Pairing: Paul/Emmett

Genre: OCC, Angst, Violence

Summary: Paul has a secret. He has imprinted, and nothing in the world could seem worse to him, except, maybe, for the pack finding out. Will he be able to escape and be with the one person in the world that has captured his heart and soul or will they be destroyed? Slash.

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A/N: Thank you to BbEyedGirl for being my wonderful beta on this story. This story was originally written for the Quickie Contest with a 500 word limit. I am keeping as close as I can to the 500 word limit with each of my remaining chapters. Enjoy!


Knowing we were out of time, I rushed through the woods to him. I had always felt that imprinting would be a nightmare, a curse. At first, I thought it was and I tried so hard to resist him, but I didn't have the strength to stay away. Of all the people in the world I could have imprinted on, it had to be a leech. That was how I thought of his kind, blood sucking leeches, all of them, except for him. I knew that it didn't make sense, but nothing made sense to me anymore. He had become the center of my universe. Everything I was and will ever be belongs to him.

Hiding this from the pack was difficult. Sam and the rest of the surviving members of the Quileute pack did not have a clue until this morning. It was a stupid mental slip in my thoughts and Sam heard it. I had not seen him in days, and I could not contain my agitation at being separated. The stress and anxiety finally won and in a moment of weakness my secret was revealed to Sam. Concentrating on escaping and racing to him, I chose to block the packs thoughts. I knew they were attempting to contact me and were at this very moment tracking me. My only hope was to make it to him before I was caught.

After the disastrous battle with the newborn army, we lost Jacob, Leah and Quil. The Cullens had lost Rosalie and Esme. The backlash from the battle we narrowly won was the dissolution of the treaty with the Cullens. Afterward, they moved up to Seattle to mourn and distance themselves from us. What everyone hadn't known, not even my imprint himself, was that I had already imprinted on him months before. The distance proved to be unbearable for me and I had gone to him.

Racing through the dense forest undercover, I came across his trail and followed it. As I closed in on him, my heart started to race and the nervous butterflies invaded my stomach. It was like this every time we met. I couldn't get enough of him.

His scent became stronger, and I knew he was close. Hearing me approach he was waiting with open arms. Phasing and rushing to him, he enveloped me in his strong arms and crushed me to him.

"Paul," he murmured as he buried his nose in my hair and breathed deeply. "Are you okay? What's going on?"

"I screwed up. The pack knows about us. They're on their way. We have little time." I spoke quickly.

"Alright, let's go. I have a boat ready in Seattle. No one will be able to track us." He replied releasing me.

At that moment, the pack burst through the trees and rushed us. My last vision before losing consciousness was Sam and Jared taking him down.

As my world collapsed, I screamed out to him, "Emmett!" And everything faded to black.