Playing With Fire

Summary: Bella and Edward have been married for five years and have a 4 year-old daughter, but when sexy, naughty fireman Jacob enters her life, things start to change, but are they for the better or for the worst? Story contains romance, lust, sexual tension, humor, sex and drama.
Rating: M for Lemons and language.
Pairings: Edward & Bella and Bella & Jacob
Disclaimer: All credit goes to Stephenie Meyer for creating the amazing characters used in this story. I unfortunately do not own any one.


5 years ago.

My best friends Rosalie and Alice walked up the aisle ahead of me, both of them looking incredible in their midnight blue floor length dresses. Charlie pulled the veil over my face and linked his arm with mine giving my hand a squeeze "Are you ready?"

"No" I shook my head. Of course I wasn't ready to get married, don't get me wrong. I loved Edward, but was it enough for me to tie myself to him for the rest of my life?

The wedding march started and my body temperature rose. My palms were sweating and my knees were wobbling. I held onto Charlie to stop myself from falling over in front of everyone. I avoided eye contact with all the people seated and instead looked down at my feet. Not that I could see them because of my white gown.

Edward stepped down the steps and took my hand out of Charlie's before leading me up to the alter. Edward lifted my veil over my head and gave me his crooked smile. I wasn't paying any attention to what the minister was saying, until it was my turn to speak.

"Do you Isabella Marie Swan take Edward Masen Cullen to be your lawful wedded husband, to love and to cherish, to care for and comfort, to have and to hold from this day forward?" the minister questioned turning to me.

"I do" I simply answered.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride" the minister announced and Edward pulled me towards him planting a kiss on my lips.

Present Day

5 years ago I thought I was marrying the man of my dreams. Edward was gorgeous, charming, and charismatic and the sex was amazing. So why is it I find myself in the bathtub of our apartment alone? Edward was away on yet another business trip, leaving me to take care of our 4-year-old daughter Renesmee. I couldn't complain as the money went straight into our bank account that I had access too, but no amount of money could make up for the fact I felt forgotten.

Letting the water drain out of the bathtub, I wrapped a small, white towel around my body and walked into the living room. Nessie was where I left her, on the floor leaning against the couch, scribbling away on a sheet of paper and some shit kids cartoon playing in on the TV "Hey baby, you okay?"

"Yes mommy" Nessie nodded not looking up from her drawing, she reminded me so much of her father, her curly hair was the unusual but beautiful bronze color that Edward's hair was, her eyes were mine, chocolate brown, but her face was definitely a feminine version of Edward's.

I collapsed on the colossal king-sized bed that Edward had splashed out on during our second year of marriage, he was trying to do all he could to get our sex life back on track after I gave birth to Nessie and it worked. For the first few weeks. I gently closed the door and turned the lock that was put on there for those times when you needed privacy. Opening my drawer I moved all of my panties and bras out of the way and pulled out my pink vibrator with a clit appendage collapsing back down on the bed.

The tip slipped of inside me so easily, and I squirmed as the movement rubbed my g-spot and the vibrations pulse on my clit, however today this doesn't bring me the pleasure I'm in need of and I pulled it out sexually frustrated. I need my husband to help me reach my release, but he's the other side of the country in sunny LA, while I'm here in the not-so sunny New York.

I pull on sweatpants and a hoodie and flop down on the couch behind Nessie who is busy drawing a picture "What are you drawing?"

"That's mommy, that's daddy and that's me" Nessie answered pointing at each person on the picture "When's daddy coming home mommy?"

"He'll be home soon" I smiled at her, it confused Nessie whenever Edward went away on business trips for long periods of time. My cell phone buzzed on the table and I got up to answer it, Alice's name was flashing on the screen "Hello?"

"Hey Bella" Alice's voice filled the other end of the phone "Me and Rosalie are hitting the clubs tonight and would really like for you to join us"

"I can't I've got to look after Nessie" I sighed.

"Ask Edward's parents, that's what they are there for" Alice scoffed.

"I'll think about it" I answered.

Esme agreed to look after Renesmee; she would always jump at the chance of looking after her granddaughter for the evening. I squeezed into a white bandage dress that only just covered my ass. I found after having Nessie my body gained some curves and gave me a fuller figure and I had done everything to maintain it.

The bar was packed and buzzing with people socializing with friends. Music was blaring out of the speakers and I followed Alice and Rosalie to the bar where I ordered myself a cosmopolitan. I took a seat on one of the bar stools and watched as Rosalie and Alice disappeared onto the dance floor. Dancing really wasn't my thing and I told them I would be more than happy sat here at the bar drowning my sorrows with alcohol. I didn't actually say the second part just that I was happy to stay here.

