of a smirk in the shadows remained unseen to the couple and to Giotto himself.

Live the present,

"I shall be taking my leave now. This is the report from Squadron 3." The woman with thick brown hair and busty figure bowed before handing over a file to her smiling boss.

"Thank you." She took her leave.

A man was looking at a file boredly. He yawned as he read the same lines over and over again. 'Isn't there anything to break the monotony?' He asked himself. A sigh came out from his lips. "Life is so predictable and boring." Yet, there are many things he experienced that gave him the tingling thrill of pleasure and things he could not explain nor foretell. Sometimes, he could not differentiate reality from fantasy; and fantasy from reality.

He had the power to see what is parallel to his own reality, like looking into a mirror; but it happens too often that he was unable to discern which was his reality.

It was an inconvenience.

A loud, sharp cry of a woman caught his attention. His gaze flickered to the side where he saw the lady, moaning in pain and agony; begging him to stop. He felt numbness in his entire being as she screamed out his name over and over again. The man could sense the feel of a gun on his hand, but he was merely holding a folder. A distinct click resounded in his ears. He was incapable of removing the image of the bloody woman in his mind.

Then it hit him.

The woman was his assistant. The same person who was just in the room a minute ago. He heard his own voice speaking in a whisper. "You've been naughty, Iris. This is what you deserve for betraying me." His subordinate yelled out loud, "Byakuran-sama, have mercy!"

Byakuran's own eyes widened as he saw Iris's body fall to the ground. He stood up instantly and stretched out his hand to her, only to blink and see that no one was there in the corner. The white-haired boss grumbled to himself when he saw that it was simply another event taking place in a different parallel world. He has been experiencing a lot more of his other selves lately. Maybe he needed a rest.

He calmed himself and smirked. The event was not made to traumatize or haunt him in any way. His other self made him watch to warn him about his assistant. 'Yes, that must be it.' He pushed a button on the laptop on his side. A familiar red-haired male's face popped out. "Sho-chan, I'll be taking a quick nap. Please tell anyone who's looking for me not to bother." His right-hand man smiled at him and nodded. "Of course, Byakuran-san."

When Irie was about to log-off, his boss decided to call out to him one more time. "I need you to do me favor." The man readjusted his glasses. "Yes?"

"Watch over Iris Hepburn for me. I believe that she is up to no-good." And he turned off the computer. The white-haired man dragged himself out of the office and groggily made his way to his private chambers. Everywhere he looked, Byakuran could see people; both familiar and complete strangers to him. Some of them who passed him by looked alike. Parallel selves, perhaps? Currently, he could care less. He was stressed out; and their conversations didn't help, either.

"Hey, Matt. Miss Hepburn told us to fetch the reports from the field agents for Byakuran-sama!"

"Oh! Uh, sure."

Byakuran was about to sidestep, only to be caught off-guard for a second when the people passed through him like a ghost.

He then saw the same two men headed towards his direction. This time, they were carrying a crate of gadgets. Similar to the parallel selves of his subordinates, they were chatting idly in the middle of work. "Matt, miss Hepburn wanted us to go to the lab and help out Spanner. She said that blondie's got the new blueprints for the prototype mosca."

"That's great! This is really a big development for us."

Expecting that the two were images from a different world, Byakuran did not bother to get out of their way. It ended up with him crashing to the duo. All three groaned in pain. The burlier of the two looked angry. "Hey, watch where you're goi— B-B-Byakuran-sama!" He bowed. The other mirrored his actions. Both of them stared shamefully at the floor, as if they did a crime worth of death penalty.

The one called Matt gasped in horror. "W-We're so sorry, sir. We didn't notice you there!" The smiling man made a wave of dismissal. "It's fine. Now run along with your work. I'm sure Spanner's waiting for you." The duo saluted. "Yes, sir!" They picked up the boxes and ran in alarm. He faintly heard their shouts of 'that was close'.

The white-haired boss scratched his head in frustration, betraying the grin plastered on his face as he trudged along the corridors. He felt the world around him spinning non-stop. He was greatly confused by the double images he saw. The prospect of confusion did not go too well with his pride. 'I really need that rest now.' Once he entered the room, he kicked off his shoes and headed towards his most private place.

Byakuran plomped down the soft mattress of his luxurious bed, trying to forget what events he witnessed that day.

See the future,

Countless hand shadows chased him. They kept on appearing, one by one, not even stopping for a bit. He could do nothing but run. He cried silently as he put his hands over his ears, trying to block out the voices. The boy gasped when he slipped and landed on his backside. The voices screamed louder and numbers were repeatedly chanted in his head like a mantra. "Ten, seven…"

"Somebody help me!" He yelled as he ran once more. The shadows kept on going after his tracks. "Three, nine…" The voice said as the screams worsen. "Eight, two, five…" He regained hope when he saw an open door, full of light, at the last part of the endless hallway.

He felt the hands looming over him, and looked up. The boy paled when he saw the numerous hands were gaining in on him, overshadowing his petite form. 'I'll make it, I'm almost there—!' He was about to grab the door when— "Six, one…" He shrieked in horror when the hands grabbed and pulled him away from the door of light. Said door closed shut once he was far away, enough for him to watch helplessly. The poor boy gaped at the closed door, and he yelled from the top of his lungs.

