It's JKR's world, I just play in it.

This will be a short (5 chapters or less) SLASH FIC. Some angst, some smut, a lot of reminiscing.

Lucius/Severus. Rated R.


Snape slammed his book shut, and sat up in his chair, removing his foot from its resting place on the edge of his desk.

"Goddamn it Minerva! Can't you ever knock?!" he shouted at the woman who had just transfigured herself from a cat.

"I wanted to talk to you."

"That," he said, practically hissing at her, "is obvious. However, you seem incapable of grasping the possibility that perhaps I don't want to talk to you."

"I think you should talk to him," she said very quietly.

"This is not your concern Minerva."

"Severus," she said, almost pleadingly.

"I said no!" and he banged his open hand on the table for emphasis.

Minerva, for her part, was obviously startled, but she drew herself up, and said both as quietly and as menacingly as she could. "Severus Snape, I have not interfered in your personal life once in the nearly thirty years since we last discussed it, but I have not forgotten your face that evening. Please go talk to him."

"Why Minerva? Why is it so important to you?"

"Because by this time tomorrow you could well be dead, and if you're not, he'll be in Azkaban. Say goodbye at least. My gods."

Snape was silent a very long time. When he finally spoke, she was shocked at how much his eyes reminded her of that night. "Did it not occur to you, that perhaps this is more than I can bear?"

Minerva looked at the floor. She did not raise her head to look at him when she spoke. "You're a very strong man, Mr. Snape, but I know you, and I do know that all of this has in fact been more than you can bear." She glanced up at him, only briefly then. "Will you come?" she asked, holding out her hand.

With a sigh, Severus rose from his chair and gestured to the door. As he locked it, as Minerva waited nervously and quietly beside him, she whispered, "Thank you."

He merely scowled at her in response.

"Lucius?" Severus said hoarsely, as he stepped into the small guestroom serving as the man's cell.

Lucius Malfoy sat at a small desk, staring out the window, his features lit by a single candle, his skin aflame like the fallen angel he had always been and would always be. Severus watched what he could see of his profile closely, noted the tenseness of the muscles as the man registered his presence, and as he had for so many years now, calculated how to respond.

The man at the window sighed, and Severus took it as permission. "Do you mind the visit?"

"No," he said finally, without turning. "I'd rather thought you'd turn up."

"McGonogall badgered me into it."

"She still hasn't recovered from the sight of us?"

"So it would seem."

Lucius let out a harsh laugh and turned to face the man who had always been both his friend and his enemy.

Severus smiled then, in a warm, strange, young way, while mentally chiding himself for the timing. "Why did you have to go and get caught?"

Lucius shrugged, palms facing the ceiling as if looking for answers to be delivered by a god he claimed not to believe in. "Dumb luck."

"You shouldn't be here."

"Where should I be, Severus?"

He gestured towards the window. "Out there. Fighting, with us, tomorrow."

"Don't you mean against you?"

It was Severus' turn to shrug then.

"Is this not the ending you imagined for me?"

Severus nodded.

"Am I to be looking out for your pleasure 'til the last then?"

The potions master chuckled darkly and looked away.

"Since this will all be over soon, do you want to finally tell me what the hell McGonogall said to you that day?"

"When did you become my confessor, Lucius?"

"I have always been your confessor," he said softly, and Severus shuddered.

Lucius chuckled, and for a moment, Snape was lost in their school days again.