"Good evening beautiful, I see your friends have abandoned you, can I get you a drink?" I turned and was breathless when my eyes met the dark, almost black eyes of the most gorgeous man my eyes had ever laid upon. He had short black hair that contrasted with his russet skin. I could see two incredibly big biceps bulging out of the sleeves of his tight black t-shirt and could only imagine his abs. Sporting just the right amount of stubble he was simply beautiful.

"My name is Bella Cullen, I have a husband and a 4-year-old daughter" I answered smartly.

"My name is Jacob Black and I get thrills out of pushing the boundaries" Jacob answered back with a smirk on his face.

"You're not my type" I raised an eyebrow. It was true, but at the same time a lie. I never thought of myself as having a type, but after marrying Edward I guessed it was tall, dark and handsome. Jacob definitely ticked those boxes, even leaning casually against the counter he was huge, about 6 feet tall.

"That's a shame, you're just my type" Jacob smirked, he had wit.

"Married?" I remarked.

"Open" Jacob commented.

This caught me off guard and my mouth dropped open "Excuse me?"

"Let me guess, your husband is out of town and you're sexually frustrated so you put on the smallest dress you can find in hopes of alluring men and getting a one night fling…correct me if I'm wrong" Jacob casually spoke looking me up and down seeming to appreciate my choice of clothing. I opened my mouth to speak, but all that came out was a squeak. Was I really that obvious sat here in a short dress or was Jacob just observant?

I couldn't help but laugh at Jacobs words, he was right. My husband was away and I was very sexually frustrated. Most people would have been freaked out by someone as observant as Jacob, but when they're as hot as Jacob I couldn't give a shit "Do you want to dance?" Jacob asked nodding in the direction of the dance floor.

"I told my friends I would wait here" I shrugged.

"Do you have a cell phone?" Jacob questioned leaning towards me.

"Yes, why?" I furrowed my brow confused at his question.

"Good, then they can ring you" Jacob smirked and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the dance floor.

Jacob shoved his way through the mass of people, dragging me behind him, occasionally looking over his shoulder to check it was still my hand he was holding. It was as if people moved out of the way for him, there was an aura of respectability about him. Either that of everyone was just shit scared of the six-foot, extremely muscled guy heading towards them. When he stopped he pulled my back against his front and rested his hands on my hips making them move in time with his. It was surprisingly easy to dance with Jacob as I didn't have to do anything.

I froze when I felt his warm hand smooth up my leg and under my dress, stroking across my already wet panties "Relax" Jacobs deep, husky voice whispered in my ear "No one can see"

I glanced around and he was right, everyone around us was too busy lost in their own world to notice what was going on between us. Even if they did, by the morning they would have consumed so much alcohol that they wouldn't be able to remember the last 12 hours. Jacobs's soft lips kiss my neck and shoulders as his hand slipped inside my panties stroking my wet folds gathering my juices, he starts rubbing my clit in circles and I moan at the friction. Jacob entered one large finger into my warm center and my hips buck forward as he pumped his finger in and out.

"Oh Jake" I moaned not caring at this moment of anyone sees or hears, giving myself completely over to the pleasure this man was bringing.

Jacob entered two more fingers, pumping his three fingers in and out while rubbing my clit with his thumb. My hand reaches up around his neck and grabs hold of his hair, my head rolling back onto his hard chest and that's not the only part of his body that's hard right now. I can feel his erection poking my lower back turning me on even more.

My back arched and my hips buck forward as the first waves of my orgasm take over me. Jacob doesn't stop if anything he pumps his fingers faster. My legs shake as the coil in my stomach snaps and my walls clench around his fingers. Luckily my moans were drowned out by the music and no one around us notice that I had just experienced an orgasm on the dance floor.

"I should go and find my friends" I try to stand up straight on my legs that are like jelly.

"Bella, will I ever see you again?" Jacobs hand took hold of my wrist.

Fuck yes. If he can do that with his fingers imagine what he can do with other parts of his body, I nodded "Yes, you will"

I headed back in the direction of the bar, being bashed into by a couple of over enthusiastic dancers. I paused on the steps leading to the bar and glanced back to the spot where I had left Jacob, but he was gone.

Collapsing on the bed I let the tears run down my cheeks. The ring on my finger weighed a tonne and guilt washed over me as I recalled the events of the night. I was a married woman with a daughter whom I love with all my heart. Would it be fair to her if her parent's relationship fell apart before she could even understand?

