Playing With Fire

AN: I'm going to do the second half of this chapter in JPOV so I hope it's alright.
All credit for the characters goes to Stephenie Meyer.

Coming Home

I glanced over my shoulder as we reached the edge of the room and my eyes locked with Edward's.

Oh shit.

I dropped Jacobs hand and he turned to look at me with concern in his eyes. My heart shattered into a million pieces from the look in his eyes, I could no longer do this. It was draining me to keep this affair going knowing that at the end, one of the two men I loved would have their heartbroken. I was about to abandon Jacob and run back to my comfort of Edward when something that broke my heart for a different reason happened. Tanya Bitchface Denali placed her hand on his shoulder and her other hand snaked around his torso as her lips whispered something in his ear with a sly grin on her face, she hadn't noticed that I was watching from across the room, but Edward had and his eyes were watching me, waiting for my reaction.

"Bella..." Jacob called waiting for me to follow him.

I turned and looked to him, my eyes filled to the brim with tears, I shook my head "I'm sorry" I turned and pushed my way through the busy gallery and out into the crisp air of Paris, the wind swept my hair back and the tears spilled down my cheeks as I walked down the sidewalk with no intention. The dark designer shops closed for the night showed off their creations in the display windows, this was Alice's paradise and the thought of my best friend made the gut wrenching feeling return.

I continued walking aimlessly down the streets of Paris listening to the bustling city pass by, a loud roar of an engine rippled over the noise and I, along with everyone around me turned. Jacob was speeding towards me on a motorbike, no protective clothing on, not even a helmet.

"Bella! I've been looking for you everywhere" Jacob called out over the noise of the engine as he pulled alongside the sidewalk.

"Are you crazy?" I gasped as he cut off the engine and jumped off the bike.

"Yes! You've made me crazy Bella I don't know what you do to me" Jacob grabbed my wrist making it impossible for me to go anywhere "All I know is I can't let you go and forget everything we've had. You mean too much to me, Bella please listen to me"

"Get on your bike Jacob" I told him, his eyes were pleading "Get on your bike and move up so I can get on in this tight-ass dress" I playfully hit his arm, hurting my hand more than him in the process and slid onto the back of the bike behind him. I scooted up close behind Jacob and made sure my arms were tightly secured around his waist as he pulled away from the sidewalk.

It wasn't fear that rushed around my body, instead adrenaline coursed through every muscle, as the wind swept my hair back. I could feel Jacob's heartbeat through his shirt from where my head was resting on his back and timed mine with his. It wasn't long until we were back at the hotel and Jacob held out a hand to help me off the bike. I was going to need more than a hand to manoeuvre around in this dress. Jacob noticed my struggling and placed my arm around his shoulder before putting his arm under my legs and lifting me off the bike bridal style; he set me down on the floor and took my hand leading me inside.

Jacob called the elevator and I turned to him "I'd rather not go in the elevator"

"It will be different, you'll have me to entertain you and as a bonus, I can save your life" Jake winked, but from the exhaustion on my face he knew I couldn't deal with anymore drama today "Or we could just use the stairs"

When we reached our floor, I left Jacob at his room telling him that it was probably best if he didn't walk me to my room. I continued down the hallway with Jacob watching my every step, even with my back turned I could feel his eyes burning into the back of me. I swiped the card and waited for the light to turn green and pushed the door open, I turned and gave Jacob a smile before closing the door.

Edward was sat on the bed, his white shirt unbuttoned showing off his chiselled chest and his black pants, and his face was hard and blank, too blank. I could see from the door, the muscles as he clenched his jaw "Where have you been?" Edward's words came out slow and each one was alliterated as if he was trying to make sense to a 5-year-old "I Said Where Have You Been!" Edward jumped up and shouted, the noise startling me.

"I went for a walk" I told him, my voice barely a squeak.

"With who?" Edward spat as he said his name, he slowly stood up from the bed and turned to me, his normally sparkling eyes, dark and dull with anger "Did you enjoy your pancakes this morning?"

"What?" I couldn't believe he knew, how did he know?

"You left this on the bed" Edward held up a white card, the white card that came on the tray with Jacob's pancakes.

"I don't know who he is, I promise" I lied wanting Edward to calm down, I had never seen him like this.

"DON'T FUCKING LIE TO ME!" Edward yelled and strode to me, he may not be a muscled as Jacob, but he was still stronger than me as he proved when he shoved me against the wall. His hands leaving bruises on my arms.

"Get Off Of Me!" I ducked down and around him and ran into the bathroom closing the door, but before I had a chance to lock it Edward kicked it open.

I fell back onto the floor and scrambled away from the stranger stood before me. It wasn't my husband behind the dark, emotionless eyes of the monster who looked like he wanted to kill me. Edward turned and slammed his hand into the mirror, breaking both the glass and the skin, leaving blood everywhere. The broken glass fell to the floor and Edward pulled his hand away revealing a deep gash with blood pouring out and shards of glass visible in the wound.

I took his distraction as my chance and sprinted to the door swinging it open and running down the hallway. I slammed my fists against the door I knew was Jacob's desperate for him to open it before Edward appeared "Jacob please open…please" I pleaded under my breath.

"Alright! Alright, I'm com-" Jacob stopped talking when he opened his door and saw the state I was in, I pushed past him and the built up tears flooded out "Bella, what's wrong?"

"Edward knows, he knows everything and he's gone mad, he punched a mirror and broke his hand, he shoved me against the wall" I cried letting it all out.

"Did he hurt you?" Jacob questioned, his eyes widening and his hands holding onto me protectively.

"No, I don't think so, but I need to get out of here. I need to go home. I need to see Renesmee" I blurted out.

