Title: Sphinx

Author: Sybil Rowan

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Nagi is upset when Crawford tells him Tot isn't what she seems.

Author's Notes: My first entry in a fic-tic-tac-toe with WingedPanther73. Our focus is Schwarz and Screient (go figure) and mythology prompts.

Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz, its names and characters belong to Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, Marine Entertainment and Animate Film.

Beta Reader: My awesome husband WingedPanther73!

Word Count = 656

April 10, 2011, 08:03pm

Nagi glared up at Crawford. The clairvoyant didn't bother sparing a glance at the disgruntled teenage boy. Instead he drove them back towards Schwarz's high-rise apartment and away from Masafumi Takatori's mansion. He had wanted Crawford to say something, anything, but the man refused to explain why he went back on his deal to let him take Tot to the movies.

He knew Crawford never felt as if he owed an explanation to anyone, but he had hoped for one anyway. He had asked Crawford why he'd come to ruin the date with Tot before they had gotten into the car, but the clairvoyant gave the vague murmur of, "Things will be beyond your control."

That was supposed to satisfy any arguments on Nagi's part, and in Nagi's past, he would have been more accepting of Crawford's taciturn order, but not now that he came to realize his own power. He was tacking around in his mind, deciding the best way to approach Crawford. The car suddenly veered off to a side street and Crawford parked in a secluded area where the street lamps couldn't quite touch the night.

Crawford turned towards Nagi, placing his arm on the back of Nagi's seat. The gleam off his glasses was the only thing grabbing Nagi's attention. He leaned slightly forward and said softly, "Women are a riddle. Tot is no different, and she'll be treacherous. You'd suffer a fate typical of all young men who misjudge young girls and their mystery. They're eaten by this ravenous monster that is female. She's a malevolent guardian, guarding Masafumi's secrets. She'll beguile you, trick you, gobble you up, and leave you feeling dead inside."

Denials died on Nagi's tongue. Tot's curious questions about Crawford were a tad too pointed and not exactly as innocent as she had tried to play off. He had refused to provide her direct answers about the extent of Crawford's Talent, but his new feelings refused to give a firm defense against her surreptitious probing. There was a tiny part of him that was glad when Crawford showed up and ended the formal date abruptly.

Nagi looked up to Crawford's shadowed face and whispered, "What do I do? Break up with her?"

"No," he answered dryly. "I want you to start feeding her a story. I want you to start feeding Tot information about me, wild tales that'll scare them off from attacking me. I'll also want you to watch Schreient in the future."

"Attacking you?" Nagi felt a flare of bright, hot anger at the idea of anyone harming the person who had rescued him from a life of abuse, and he directed it at the three elder Schreient and Masafumi. He still wasn't ready to let go of the sweet promise of young romance with Tot. He started making mental excuses for her when Crawford started chuckling.

"Yes. Tomorrow Schreient has plans to assassinate me. Tot sees it as a way to 'free you from my bad influences,' or that's what Hell has told her."

"Okay, but is there another way than lying to her? She's the one under bad influences. You just said that Hell is trying to influencing her."

Crawford's grin was suddenly visible; it was crafty and full of malice. "My other choice would be to send Farfarello and Schuldig to remove Schreient as a thorn in Schwarz's foot. This spares your girlfriend's life..." Crawford turned to drive again, and pulled out into the street smoothly. "...at least for now."