Title: The Blind Side
Rating:PG-13, for language
Genre and/or Pairing: Gen, No Pairings this chapter
Spoilers: Spoilers through all episodes aired
Characters: Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Castiel, Bobby, OCs
Word Count:2480
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters.
Summary: When Gabriel returns from another dimension with a new prophet, he not only has to help with the mess that he finds that the Winchesters and Castiel are in, but with the consequences of his own actions. Sequel to Gabriel, Interrupted.

A/N: This picks up immediately where Gabriel, Interrupted left off. It won't be entirely necessary to read it to follow this story, but it might be helpful. Also, this site was giving me fits yesterday. This was ready to post yesterday, but I couldn't access my account in order to do so. I was, however, able to access my livejournal account and post it over there. So you always welcome to follow me there (as auntmo9).These days, it is six of one, half a dozen of another with the way either of these sites are behaving.


Dean Winchester sat on the couch at Bobby's house channel surfing. He was bored out of his ever loving mind. He and Sam had stopped here a few days ago to do some research and take a quick break, and they hadn't been able to leave because of a late winter snow that hadn't let up. He had watched just about everything he could stomach on television and now it was down to a choice between watching some lame cheerleading movie called Fired Up, or reading a book. Both would lead to endless ribbing from his brother and Bobby. But maybe the book could be classified as research. But still, cheerleaders…

As Sam walked into the room to join him, they heard a clap of thunder that startled them both.

"What the hell was that?" Dean exclaimed.

"Thunder, you idjit," Bobby answered as he followed Sam.

"In the snow?" Sam asked

"Ain't you ever heard of thundersnow?" Bobby said. "It's a thunderstorm in the snow."

"And it is very rare," Castiel said, as he appeared in the living room. "It shouldn't be occurring in these conditions. Something else is happening."

"Whoa, Cas," Dean said. "Nice to see you, too."

Just then, another crack of thunder could be heard, this time much closer. The lights in the house flickered out, and when they came back on, a woman with dark brown hair lay crumpled in the middle of the floor.

Sam was the first one to reach her, and as he rolled her over he stammered, "I…I think she's dead."

"Cas, who is she and why is her dead ass here?" Dean demanded.

"I have no answers to that Dean. I just sensed something highly unusual. Something from outside our world, in fact, in this area and I came to investigate."

Sam noticed a locket around her neck and took a closer look. "I might not know why she is here," Sam said. "But this locket has her name on it. Ethel…Ethel Chambers."

At the mention of her name, Castiel gripped his head, cried out and fell to his knees. Dean rushed to his side, "Cas, man. Are you okay?"

The sky roared with thunder once again, this time shaking the very foundations of the house. A bright flash appeared in the center of the room and the humans had to shield their eyes. As it dissipated, they saw one of the last people they ever expected to see again.

"Move out of the way, Sammy," Gabriel commanded. "I've got work to do. Resurrection is hard enough without your Gigantor limbs in the way."

The three men just gaped at the archangel as he made his way across the room liked he owned the place and began the work he had planned back in another dimension.


Gabriel scooped the woman up and carried her to the couch. As he began to work on her, Dean yanked him by the arm. "Whoa there, slick. She ain't going anywhere. She's dead," Dean said. "Cas, your brother, on the other hand, is alive and in pain. You should help him first."

Gabriel shoved Dean away with one hand. "Interrupt me again, Dean-o, and you'll regret it," he grumbled. "Besides, Cas is fine. Just a little bit of pain. He will be alright in a few minutes. It's Tillie who needs my help now."

Dean was in Gabriel's face again within seconds. "How do you know Cas is fine? Do you even know what happened to him?"

"I said," Gabriel ground out, almost in a growl, "not to interrupt me again." With that he raised his hand, snapped his fingers and Dean was gone.

"Hey!" Sam exclaimed, moving toward the archangel. "What did you do to Dean?"

"Nothing permanent," Gabriel explained. "I just moved him out of the way, put him on ice, so to speak. And if you're as smart as I think you are kiddo, you will stay out of my way and let me finish resurrecting Tillie."

Sam backed off as he watched Gabriel worked. A gentle glow covered the woman as the archangel seemed to be concentrating his power over her head. As she began to breathe, the front door slammed opened, bringing a rush of cold winter air into the house.