I rolled over and looked at the pictures on the bedside table. The first was of me and Edward on our wedding day, the second was of me in hospital, Edward next to me and a tiny bundle in my arms and the third was of us three last year at Disneyworld. I would be lying to say that I had never been happy with Edward, there were times when I thought I was the luckiest woman on Earth to have someone like him be the father of my child, buts that's all I saw him as now. He was no longer the man I was once head over heels in love with, I loved his as the father of my daughter and no more, the spark was gone.

You could blame it on the distance; Edward seemed to be away on business more times than he was at home. You could blame it on too much too soon we were young; I was only 22 when we got married and 23 when I gave birth. You could blame it on anything we just weren't the same as we were five years ago and I'm sure Edward would agree that our marriage was lacking that spark.

"Bella...Bella...wake up" a hand shook my shoulder and I opened my eyes to find Edward leaning over the bed trying to wake me. I was still wearing the dress I wore last night and it had risen up above my hips from where I'd slept in it "I do hope you didn't wear your dress like that out"

"No...I'm sorry, I most have fallen asleep" I sat up and pushed my hair back, I caught my reflection in the mirror and I looked awful. My mascara had run down my cheeks leaving black streaks from where I had been crying and my eyes were all bloodshot and puffy.

"Have you been crying?" Edward questioned taking a better look at me. I had to praise him for not running away screaming at my appearance.

"Err no, I just...I forgot to take my make-up off last night and it's smudged everywhere" I lied.

"I was hoping for a nice welcome but I find Nessie's room empty and my wife passed out on the bed" Edward laughed.

"Oh shit, Nessie's at your mom's" I told him.

"Yes I know I've been to pick her up, she's now at school" Edward smiled.

"Fuck. Is it really that late?" I look round at the clock that reads 1.15pm and groan "I've got stuff to do"

After showering and tidying my appearance, I put on some clothes and headed out to the shops. The food supply was running low and with Edward back the small amount in our refrigerator wasn't going to last long. Rosalie met me in the parking lot of the grocery store and I grabbed a cart and walked into the shop crossing things off my list as I went.

"Where did you disappear to last night?" Rosalie asked snacking on food I was putting in the cart.

"Nowhere" I shrugged avoiding eye contact with her.

"Hey there beautiful" I turned and saw a tall man with dark hair wearing a navy FDNY t-shirt smile and wiggle his eyebrows at Rosalie, she narrowed her eyes, but there was a hint of a smile on her face. I rolled my eyes and pushed the cart forward leaving them too it, but almost ran straight into someone else.

"Oh sorry!" I apologized before I looked up and when I did my heart skipped a beat. Stood in front of me dressed in baggy, low rise jeans and a tight navy FDNY t-shirt was Jacob. Oh. My. Fucking. God. I could feel my heart accelerate in my chest, pounding against my ribcage "Hey"

"Hello" Jacobs grin spread across his face and instantly my heart melted.

"How are you?" I asked making light conversation, it would have been incredibly awkward if Jacobs's gorgeous smirk wasn't relaxing and seducing me in a way I hadn't experienced for years.

"My day just got a whole lot better" Jacob winked "I see your friend has introduced herself to Emmett"

"Oh right, that's Rosalie" I laughed as I turned around to see Rosalie and Emmett flirting with each other. It was alright for them to flirt as neither of them was tied to someone in matrimony or had a daughter.

"Alphabetti spaghetti?" Jacob raised his eyebrow as he looked down in the cart.

"My daughter" I laughed.

"Sure, sure" Jacob nodded and winked again, even the second time it managed to make my knees weak "I think we should round up the lovers"

"Yes" I nodded in agreement.

"Bella...I want to see you again" Jacob's hand rested on my arm as his voice lowered so no one around could hear.

"You will" I lowered my voice too and rummaged through my bag for a pen and a piece of paper and quickly scribbled down my number "Don't call me after 6"

"You have a curfew?" Jacob smirked and shoved the piece of paper into his back pocket.

"Not funny" I glared at him, but he flashed me his gorgeous grin and wrapped his massive arms around me, pulling me into a tight bear hug. I wiggled out of it and turned to Rosalie and Emmett.

"Rosalie, sorry to interrupt you guys, but why don't you exchange numbers and let's get back on with life!" I stepped in between them creating a barrier and waited for them to type each other's number into their cells before practically dragging Rosalie by her hair extensions away from the sexy firemen.