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While they were sightseeing around town, Tsuna kept sneaking glances at Giotto. No matter how 'no-good' the young boss is, the brunet has to admit he looks pretty cool in casual clothes. Curse his girly looks. Sure it's convenient for some things (*cough*seduction*cough*) but sometimes, he wished he could be as good-looking as him and the others. He sighed.

They both decided to break the uncomfortable silence. "Uh…" They both said.

"You first." Giotto said.

"Nu-uh. You first. You're the boss, remember?"

"But you're the guy who came up with the Trinisette, so you're first."

"Bah, let's see… not it!"

"Not it!" He grumbled. "No fair, I wasn't even ready!" Giotto whined.

"Fine then. Not it!" Tsuna grinned.

"Not it!" He frowned. "Darn, I lost. Do it again, do it again!"

Then Tsuna ran away. He stuck his tongue out. "Sorry, no takebacks. Last one in the café's gonna pay for the food~, ahahaha!" Tsuna gave a small evil laugh.

"You got a head start, cheater!"

"Beggars can't be choosers. Besides, you're gonna have an empty wallet if you don't start running!" Tsuna yelled. Giotto huffed.

"Come back here!" They laughed as they raced through the streets. The lovey-dovey couple enjoyed the peace, and the pair could only hope that their love would last through the ages; introducing a beacon of light in the darkness of the underground world.

Sharing both joy and sadness,

Our feelings grow stronger.

If my voice can reach you,

Then I can certainly create a miracle, right?

Chapter 9: The Date

There were many things that Giotto learned about the others today.

First, G is horrible at giving love advice. The trashy, cheesy romance novels he reads everyday were proof enough.

So why did he ask for his right-hand man's help, despite knowing that?

He didn't know himself, honestly.

"That's because you're just a hopeless case, Dame-Gio." Since when did furniture talk? Did he actually say that out loud? He was thinking here, dammit!

"You're not thinking, dumbass. You're ranting." A certain brunet remarked.

"I am?" He turned around and was greeted by the sight of his tutor and his date earlier today, staring at him. What? Why were they looking at him like creepy old men?

"That's the worst insult you can think of? Reborn, did you teach him how to backsass properly?"

"I did. It just means he needs more training."

Ignoring the talking pair, Giotto's thoughts drifted back to G. Where was he…? Oh yeah.

As he thought before, G being a horrible love counselor was the understatement of the year.

It all started when he approached G for help.

"G, I have no idea on what to do on my date with Tsunayoshi!"

Okay, maybe he was exaggerating a bit. It's not that he didn't have any ideas, it was just that he has no experience about this whatsoever and the fact that his date is a sadistic mafioso, who can also be dense, didn't help ease him.

"Maybe give him chocolates as a greeting before you head out?"

Now that he thought about it, Tsuna did love sweets.

"Oh, Giotto. Are you ready?" Giotto turned around to see his brunet tutor in civilian clothes.

Tsuna wore a plain orange hoody jacket, white t-shirt and his orange pacifier underneath and a pair of black trousers. He also wore white flip-flops. He looked… normal and boring. But if he wore the hoody, he would look adorable because the hood frames his face perfectly.

He himself, wore an open white and orange jacket with a black t-shirt that clung to him like a second skin underneath and it showed his toned body. He also wore a pair of tight-fit jeans and black sneakers (that actually made the brunet drool slightly). Anyone else would look plain with those kind of clothes, but with him, it just fits. Tsuna blushed at the thought. Then they unintentionally brushed against each other. Both of them looked the other way awkwardly.

It was then that Tsuna took notice of the box that Giotto was carrying. "Hm, what's that?"

"Oh… uh… chocolates. For you."

"How sweet," The brunet smiled. 'Yeah, like you.' His mind happily supplied, sounding like one of the aforementioned trashy novels that G daily read. He almost smacked himself in the face because of it.

Giotto handed the box. When Tsuna opened it, he frowned. "I'm sorry, I can't take these."


