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In dimension gurren laggan

(A/N: it is still the night coop and friends arrived just to clear that up)

As the moon shined brightly coop was driving megas to drop off the last load of weapons when suddenly megas began to slow down.

Coop exclaimed "I AM OUT OF GAS!" all awoke from their slumber and ran to megas.

"Coop chill out we have gas on our planet" Yoko stated.

"Hold that thought" kiva ran into megas and began to type on her key board "oh no"

"Kiva please tell me you did not just say oh no." coop pleaded

Kiva with a deathly tone replied "there is not enough fuel to keep megas running for long."

"No kiva you have to figure something out" as coop began to weep kiva looked over to laggan and said "what fuels this mecha Yoko."

"Battle spirit" Yoko replied.

"What do you mean? And how on earth dose this work?" asked kiva.

"Well kiva I will explain, hey Simon and Kamina get over here and bring laggan."

"Ok" Simon and Kamina answered.

Then Yoko pointed her sniper rifle at Simon's head and shot right above it the bullet grazed his hair but Simon was freaking out.

"AH why did u do that yoko are you going to the evil side now" Simon then began to worry and cry and laggan stopped and was not moving an inch kiva was amazed to see this then Kamina hit Simon across the face

"Get a grip little bro she just saved your life!" kamina made Simon look be hind him and they saw Yoko's bullet had shot a big piece of metal in half that was about to fall on them.

Simon now tearing with joy "thanks yoko" laggan sprang to life and was running full sprint to yoko and stopped right before her Simon gave her a hug but unknown to him his face was right in-between her chest when he realized this his whole face turned red and he looked down and stopped his hug but then he replied "we owe you our lives yoko."

Yoko brought his face up and kissed Simons forehead and he began to sweat and he passed out.

Kamina and Yoko laughed and kiva was there speechless as to what she just saw

"hey can you guys bring me to the scrap pile" simon woke up and nodded yes so kiva, yoko, kamina and simon all went into laggan to go to the junk pile.

When they got there Yoko spotted the part "over there" laggan jumped and landed in front of the part "amazing" kiva answered "lets go to megas." Laggan jumped and landed on megas' shoulder coop stopped crying and asked "well what do you got there kiva"

"It's the answer to your gas problem" as kiva brought this mysterious part down to megas' fueling system every one followed except for goat and Jamie who were asleep.

"So what is that kiva?" coop asked

"It's a battle spirit modulator" kiva answered as coop was about to ask he perished the thought and trusted kiva, and kiva spoke "this will take me all night but now megas will run on your will coop."

"Rock on, man I wonder how t-bot and s-force did on their first day"

In coops home dimension

(A/N: this is the day coop left right after he made the call to his palls lets see how thing went on their first day. Oh and so you guys know The s-force pilots are Mac, Argo, Jax, Sloen, and Duchess)

T-bot was on earth first "Hmmm T-bot hear no sign of others me take nap."

He lay down on his back and slept. About 30 minutes later s-force arrived

"S-force has arrived" they all exclaimed

All who heard them stopped…then went about their business

"Hey wasn't there supposed to be some one else here?" asked Mac

From out of no were a fist punched S-force (turns out they were standing on top of t-bot)

"Hmmm I pity the bot that woke me up." (A/N again your welcome xerosonic and if any one else wants something funny email me at now back to the story)

"Alright evil doer we shall destroy you" s-force replied

A fight then ensued

"T-bot wins no matter what"

"S-force shall dominate"

They both stopped "wait your T-bot"

"Hmmm last time I checked yeah and you fools are s-force"

"Yeap" Sloen replied

They laughed and then they saw some sort of ship

On the glorft mother ship

"War master gorath repairs are done to the umd and as an added bonus we made it rapid fire and single shot"

"Good work commander I may forgive all you errors if it works "

"Thank you sir, all units to earth"

As the glorft got closer to earth

"S-force we must stop the glorft before they get in to range, t-bot you stay here" Mac commanded

"T-bot don't take commands from you"

They both flew to the glorft mother ship fighting each other like school children for leader ship when the arrived to the glorft mother ship

"Sir there are two mechs approaching" said a random glorft

"Patch me to their com units lets see who they are" gorath commanded

Both t-bots and s-force's communications were hacked and gorath said "feeble creatures identify yourselves."

"We are the s-force protectors of all galaxies, we came here to stop any evil doers from harming earth" (their speech goes on for 20 min) "and we will be victorious"

The glorft and t-bot were asleep and woke when the s-forces intro was done

"Thank the stars they shut up now who are you?" gorath asked

"Me T-bot I shall mash, bash and crash you into paste"

"Well I like this one better his intro was short and to the point, any way we the glorft shall now destroy you."

The battle ensued 1000 glorft mechs appeared and the fight began but did not last long s-force and t-bot refused to work as a team so they lost

"Hmmm t-bot is losing how fools in tights doin?"

"About the same t-bot I hate to say this but we can't fight much longer."

"Ha-ha foolish creatures the monkey man could do better with 2 hands behind his back and blindfolded"

The glorft now took aim at earth and the UMD was charging

"T-bot think we need to work together"

"Agreed, so what's the plan?"

T-bot thought for a second then whispered something to s-force

"Good idea t-bot"

So they sprung into action s-force charged their particle distortion cannon and t-bot charged his fist they both fired and the combination made a flaming fist the size of the earth.

"What is that?" gorath angrily questioned

"We don't k…" before the commander could say the rest the fist collided with them and destroyed the UMD for good

"No commander, take us to null space and once there I will have your jorblocks on a silver platter!"

The commander gulped in fear and brought the Jericho into null space.

"Yes we did it" both t-bot and s-force celebrated on their first win but how long can they hold out find out next time on the adventures of megas xlr.

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