"You ass-hat!" Dean shouted as the front door slammed closed behind him. "You du...dumped me in a sn..snow drift outside. It is fl...flipping freezing out there!"

For the most part, Gabriel continued to ignore Dean as he monitored the woman. Assured that she was recovering and just in need of rest for awhile, he looked up at Dean. "You can't say I didn't warn you."

"You…her…you…how…" Dean stuttered, still shivering from the cold. Gabriel snapped up a round of hot chocolate for Dean as well as himself and the others in the room.

"Slow down there, Hot Shot," Gabriel chuckled. "Try not to get ahead of yourself. Why don't we start with Cas? While I have my own suspicions, does someone want to explain how and when this happened?"

"When she showed up," Sam volunteered, gesturing to Tillie.

"Not exactly, Sam," Bobby added. "It wasn't until you read her name off the locket."

"Shit," Gabriel muttered. "You said her name? Her full name, out loud?"

"Well, yeah," Sam answered. "We were trying to figure out who she was."

"What's so wrong with saying her name?" Dean demanded, tightly gripping his mug of hot chocolate with both hands, as much to keep himself from strangling the archangel as for the warmth it provided. He looked down into the drink for a moment. Damn angel couldn't even make a decent drink, he thought as he wished it had rum, or Kahlua, instead of being just straight hot chocolate. Looking back up at the archangel, he asked, "Is she cursed or something?"

"No, she's not cursed," Gabriel said, stealing a glance at her. He hoped she would sleep through all of this. She'd been through too much during the last couple of days and needed as much time to recover as possible. "She's a prophet."

"Great, we need another one of those as much as we needed your candy ass to come back," Dean retorted. "Besides, we've met a prophet before, and saying his name never hurt Cas."

"I am sure that is because he was from this dimension," Gabriel explained, brushing off Dean's taunt, for now, "and his name was already seared in Cas' brain."

"So?" Sam asked. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Think of it like circumcision," the archangel continued, taking a sip of the sweet, warm liquid. "As a fledgling, if you have prophets named seared into your brain, sure it hurts, but you don't remember it. But if it happens when you're fully grown, yowza! Hurts like a mother and you never forget it. The same way you never forget a girl forcing you to wear her pink panties," he said shooting a look at Dean, who was suddenly very interested in drinking his own hot chocolate. "However, there are no long term consequences."

Sam and Bobby paled at the mention of circumcision and shifted uncomfortably, so much so that they didn't notice the flush in Dean's face when Gabriel mentioned being forced to wear panties. Bobby eventually broke the silence. Glancing down at Tillie he said, "So what, then, she ain't from around here? And saying her name caused it to be seared into Cas' brain?"

"And the wise old hunter gets it in one," Gabriel said with a smirk.

"Who you calling old, boy?" Bobby said. "Seems to me, you got at least a couple thousand years on me."

Gabriel laughed. "You know, you're not so bad when you're not trying to kill me." He paused for a moment. "Cas should be fine in a few moments, but that isn't our biggest problem. If Sam said her name out loud, then her name has been seared into all angels' brains, not just Castiel's. I don't doubt it had the same effect on all of them. It must not have affected me because I already knew…that, and I was in between worlds when you said her name. But all my brothers and sisters know there is a new prophet in town. I'm sure some of them will come poking around given their track record. I was hoping to give Tillie a break from the freak show for a bit, but I'm not sure that will happen now."

"Yeah, especially with the war Cas is fighting against Raphael in Heaven," Dean said. "They won't want a prophet anywhere around him or us."

"Cas is fighting a war against Raphael? Since when?" Gabriel asked, dumbfounded. As they were speaking, Castiel began to rouse. "Hey, Bro, glad to see you could join the rest of the class. Your fanboy here was just filling me in on your spat with Raphie"

"It is much more than a spat, Gabriel," Castiel pointed out, as he ran his hand over his face and rubbed his eyes. "Raphael is determined to try and restart the Apocalypse himself, even with Michael and Lucifer in the cage."

"You're hanging out with a prophet and you don't know this?" Dean mocked. "Where have you been and how did you come back from the dead?"

"I was never really dead. Dad just kept me hidden in another dimension for awhile. He must have sent me home when he thought you needed my help. Of course, when don't you two chuckleheads need my help?"