"I'm not allowed to eat white chocolates because they're too sweet and bad for my health."

"Uhh… I'll be back right away!"

Giotto dialed G's number. "The chocolates didn't work!"

The redhead on the other side of the line sighed. "I expected as much."

"Then why did you even suggest that in the first place?!"

"Fine. Try giving him flowers."

"Got it." And he hung up.

"Giotto-san, who did you call?" Ah, he better get back to his companion and make up some excuse as to remove the brunet's suspicion that he was not prepared for their date. Neither he nor Reborn would never let him live it down, causing more damage to his non-existent dignity. Not to mention that they'll use it as an excuse for further torture they called 'training'.

"It's nothing, Tsunayoshi. I uhh… just reminded G to help Daemon reshape his hair!"


"Let me get this straight. You made a call out the blue just to tell that G, who is allergic to melons and absolutely abhors Daemon-san's hairstyle, to help him reshape his hair into the aforementioned fruit?"

"That didn't come out right."

"I know."

More silence.

"Let's just not talk about it."

"If you say so."

"Who are the flowers for, sonny?" The nice old lady florist said.

After her assistant fetched what the young man ordered, she was really curious as to whom the nice-looking youth would give those kind of flowers to. She felt bad for the unfortunate soul who has received the harmless-appearing young man's anger. He seemed to be the type to be very patient and who smiles a lot, too.

"They're for my date over there," He jabbed a finger towards Tsunayoshi, who was admiring the moonflower by the counter. The old lady furrowed her eyebrows and had a confused expression on her face when he said that; not that he noticed.

What were they doing?

Well, the couple passed a flower shop. G's advice ringing in his head, Giotto heads toward the establishment with renewed vigor. He chose yellow carnations and orange lilies because they complimented Tsuna's amber-brown eyes.

He approached his companion and handed him the bouquet.

"T-These are for you."

Tsuna deadpanned.

"Though I do commend you for choosing the colors… you do know that yellow carnations mean 'rejection' or 'disdain', right?" The Arcobaleno commented. "That's like saying 'You disappoint me' and smacking it to my face."

Giotto panicked. "I… didn't know that, honest! Did you like the lilies, at least?"

"Orange lilies connote a strong hatred or suggest that you want to get revenge."

"Is that a yes or a no?" He stupidly inquired. The blond regretted ever asking after seeing Tsuna giving him an emotionless stare.

That was a no.

"G, flowers failed!"

"Calm down, geez. To think you're a mafia boss, that's some attitude befitting one." The maroon-haired male felt Giotto glaring daggers at him through the phone.

"Isn't there anything else you can think of?"

"How about singing a song or writing a poem for him? Sing praises about his looks or write a poem like he's as cute as a grizzly bear or something."

Giotto ended the call. Since when were huge, terrifying bears cute? He shook his head, leaving it all to his friend's advice. G was the experienced one between the two of them.

He tried the song first.

"You don't kno-o-ow~, and that's what makes you beautiful!"

"I appreciate the song and all, but really Giotto-san," Tsuna gave him an incredulous glance. "No offense or anything, but you're a terrible singer."

That was the end of his singing career (not that he planned to be a singer or anything).

"Giotto, what are you writing?"

The two settled down on a nearby bench. They hadn't done anything fun today, besides walking. Tsuna was just waiting for the other to pick a place. Giotto didn't get the hint.

Instead, the blond was scribbling on some tissue paper he got from his pocket. The brunet looked over his shoulder, furrowed his eyebrows, and sighed. He rolled his eyes at whatever the other was doing.

"Giotto-san, are you really complimenting me when you wrote that my eyes are 'as brown as the cruddy earth I step on'?" He asked nonchalantly. "Or when you wrote that I'm 'as cute as a grizzly bear'? Honestly, I'm not sure if you're mocking me or you're just a bad poet as you are a singer."

When G said 'as cute as a grizzly bear', he didn't mean that literally. It was just an example. The blond was merely a hopeless writer and Tsuna knew that himself; he simply liked to tease the other about it.