"No way… it's simply impossible! This can't be happening!"


A scary man held his chin up and smirked. Fear-filled eyes stared back at mocking ones. 'No more, please…' "You can run but you can't hide, Unmei-sama(1). Wherever dimension or time period you may be, I will find you; and I will have the Trinisette's true power."

He closed his eyes, expecting himself to feel pain all over again; instead, he didn't get anything. Why didn't the man hurt him like the usual. Hesitating, the boy opened his eyes slowly and said orbs widened at what he saw. He was in a completely white room. The man was nowhere to be found. He sighed in relief. Being trapped in a white room was a lot better than ending up in that man's clutches.

"Where is everyone?"

The boy asked to himself. His voice was quite raspy. Why was his body aching everywhere? That he didn't know. 'Is this… a dream? It feels so real.' His eyes widened when saw himself running away from men in black suits. 'What the—?' A blond teen his age saved him from danger. He stared at the teen in awe. 'Why would he save the other me?' For some reason, he found the scene to be very nostalgic.

"—Thanks a lot," Is what his other self said to the blond teen. Many flashes of the next events followed soon after, making him feel drowsy and confused. 'Eh?'

When the images finally stopped entering his mind, the boy saw another him talking to a blurry figure. 'Who are those people? Why is it chaotic here?' The boy noticed the devastated scenery. He also saw the same blond teen on the side who was clutching his injury, a boy that seemed like himself. Both of them were facing a man with a black miasma covering his whole being. The sight of the man scared him. The boy could not pinpoint what he was feeling, but he knew it did not bode well for him.

The boy could only watch in awe in what was happening. He saw himself saying something, yet he was not able to catch any of the previous words. 'I wonder what they are talking about.'

"—Ultima Speranza."The man with a black aura lost his grin and yelled in anger. The boy saw himself turn around and face the blond who was at the brink of tears. He had an expression of disbelief and worry. "I'm—"He heard himself say. Why was the conversation always cut off? A bird appeared before them. 'The hell? It was covered with dying will flames! Was it a box weapon?'

"—take… owner… safety…" He caught a bit of what his other self said. It was the last thing he heard before the scene faded away. A flash of pain attacked his chest. 'W-Why does my chest feel constricted? I don't understand.'

"I regret nothing—" The boy's other self said a name, but he was not able to find out whose name it was. A bright light engulfed the boy. He was momentarily blinded. Once the light dimmed, he saw a different scene. Two shadows could be seen forming in the distance.

He saw himself again.

This time, with a different companion. A face of a familiar boy came into view. "Where are we—?" He heard himself ask. The other answered and scratched his head. "We are at the bridge…" The last part was muffled again. "Remember, you sacrificed us Arcobaleno to save everyone. Now, what is your wish?"

'Wish…' A flash of rainbow entered his mind. His other self muttered the words. His new companion nodded in understanding. The boy closed his eyes.

"Let… wishes…"Some sort of chant was recited. What…? He felt tears running down his face as he watched the events unfold. He tried to wipe his tears and noticed it was red. 'Blood? This can't be… is it?'

People's spirits completely merged with something, but the boy could not see. It was blurred, left out. He saw himself tightened his hold on the other teen before letting go. The other closed his eyes. "—Rainbow… fade…sky…" The dream was being disrupted again. The boy clutched his head as his mind was bombarded with images. He screamed in pain. "Make it stop, please!"

The boy remained on his spot, seemingly lost in the swarm of visions. "Goodbye, everyone. Let us meet again sometime." He heard his other self say towards a group of fellow teenagers who clearly could not see his other self and the familiar-looking boy. Before he can observe the other closer, the companion was fading away as well. "We'll be waiting for you—" He reached out to them as the images faded away, darkness taking their stead. "Don't go!"

The boy woke up with a start. 'What was that dream about? It was so weird.' Vague images from the said dream entered his mind one at a time. "Ugh, my head…" He clutched his forehead as he slowly lay on the bed again. He sighed loudly. "Such a hassle, I wonder what was that all about? It was just a dream, I'm sure it was nothing important." He dozed off again.

What he failed to notice was his pacifier glowing like crazy. A gentle voice echoed in the room.

Later that day, he didn't expect to meet the same blond boy from his dream. Who knew it was going to happen? The boy definitely did not know. All he can do is pray that the future he saw in his dream will not happen. Because of his drowsiness, he fell asleep for the second time.

Though, he swore he heard a voice…

From the corner of the room, a transparent silhouette of a woman showed herself. She had greenish-black hair, blue eyes, and a flower stigma tattoo under her left eye. Beside the woman was a mini-version of her who wore a large white hat.

"Mommy, are we leaving already? Can't we watch over him for a bit longer?" The younger asked. She smiled sadly. "I'm sorry, Yuni. We can't stay by his side forever."

Yuni tapped her chin in thought. "Thencan we see Lambo-kun one more time?" Her eyes sparkled, hoping her mother would agree. Said woman sighed. "Of course." Her mother giggled.

The two transformed into Sky flames. The woman turned back to the boy.

"Be careful, my son… Tsuna."

And they both disappeared into thin air.

And may you be enlightened with reality.

(1) Unmei is the Japanese word for Destiny.

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