Chapter 6 : The Death Of Seto Kaiba

After some hours, the silence was broken.

"S-Seto. I want you to know i-it's not over. We're not over," the boy's voice was trembling full of emotion.

But Seto's was coldly flat, "No. Please don't lie to me anymore. My body has wasted away by now. And Mokuba's mind is gone. There is no way he could survive trauma for this long, with Gozaburo or by being left so alone."

"You're surviving and you're alone."

"I'm not. I have you."


"You're the only thing left keeping me 'alive' now."

It was wrong to be like this, broken and dead inside. This was not Seto Kaiba anymore, "I want us to forget I have a name, too. I don't need one here."

"But you won't be here forever! Please don't throw yourself away! Seto!"

"Shhh. What did I say?"


"No more…"


At this last defiant vocalisation, Seto lunged from his place and tore the boy down to his level. Their faces were close enough for the boy to feel hot breath sweep up past his cheeks.

"I said, no more from you. Now be quiet," Seto's words were a deathly whisper that the boy dared not go against. Worried he might infuriate him further, he didn't move, and left it to Seto to push him away. But Seto didn't even care. He was past doing the socially correct thing. So the boy was left frozen in suspense, his frightened face hovering inches above the older teen's.

Seto flinched involuntarily as he felt spots of hot water drop onto his blindfold, "What is that?"

The boy began to sob and tremble, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry it's like this! Please don't hate me!"

Seto took a deep sigh and closed his eyes. He breathed, "I don't hate you. But I know now; Mokuba is dead."

"But…I…If that's really true, then all we have is each other. I know you're all I've got. Please don't throw me away," the boy's voice was soft and weak, just like the first time they had met.

How can I let him feel so bad? It's not his fault. No one else should suffer for this. No one.

So Seto brought his arms around the boy and let him fall into his chest, where his sobs gently eased. But Seto couldn't cry now. Not for Mokuba. Instead, every part of him was dying inside; all his ambition, all his willpower, all his confidence. Forget it. Let it fade away. He was shutting down. He would never hold his head high, ever again.

Goodbye, Seto Kaiba.

For eternity, they lay there in the blankness of their emotions.

As both of their pains eased into nothingness, they discovered a peaceful kind of release. It was better this way, not to feel a thing. To float through existence, numb to all cruelties. How safe they were, underground, in the warm dark. Free from all restraint.

After their eternal peace came a new feeling, rising from the ashes. Something that longed. The boy had known of it from the beginning, but now it being within him was valid. Seto was unfamiliar with it, but allowed it to wash over him. He would surrender to its sweet presence.

Both found there was something unspoken between them that needed to be breached. But not by words. Seto brought his hand up to the younger teen's face. He caressed his fingers over the smooth contours of the forehead and nose, and lingered over the soft lips that trembled. His hand glided over the chin and down the delicate lines of the throat. The boy's eyelids lowered happily from the dizzying sensation.

"We have each other now," Seto breathed down the side of his neck. From the shock of impressive heat, the boy's back suddenly straightened and brushed against Seto, who groaned in surprise.

There were no words; just instinctive movements. Subtle advances, that led them closer and closer to becoming lost in each other.

The boy turned his head to face Seto's. The warmth of their breaths mingled, making them more familiar. He brought his arm around the boy's neck and back to cradle him better, and the boy wound his arms gently around Seto's chest.

Seto felt his companion bring their forehead up to his own and press it close. He nudged back and they rested closely; a tender gesture of trust.

They were not strangers anymore. The boy smiled.

Almost without thinking on it, the boy moved his lips forward and embraced Seto's mouth. Seto let him be taken over, let his head be held while he was kissed deeply.

Would it be natural to allow this to happen in any other circumstance?

What does it matter? Let it go.

The boy lay on top of him; their bodies touching while they kissed. Seto began to bring his chained hands around the boy and stroke his back softly.

The dark permitted what the light would not.

And this boy is not a child.

Seto soon reciprocated, feeling free to kiss back. He devoted himself to nourishing the boy's need for affection, and grew increasingly ardent until he rolled them over so that he was on top. He continued feeding off the boy's soft skin with his lips, caressing blindly in the dark across the paths of his arms and legs, and down to the valleys of his neck and thighs. The boy sighed as he was slowly embraced head to toe; for once in his life being loved.

Seto had no intention to go any further than this. He was only consumed with the beauty of their physical contact. He would make the boy happy, always. But the youth needed something even more than this. His body tensed and he moaned, instinctively tugging at Seto's hair as a signal to rise.

"What…what is it…" the older teen breathed, as he withdrew to rest on his hands and knees.

The boy raised himself by the back of his elbows and rolled over on his stomach. He then sat upright on his folded legs with his small back to Seto, and reached over his shoulder to pull the face of his blindfolded companion closer. The boy whispered to Seto in a daze.

"…I…" Seto's head was drawn around the boy's soft neck.

"…Need…" Seto gasped as he realised what he was being asked to do.

"…This…" The boy's rump was just inches from his own skin.

"…Please…" The boy rose to his knees to mirror Seto's hands and knees pose, and backed under his taller body. Seto was paralysed.

"Oh, please," the voice was close to whimpering. It was begging him.

He was needed.

The boy began to rub himself against Seto without reservation.

He needed.

The boy cried out as his offer was accepted. They began slowly, Seto taking his time in making the boy his own. In a place where time went by without any sign, he wanted them to remember this first moment between them. It would probably be succeeded by many, but this was their resurrection, when they dared to cross the bridge from death to life.

As they continued, the boy whimpered in pleasure and scraped his nails into the cement. Seto had become accustomed to relying on all his other senses, and now it was paying off tenfold. Every movement, every sensation, was so much more intense than someone else ever would have found them. And the sounds from the boy beneath him were driving him mad.

This is-

"Faster!" the boy panted.

This is-

"I-can't-control!" Seto was arching his back and straining the chains around him.

This is-


After what seemed like an hour of suspended tension, they came together perfectly. The pair let themselves collapse to the ground, exhausted. In heavy pants, Seto kissed the boy's forehead and then lifted himself off to rest on his back. He stretched his limbs out as far as his restraints would allow him and exhaled deeply, feeling completely relaxed. The boy drew himself to Seto's side and curled up instinctively beside him. They fell asleep in perfect peace.

But chaos would greet them when they next woke.

Notes: I wanted to put a warning in at the top, but that would have spoiled it. I hope that wasn't too much for anyone. I must have been insane when I wrote this. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever stopped being insane...ah well, it's all good.

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