That ceased Giotto's future plans of going to his right-hand man for romance advice.

Second thing he learned today was that Tsuna was a jealous monster, possessive of anyone and anything that he deems he owns.

Tsuna frowned as he thought of something. 'I wonder what I should get… chocolate cake? Too sweet. Black Forest? Nah, got that last time. Hmm…' Yep. He's deciding on what cake to get.

Giotto noticed the brunet's frown. 'Is he bothered that he's going on a date with me?' He put his hand on his chin. 'Well, he isn't gay… not that I'm saying I am one!' The blond sighed. Even in his own little thoughts, he can't outwit his no-goodness. His way of thinking is too complicated.


"Did you see that? The blond guy is sooo hot!" One of them chirped. This statement made Tsuna a bit irritated. Giotto was his date, dammit. They should get their own. Wait… his date?! He must be hungry.… that's it! He must be so hungry that he's being delusional (in denial~).

"Yeah, and the brown-haired one is very cute! I wonder how his hair feels like when you touch it." Another said. The blond young boss frowned inwardly. Those girls should back off from his cute companion. He also noticed some guys staring at his date, like the raven-haired cashier at the back.

Tsuna is his, and his alone!

'Er that was a strange thought.' For some reason, Giotto didn't want to take back that statement.

"Uhuh, they look so cute together! Do you think they're a couple?" The last of them said.

"Nah, they look alike. There's a chance they're just siblings."

A waitress came up to them, her collar wide open and a bit of her cleavage showing. She was leaning down with her chest visible in Giotto's direction. This made the brunet silently growl. He glared at the black-haired female, and for once, Giotto actually saw it! (Hooray.)

Tsuna and the waitress had a glaring contest before the brunet reached into his hoodie and pulled out something silver— wait… 'Is that a gun?!' The blond frantically thought as he sweatdropped.

It seems that the waitress realized what it was, too, and backed off without one word of protest. The brunet Arcobaleno had a smug smirk on his face afterwards. When the female looked back at the pair, she saw Tsuna mouthing something to her; out of Giotto's vision.

'Back off bitch, he's mine.'

And so, a nicer (and more reserved) waitress took their orders—Tsuna made sure that she wouldn't flirt with what was his (the earlier warning to the other lady was enough to intimidate them)—and the brown-haired teen was content. However, he didn't hide the gun, just in case.

Another thing he learned about Tsuna was that he takes advantage of whatever he has, even if he hates it as itself.

The pair went to a cinema, in hopes of watching a movie to make up for whatever that ruined their date earlier on.

The duo followed the line for the ticket booth. There was a pole at the side and Giotto noticed when Tsuna stood beside it…

"You know, you're pretty short." He blabbed out absent-mindedly. Tsuna had a vein pop on his forehead. If there was another thing that pisses the brunet off besides stealing his food, it would commenting about his height. 'Who does blondie think he's talking to?'

He hissed. "Let me get this straight to your thick skull. I'm. Not. Short. Just… vertically challenged." The young boss felt the urge to tease the Arcobaleno further. "Oh, really now~?" What he did not expect was—


Tsuna gave him a karate chop… on the head. Giotto cried anime tears. 'It friggin' hurts!' He sniffled and rubbed his newly-formed bruise gently.



"Say, Giotto." Said person let out quiet whimper. "W-What is it?" The brunet inventor sighed. 'Wimp.' "Pretend that I'm your little brother once it's our turn to buy tickets."

A question mark formed on top of the blond's head. "Huh? What for?" Tsuna gave a sly grin. "So I can get a child's discount." The boss sweatdropped and had a look of disbelief on his face. 'He hates being called short but he exploits his height whenever he can?!'

The Arcobaleno took pride for being the reason of that expression and his smirk widened. 'It's great being evil.'

Giotto never spoke of Tsuna's height ever again.

Of course, he also didn't want to mention anything about what happened inside.