"Of course, we'll catch a flight first thing tomorrow morning, if that's what you want?" Jacob asked trying to calm me down.

"No, I need to go now. I can't stay here anymore" I shook my head not wanting to accept the fact I would have to stay in the same hotel as a deranged Edward.

"Bella you're not thinking straight, you can't just leave right now" Jacob sat me down on the bed "Our flight leaves tomorrow, but we'll just catch an earlier one, get Nessie and go away somewhere, just me and you"

"I can't stay here tonight" I pleaded, Edward was only down the corridor to me.

"Yes you can! You're staying in this room with me and no one is going to touch you" Jacob promised and leant forward kissing my head.

"I need to get my stuff, I'll just tell him that I've hired a room" I stood up and wiped my tears trying to be brave.

Jacob waited in his doorway as I slowly crept down the hall to my room with Edward. The door was slightly ajar and I pushed it fully open stepping inside, and closed it quietly behind me. The room looked like a bomb had hit it, the bed sheets had been ripped off the bed and thrown carelessly over the floor, there was a smashed plate on the table and the lamp had fallen.

"Hello?" I called out and there was no reply, I kicked the bathroom door open with my foot and stepped inside, the glass was still everywhere, but one of the white bath towels was screwed up next to the sink, covered in blood. There was a sticky note stuck on the only piece of remaining mirror.

Taken myself to hospital,
I'm so sorry, please forgive me x

I left the note on the table and grabbed everything that was mine stuffing it into my half packed suitcase. I dropped my room key onto the bed and hurried out of the room. Jacob was waiting in the hallway and he took my suitcase of off me, lifting it with ease.

"I've booked us a flight out of here, I'm taking you home" Jacob kissed the top of my head and took my hand leading me out of the hotel where a car was already waiting for us.


I looked down at Bella who was fast asleep on the passenger seat of the car; she was emotionally and physically exhausted as she had slept for most of the plane journey home as well. Renesmee was in the back, her little eyes closed. I shifted in the driver's seat as I sped down the highway wanted to get home as soon as possible, the soft hum of the engine the only noise to be heard and the occasional light reflected off the dashboard onto my face.

I pulled down the familiar, darkened road in Nyack. The town where I grew up just outside of New York City. My childhood home was dark and the only sign that someone was home was the porch light, illuminating the driveway. The house wasn't big, but it was my home.

"Bella, wake up" I gently shook her and whispered, her eyes slowly opened and she took in her unfamiliar surroundings.

"Where are we?" Bella questioned rubbing her eyes and sitting up, she looked over her shoulder to check Renesmee was still safely in the back and relaxed when she saw her daughter sound asleep.

"Welcome to my home" I smiled.

"Your house is so pretty" Bella smiled taking in the small house, there was a porch welcoming you to the front door. The porch swing I made with my best friend when I was younger still took pride of place and flowers were dotted around thanks to my older sister's womanly touch.

"Come on, let's go" I opened the door and unbuckled Renesmee from her seat handing her over to Bella. I didn't want to give my dad a shock when he opens the door and finds me standing holding a young child. Although how I was going to explain my affair with a married mother, to my father I did not know.

I led the way up the porch and knocked on the door. It was late so I wasn't expecting anyone to answer first time; I knocked again and saw a light switch on inside. The door swung open and Rachel my older sister, stood dressed in only a satin bath robe with a scowl on her face. The scowl soon disappeared and shock replaced it.

"Jacob!" Rachel cried out and literally jumped on me wrapping her arms around me, from her reaction you would have thought I lived across the country not down the road.

"Rachel, what is it?" I heard the familiar sound of Pauls voice as he walked out of their bedroom and saw me standing in the doorway with Rachel squeezing me tightly "Hey Jake man! How you doing?"

"I'm good thanks" I smiled and breathed out once Rachel let go of me "Guys this is Bella, Bella this is my sister Rachel and her boyfriend Paul"

"Hey" Bella smiled shyly.

"Not to be rude, but may I ask why there is a child?" Rachel quizzed looking at Bella and Renesmee.

"It's a long story" I stepped in to save Bella from having to answer.

"What's all the commotion?" I heard the warm, familiar sound of my father's voice as he wheeled himself out of his room and towards the front door. Bella seemed surprised to see him in a wheelchair, but soon covered it up with a sweet smile.

"Oh it looks like my son has some explaining to do" Billy looked between me, Bella and Renesmee "Welcome home son and…guest"

"I'm Bella" Bella introduced herself and followed me inside.

"You know you're always welcome her Jake, but next time I would appreciate it if you warned me and didn't arrive in the middle of the night" Billy joked as everyone took a seat in the small living room. Bella sat down on the couch next to me and Renesmee continued sleeping against her chest.

"I'm sorry it was kind of a last minute thing" I apologized "Bella had a bit of an argument with her husband and I did all I could to get her away from him"

"I take it that's your daughter?" Billy asked looking at Renesmee.

"Yes" Bella nodded.

"You're welcome to stay here for as long as you need, Rachel can you show Bella to the guest room so she can put her daughter to bed" Billy ordered and Rachel nodded, she directed Bella to the guest room, Paul followed "Jacob, what have you got yourself into?" Billy looked to me keeping his voice lowered.

"I love her dad, she just comes with a lot of baggage" I defended my feelings for Bella.

"I just don't want to see my son get hurt, no one comes out of an affair without having their heartbroken at least once" Billy warned.

"I know what I'm doing" I nodded.

In honesty I had no idea what I was doing. The only thing I was sure of was my love for Bella, I may have only known her for a short while, but that was enough. The last month or two where Bella has been in my life have no doubt been the best days of my life and so what if having her in my life means I have to take Renesmee on, I will love and treat her like my own.