"What you call help would leave less resilient people in a mental institution," Sam observed.

"It's a good thing I like you guys then, huh?" Gabriel said, flashing them a grin. "You wouldn't want to be on my bad side now would you?"

Dean groaned inwardly. "Fine, you were in another dimension. It still doesn't explain why your prophet here didn't clue you into what was going on over in our world."

"I didn't figure out she was a prophet until yesterday…or yesterday in the world we were in. Inter-dimensional travel causes a bitch of a jet lag, let me tell you," Gabriel snorted. As much as she needed the rest, he now almost wished she was awake. He was tempted to toss Dean out in the snow again already. He had a feeling she would be a bit more patient than he was with the explanations. "Anyway, since then, it has been a whirlwind of events that might be a normal day for a Winchester, but for someone like Tillie, it was a tad overwhelming. So she never got the chance to fill me in on everything."

Sam sighed. "Is she going to be okay? I mean, how did she die?"

"Do you doubt my resurrection skills, kiddo? Of course she is going to be alright," Gabriel boasted. However, secretly, even he was beginning to worry. Rest was good, but she should be showing signs of stirring by now. "Well despite the fact that she gave Luci himself a run for his money, it was an aneurysm that did her in. Her death provided the distraction I needed to escape her world, and in return, I brought her here to give her another chance at life."

"Wait a darn minute," Bobby groused, "Lucifer is out of the cage?"

"Naw," Gabriel shrugged. "Her world has their very own version of my scamp of a brother, along with a few other familiar faces."

"So you were in another dimension this entire time. Your return and her presence would explain the disturbance I felt," Castiel said.

"Yep, my grand entrance created the ripple in the Force you felt," Gabriel said slapping Castiel on the back. "How's the ole brain feeling? Recovering from that searing?"

"It was…uncomfortable, but I will be fine. However, her presence is cause for concern. It will not go unnoticed by Raphael."

"Yeah, Cas," Sam said. "We already covered that. The question is, what are we going to do about it?"


Tillie was dreaming. It had to be a dream, right? She was somewhere, where everything was white, and she was drinking a beer with Chuck. But then she felt someone tugging at her. Tugging hard.

When she awoke, wherever she was now, it was warm and she was lying down. It wasn't on a bed. It felt more like a well worn couch. But she still felt the tugging. Whoever was pulling on her wanted her to rest, so she drifted back off to sleep.

But it didn't last. Once again, she was yanked out her of sleep, this time because someone wished she was there to help them explain something. As she more fully awakened, she didn't open her eyes. She lay there on the couch. Because the last thing she truly remembered was Lucifer lunging for her, before her head exploded in massive pain. She thought it would be wise to play dead in case Lucifer and Meg were still around.

But her head no longer hurt, and she didn't hear Lucifer, or the sounds of any scuffle around her. What she did hear was Gabriel. And she was pretty sure it was her Gabriel, the one who had been living at her group home.

"Do you doubt my resurrection skills, kiddo? Of course she is going to be alright," Gabriel boasted.

Resurrection skills, she wondered. Had she died? And there it was, that tugging, that pulling again. Someone was worried about her not waking up yet. And she not only knew it was Gabriel, but she felt him. Felt him, because he had his powers back. She wondered if it must be because he was from a different dimension that she felt the power coming off of him. She never felt this from the angels from her world. Maybe it was because he was contained in a vessel and they were not.

"It was…uncomfortable, but I will be fine. However, her presence is cause for concern. It will not go unnoticed by Raphael."

"Yeah, Cas," Sam said. "We already covered that. The question is, what are we going to do about it?"

She knew both of those voices, too. It would be a travesty to watch Supernatural for six years not to recognize those voices. That was Castiel and Sam. Could she be? No, she couldn't be. She sat up on the couch and rubbed the heels of her hands in her eyes. She felt someone sit down next to her and reach for her hand.

"Tillie, how are you feeling?" Gabriel asked the concern in his voice evident.

"Okay, I guess," she answered, as she opened her eyes, only to be confused at what she saw, or rather, by what she didn't see. "I'm a little fuzzy on the details of where I am and how I got here, though. And did the power go out or something? Why else would we all be sitting around in the dark?"