They went to watch a horror massacre movie. The tickets for the other movies were all sold-out and both of them would rather drop dead than be caught watching that boyxboy R-18 lemon movie. That, and they were not of legal age yet. The first time Giotto saw the sign for that movie, he remembered the Varia's local gaylord/self-proclaimed mother Lussuria and shuddered.

They bought some popcorn and went inside. Tsuna noticed that they were the only ones inside. 'We're alone? That's weird… I thought people like this sort of stuff.' He thought. The brunet shrugged and went to find a good spot. Giotto had a nagging feeling this would be bad.

For the first 30 minutes of the movie, the young boss managed to strangle Tsuna with his death grip hug and shatter his eardrums with his girly shrieks, especially the part where the man's guts spurted out of his chest and torso when his body was pulled in all directions. The brunet inventor merely smirked at the movie. He got new ideas on how to torture people and the masked man's sadism always amused him. Whoever came up with those killing methods and machines is a genius.

'Think of a happy place, think of a happy place, THINK OF A HAPPY PLACE!' The blond panicked. He was practically holding in his tears.

Then the protagonist's friend had his head chopped off in an instant.

"WAAH, GET ME OUT OF HERE!" And he bawled like a little girl.

Yep, definitely did not want to mention it.

However, judging by the large smirk on Tsuna's face, the brunet wasn't going to let this one pass.

Fourth thing he learned today, was that Lussuria was a freaking ninja; especially when it comes to other people's lovelife.

Really, as long as it's romance-related, his stealth skills are on par with Reborn (and usually, he's one of the more conspicuous ones because of his hair and his flamboyant nature).

Since G was a fail at advice, maybe the Varia's resident 'mother' could help him (he overheard once from Fran that the mohawk-haired man had love counseling as his part-time job). Not to mention, he was gay. And girly. And knew a lot of things when it comes to dates.

However, he did not know his number. He did plan to call Reborn and ask for it though. Before he could even call him, the Varia Sun guardian beat him to it.

His phone vibrated all of a sudden. Giotto looked at his brown-haired companion (who was staring intently at some dark corner for reasons unknown). He was quite surprised when he saw an anonymous number. He furrowed his eyebrows. Who would call him at a time like this? Was it a stalker? A fangirl? A murderer?

"Hello, Vongola-chan~!"

'Oh, it's just Lussuria.' The blond relaxed before he tensed again. How the hell did Varia's 'mother' get his number?

"It seems that you have quite the problem with your date, ne~?" His face turned a light shade of green. He could already picture him wiggling his body, in a very, very disturbing and disgusting way. Anyways, that was the least of his problems. First he needed to find out how the other knew.

"How did you know about that?"

"I have my ways, Von-go-la-chan~!" Ewww… the way he stressed the syllables was really unnerving.

"Anyways, what do you think should I do about the date?" There was silence on the other line. After a few minutes, Lussuria piped up again. "All you have to do is act like your usual self and make him happy." Giotto slightly furrowed his eyebrows. Of course! It was obvious. But would that really be okay?

"I'm sure it is! As long as it's you, he wouldn't mind." The Sun guardian exclaimed. The blond didn't realize he said that last one out loud.

"Thanks, Lussuria. That really helped me," He murmured. 'And it boosted my confidence, too.'

"You're welcome!"



"Say, Lussuria…"


"How did you get my number?"

The line went dead.

The Vongola do not know the word 'discreet'.

Following them hiding beneath a bush two-thirds of their size wasn't contributing any to their camouflage.

The others followed them and watched their date like a hawk; except Talbot, all of the Sun guardians, Lambo, Levi, Asari and G. Chrome seemed disappointed they didn't bring her along. She wanted to take pictures of Tsuna and Giotto's date. Giotto wasn't so sure of Lussuria though. Lampo was around because Reborn needed a lackey to spy on his students.

"I can't believe that guy won! He doesn't deserve to be with Tenth." Gokudera grumbled. He was very much worried about his Tenth's virginity. And that a loser's dating him (though many of Giotto's fangirls would disagree, even if the silver-haired mafioso is hot).

