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Chapter 8

Dean watched as Sam and Seth tossed the football. It was weird being here, seeing Sam with them, his little brother was so relaxed here. Was it because this was what he had always wanted? Dean tensed slightly as someone sat beside him, glancing over to see Harry Clearwater watching the two play as well. "Why aren't you out with them?"

Dean just shook his head, football wasn't his thing and he enjoyed watching them more. "I've never seen Sam so happy and carefree." He finally admitted.

"Neither have we." Harry agreed and Dean turned to look at him with wide eyes. "When he first came here he was so jumpy we kept the kids away. He barely spoke and it was a fight to get him to tell us anything. But since meeting up with you again he's changed for the better."

"Me?" Dean didn't believe it.

"And not just because he imprinted on you. He was terrified of contacting you, worried you wouldn't want to be his brother anymore."

"I could never…..he's Sammy, my baby brother."

"And he knows that now." Harry told him and Dean just stared at Sam who glanced over and then frowned in confusion at the look on Dean's face before Seth tackled him and he went back to their game.

Dean put the last bag in the car and looked around. For the first time in his life he felt hesitant to leave a place, despite knowing they could come back anytime. The backseat had a cooler of food for the road provided by Sue. Seth and even Leah were hanging around, looking a bit down and he felt bad about taking Sam away from them. "Ready Sam?"

"Almost, just need to do one thing. I'll be back in half an hour tops." Sam answered and Dean knew he was going to change since he was dressed in just shorts. Sam had always preferred wearing more covering clothes, trying to disguise his height and things but now he didn't seem to care and it was obvious being a wolf was very good for him. Since when had Sammy had all those muscles? It wasn't fair. Sam grinned at him and then moved into the trees. Dean squinted and just managed to make out the form of a wolf running deeper into the woods.

Sam ran easily through the trees, following the faded scent of the vampires to a large home. He paused in the tree line and then walked out on two bare feet. He looked up at the house and took a deep breath, ignoring the stench as best he could as he walked towards the front door. It opened before he got there to reveal the small female vampire. "Hello Sam." She greeted with a small smile and Sam smiled back.

"Hi. I uh…just came to say goodbye. We're heading back out on the road. Not sure when we'll be back."

"Carlisle's out hunting at the moment but I'll let him know. It was nice to meet you Sam."

"You too." He smiled at her again and then headed back into the trees. Alice watched him go; he was different to the wolves Carlisle had mentioned from the first treaty.

"DEAN!" Sam screamed as his brother went flying, slamming into a tree hard enough that Sam heard something crack. He snarled in rage and lunged for the wendigo, the wolf bursting forth mid-air. Powerful jaws locked around flesh and bone, ripping and tearing. He ripped it apart with teeth and claws until all that was left was scattered flesh before turning back to Dean, nosing him gently but getting no reaction. He changed back, kneeling naked beside Dean as he reached out to gently to touch his unmoving brother. Sam gathered what he could of his clothes and then lifted Dean, thankful for the greater strength he had gained, as he carried him back to the car. Once there he dialled a number he never had before.

"Dr. Cullen."

"Doctor this is Sam. I….it's my brother, he was thrown into a tree and he won't wake up. Nearest hospital is over two hours away. Please…I don't know what to do."

Carlisle was shocked the young wolf had called but under the circumstances he probably felt he had no other choice. So he took a deep unneeded breath and began going over the steps Sam needed to take to see what was wrong with his brother even as he packed his bag. "Sam where are you?"

Sam hesitated. "Will you coming cause him to become like me?"

"A short time with just me and no danger hopefully won't. But is that worth his life even if it will?" He asked and heard Sam sigh before telling him where they were and Carlisle took off. He arrived to find a small camp with Sam kneeling beside a fire and a sleeping bag with someone lying on top. Sam tensed and spun, crouched protectively over the other person before recognising Carlisle and straightening up. The vampire nodded and moved closer, getting his first look at Sam's brother. On the surface they didn't look much alike but he could see the family connections in the shape of their cheekbones and other small things like that. He knelt down and went to work. He only hoped he could help the young man before him, he didn't want to deal with a grief stricken wolf on his own.

Dean groaned, fighting to open his eyes but it was too much effort and he gave up, slipping back towards unconsciousness. "Dean? Dean please wake up." That soft, terrified plea had him fighting again and eventually his eyes opened to see a blurry Sam leaning over him. "Dean! Carlisle he's awake!" Sam called and Dean just stared at him dazedly. Who?

Carlisle appeared at Dean's side and quickly checked him over, Dean flinching slightly from his cold touch. "It's alright, I'm a doctor." He murmured to the still dazed hunter.

"It's okay Dean, Carlisle's here to help." Sam agreed, taking Dean's hand gently.


"Don't try to talk Dean, you were badly injured." Carlisle warned him before holding a straw to his lips so Dean could drink. Dean drink eagerly, his mouth and throat totally dry. Carlisle eventually removed the straw and began gently checking him over. Dean looked over at Sam blearily moving his arm and Sam took his hand, squeezing gently.

"It's okay Dean, you're going to be fine." Sam murmured even as Dean drifted off to sleep. "Carlisle?"

"He's healing well and out of danger." The vampire assured him, seeing the wolf slump in relief. "I'd still wait a while before attempting to move him out of here though. Since he's doing so well I'll withdraw but stay in hearing range if anything happens. That should help lower the chance of his shifting."

"Thank you Doctor."

"I think you can call me Carlisle by now Sam. You should get some rest too." He offered and Sam nodded, lying down beside Dean so he would know if Dean needed anything. Carlisle took off to hunt and call his family to assure them he was fine. He knew Esme would be worried.

It was a week before Carlisle gave the okay for Dean to be taken back to the Impala and the vampire watched as Sam gently cradled his brother in his arms, holding him as gently as possible. He had given Sam some prescriptions to have filled in order to help Dean finish healing and now he walked beside them, guarding them, as they made their way out of the forest. He opened the back door of the car while Sam gently settled his brother in and covered him with a blanket. "Thanks for everything Carlisle. If you need anything….."

"It was my pleasure Sam. Take care of your brother and yourself."

"I will." They shook hands and then the vampire was gone.