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Chapter 7

Sue looked out the window as she heard a car approaching, watching it park outside the house. The engine turned off and then she smiled as a very familiar young man emerged from the passenger side.

"Sam!" A voice yelled and Sam turned to catch the boy, spinning around with him.

"Hey Seth." Sam put him down and Seth stumbled slightly.

"I missed you!" Seth grinned and then paused as Dean got out as well, moving closer to Sam.

"Seth I'd like you to meet my big brother, Dean. Dean this is Seth Clearwater." He introduced them and Seth stared at Dean in awe, Sam had told him a lot about his great big brother.

Dean grinned at the teen. "Hey kid." Seth hesitated but then darted in to hug him and Dean blinked before ruffling his hair.

"Sam!" A female voice called and Sam smiled at seeing Sue approaching from the house. He walked quickly towards her and then hugged her.

"I've missed you Aunt Sue." He whispered as she hugged him back tightly.

"Well then you should come around more often. Now introduce me to your brother." She ordered and Sam laughed.

"Yes ma'am. Dean this is Sue Clearwater, Sue this is Dean." Sam introduced them nervously, wanting them to get along; they were all family after all.

Sue stared at the older Winchester boy, he looked even less likely to share an ancestor with them and yet he did. Could they end up with another wolf since the Cold Ones were back and the gene had surfaced in Sam already? He was shorter than his younger brother and a lot more wary which didn't seem possible. "It's wonderful to meet you Dean, Sam has told us a lot about you." She smiled and offered him her hand.

Dean hesitated and then shook her hand. "He's told me about you too. It's nice to meet you."

"Come on inside boys, you'll have to share the room you used before Sam."

"That's fine." Sam told her, grabbing his bag and tossing Dean his. Dean looked around the house as they walked upstairs and into the guestroom. Sharing the bed was no problem since they tended to share these days anyway.

"They seem nice."

"They are, they're family Dean. You'll watch over Seth and Leah while I'm with the Elders for the meeting?"


"Dean you're not coming, I'll be in wolf form anyway so they can't id me. Getting that close…it could trigger this in you."

"And you don't want that?" Dean asked softly and Sam sighed, sitting on the bed beside his brother and leaning against him.

"I know you don't want it. It's bad enough wondering what Dad'll do if he finds out about me but both of us?"

"He won't do a thing, I won't let him." Dean swore and Sam smiled at him, he knew Dean wouldn't let anything happen to him. "So when's the meeting?"

"No clue. Harry will probably tell me when he gets home." Sam answered, moving to curl up on the bed. Dean smiled and lay down beside him.

"You missed this place huh?"

"Yeah…." Sam whispered and Dean pulled him into a hug.

When Harry popped his head in a few hours later he had to smile at the sight of Sam curled into the shorter male, both sound asleep. Watching them he understood why Sam had asked about Imprinting while sounding rather panicked. How had he ended up Imprinting on his own brother?

Sam shifted slightly, leaning against Harry who moved his hand to scratch him behind his ear, knowing Sam enjoyed having that spot scratched. He made a soft sound of pleasure and Billy chuckled from where he sat on Sam's other side. "Just an overgrown puppy aren't you?" He teased and Sam turned his head towards him only to lick him, causing the others to laugh and relax a little. But they all tensed when Sam suddenly stood and growled, hackles raised. Eight figures suddenly appeared in the clearing, eight incredibly pale and yet stunning beings that to Sam smelt rather bad. He stared at them and then felt a flash of confusion; their eyes were so different to the one that had caused him to shift.

Carlisle was surprised to see the large wolf with the elders, he had thought they had all died out but there was only one and while it….he had growled he had otherwise shown no aggression to them at all. If anything he thought the wolf seemed puzzled by them. They talked through the treat, reaffirming it, the wolf never taking its eyes from them or moving from beside the most vulnerable person, Billy Black. Once it was down they all left and the wolf slowly backed away with them but then stopped at the tree line while the others continued. He whined at them and then vanished behind a tree for a few seconds before a young man moved into view wearing only a pair of torn shorts. He wasn't what Carlisle was expecting at all, he looked nothing like the Quileute and yet he was a wolf.

"Hello." He greeted them and Carlisle smiled, nodding in greeting. He knew if the young man had meant harm he would not have changed back, besides Edward, Jasper or Alice would have warned him. "You're different." He stated and Carlisle frowned.


"From the other one I saw." He leant against the tree, hazel eyes studying them.

"You met another of our kind?" Edward asked and the young man looked at him, nodding.

"How do you think I ended up like this? He attacked me, would have killed me except I shifted and ripped him apart."

"There have been vampires passing through here?" Carlisle asked and got a head shake in reply.

"Stanford over a year ago. Oh, um…I'm Sam."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Sam. As for our difference to the other, I assume you mean our eye colour?" Carlisle asked and Sam nodded. "That is due to the fact we only feed from animals. Human blood is what gives the eyes their red colour."

Sam nodded, that made sense. "So why the hostility? You don't eat people, why does the Tribe distrust you so?"

"You don't?" Emmet asked and Sam shrugged.

"No offence but you don't smell the best but you also don't feel like a threat." He admitted, as a hunter he trusted his instincts and his instincts were telling him that while they could be dangerous they were not a threat to humans.

Emmet laughed. "You don't smell like roses either wolf boy." His taunt had the others tensing in case the young man took it the wrong way but he just grinned, flashing dimples. They relaxed at that, sure they outnumbered the young wolf but they didn't want to fight and have to leave Forks.

Sam bit his lip and then dug around his pockets. "Got paper or something?" He asked and Alice tossed him her phone. He blinked but then opened it and input something before walking towards her, holding it out instead of tossing it back. Moving so close showed a large amount of trust. "I uh….don't live here. I put my number in for emergencies."

"Thank you." Carlisle told him and Sam shrugged.

"I better go, my brother's got to be going nuts with the others back but not me. Uh…nice to meet you." He moved away.

"Wait!" Alice called out and he paused while she got out some paper to scribble something on before darting over to give it to him. "Carlisle's number in case. He's a doctor if you ever need help." She explained and Sam's eyes widened. He looked at the doctor who nodded, knowing Sam would heal too fast to ever risk a hospital even if badly injured.

"Thanks." Sam gave a small smile before slipping behind the tree. A few seconds later the wolf emerged, the shorts tied around his leg. He looked at them before running back towards La Push.

Dean watched as Seth and his friends played a game of football in the yard, trying not to fidget nervously. Where the hell was Sammy? Everyone else was back from the meeting except his baby brother. Hearing a rustle he tensed and turned only to relax as Sam emerged from the bushes, dressed only in a pair of ragged shorts. Dean smiled in relief at seeing him back and unharmed.