The others nodded.

Yamamoto laughed. It sounded strained, though. "Haha, why would you think that? He won fair-and-square and Tsuna didn't seem to mind."

"VOOOOIIII! ONLY THE KID (Tsuna) WOULD WIN AGAINST ALL OF US!" Squalo yelled as he swung his sword arm at the four idiots.

"Squalo-senpai, don't shout again. We're attracting unnecessary attention because of it." Fran said monotonously. It's true, people were looking at them. Why was the illusionist with them again? 'It's all for the entertainment,' He reminded himself.

"The long-haired commander's just going through a PMS, leave him alone." Bel commented.

"I DO NOT PMS!" Squalo shouted at Bel to intimidate him. But Bel's not the type of person who gets scared by something like a PMS-ing rabid shark. "There you go again with the PMS. The Prince says you need to buy pain-relievers."


"Is your hearing bad or is it because you're old, peasant?"




"Your hair is white."

"I AIN'T OLD AND I DON'T PMS, VOI!" His mouth was open very wide and his wrinkles were showing. His current image wasn't helping his case. Fran pointed nonchalantly at Squalo's forehead. "Ah, the long-haired commander's squiggly lines are showing. Can you see them, fake prince-sempai?"

"See? You do PMS and you're old with your hair and those peasantly wrinkles. The prince thinks the shark must be going through menopause."


Gokudera grumbled. "Remind me why did we bring the idiots and the loud ones with us?" Nobody answered him.

Lampo looked unamused. "Yare, yare. If you guys keep on fighting, they'll notice us." How smart of him to think that; it was so obvious that the couple could hear them. He grumbled some more. It was Reborn's fault why he was here in the first place. He didn't even want to come. However, the hitman blackmailed him—and damn, was he scary—so he couldn't refuse the request—no… order, to tag along.

Really, it was so obvious to the brunet and blond-haired mafia boss that they were lurking in the shadows.

First, back when they watched a movie, the film looked too real and gory to be fictional. There were also a few hints of Mist flames around, too. The fact that it smelled like tropical fruits in the cinema further proved it.

Second, they were too loud and caught too much attention from bystanders. Seriously, the pair swore they could hear them from miles away.

Last, they were eye-catching. And not the good kind. Their outfits, personalities, and presences stood out a lot even if they blended in a crowd; which wouldn't happen because two unhappy skylarks would unleash Hell upon everyone.

Besides that…

Dino and Cozart are the nosiest friends he has.

They tagged along because they found his date interesting. Add the factor that they'll probabbly tease him sometime afterwards… that makes one cranky Giotto.

It's probably because they used to hang around Reborn and Tsuna a lot. He had no idea that sadism was contagious. But of course, his fellow mafia bosses remained clumsy and pathetic.

And good thing, too, or else there would be two people added to his list of tormentors.

The biggest lesson Giotto learned was to never, I mean NEVER, get on Tsuna's bad side.

Well, it wasn't as if he didn't know that already; but today's events just traumatized him. He didn't want to be reminded of what he heard beyond the door where his family (sans Reborn) and Tsuna were.

Once the group of stalkers returned to the hotel, they were greeted by a pissed off Tsuna with a creepy smile on his face.

"Why hello there. Did you have fun stalking us?" Tsuna said as his eyes gave a sadistic glint. They all gulped.

"U-Uhh…" The others didn't know what to say. Some seemed impassive about it but if you look closely, there's a lot of sweat trickling down their faces.

"I'm pretty sure you did. Though, I'm not angry that you guys spied or tried to ruin our fun. No, it was because of that transformation illusion you did on me (refer to the café scene)." He growled and brought out a whip: a chain whip (IDK how it came to be but let's go with that). He slung the whip on his shoulder, cracked his knuckles and brought out a bundle of rope.

"Now, it's my turn to show you my kind of fun." He pounced on them and tied them all up. Xanxus, Fran, and the Cloud guardians were the only ones safe (and had a hard time escaping).

"You know what, I'm glad that I watched that movie. It just gave me new ideas, and you guys are my first victi— I mean, volunteers!" He smirked and laugh evilly.

Cozart's eyes were wide as saucers. He pointed a finger at the brunet. "Y-You just admitted that we're your victims!"

"Do tell when I said that." Tsuna had a sweet yet scary and creepy grin on his face. His eyes were also shadowed by his bangs. "I said victi— volunteers." 'He said it again! We're so dead!' They pathetically thought.

"See, you did it again!" Dino just had to point that out. The brunet's expression darkened even more. While the Arcobaleno was distracted, he was doing the tiptoe-escape trick. All of a sudden, Tsuna was suddenly in front of him.

"Why hello Dino. We haven't even started the fun tor— training yet."

"NOOO!" The people left shouted.

From their room, Giotto swore he heard terrified screams. He shrugged his shoulders. 'I'll just pretend that it's my imagination…' The blond went back to watching TV. Of course, he doesn't want to end up getting maimed (or possibly killed), so he'll leave them alone to their business.

New Omake:Stalker Hitman Reborn!

Everyone's probably wondering where Reborn was.

Though Reborn was not with the group of stalkers, he was still following them. Truth be told, he was actually everywhere.

He was the vendor that sold the chocolates to Giotto.

Giotto dropped by the Sweets store before he met up with the brunet Arcobaleno. The black-haired vendor smiled at him, with an unknown glint in his eyes. "Here's your order, sir."


He was also the old lady florist's assistant.

"Boreen, can you please fetch these flowers at the back?" The old lady beckoned as she gave him a slip of paper. "Arrange them in a vague, disdainful way, as well. It seems that our customer has a big grudge."

The black-haired employee simply smirked, tipping his fedora in acknowledgement.

He was also the raven-haired cashier back in the café.

"Here's our payment." The blond-haired mafia boss said as he warily observed the employee. He hid a smirk when he noticed how his student scrutinized him. His student still has ways to go before he can evaluate people discreetly.

"Two slices of Tiramisu, a cup of Earl Grey tea, and Black coffee, yes?" Giotto nodded. The cashier just smiled, highly amused that he didn't recognize his voice for the third time that day. He had at least expected that the mafia boss would've caught on by now. Oh, well. More torture-training for him then.

His smirk widened at that idea, and his student felt a shiver down his spine.

Last, Reborn was also the guy at the ticket booth (Tsuna simply raised an eyebrow at his appearance and pointedly ignored him afterwards).

It was a good thing that at least one of his students noticed him. It means that his charges weren't lost causes. 'Giotto needs to have his next lessons drilled into his head then,' The hitman happily thought as he sipped his cup of espresso.

Ah, these are good (and very amusing) videos of the KHR cast.

www. youtube watch? v=F4en3Evtot0&feature=related (remove the spaces)


www. youtube watch? v=sBBKpKhvGyQ&feature=related (remove the spaces)

Watch the 2nd one, if you want to see all of them (even Varia & Hibari) in a skirt, bwahahaha.

Both are KHR versions of Lucky Star opening :3 SO adorableeee~

Tsuna: *watches 1st video and faints*

Hibari: *smirks* Nice choice herbivore. Maybe we should try it… *drags Tsuna away*

Flonne: Take good care of him, okay~? *waves*

Hibari: Hn. *closes the door*

Others: *glaring in jealousy*

Giotto: *fuming* I can't believe that he would do that. Tsunayoshi is my wife, Hibari will pay! *chases after them*

Mukuro: *brings out trident… or pitchfork* Tsu-chan's body will be mine and mine only, Hibari Kyoya. Kufufufu~.

Reborn: *changes Leon into a gun* Hibari's going down.

Others: Yeah! *brings out their weapons*

Flonne: O/O I can't believe Hibari really did that…*drools*. Oh well. Ja ne~!