Part 3: preview, explanation in notes.

"Are you alright?" Danny asked, coming to stand beside Robin.

Night had fallen over Jump City, the cities lights casting ripples across the dark waters of the ocean.

"No. I'm worried. Cyborg is wanting to lead a team for all the wrong reasons." Robin stated, his hands tightening from where they were crossed over his chest. Beside him, Danny took a deep breath, letting it out in a long sigh. His reflection in the glass was as hidden as Robin's own.

"He may be better for this, Robin. People need change."

"But at the expense of our team?" Robin challenged, turning to Danny.

The halfa met his eyes and gave a brief smile. Both were becoming shrouded in darkness. Robin felt as if he were being forgotten.

"Cyborg leaving will only harm us if you can't be a leader and work with him. Instead of hindering him." Danny answered, calmly. He reached out and put his hand on Robin's shoulder, giving a moment of comfort before brushing past to head for the living room doors, back to his bedroom.

"Danny," Robin softly called.

He halted a few feet away from the exit. The doors gave the barest of swishes as they opened.


"Thanks for the advice." Robin said.

Danny couldn't see any shape of his friend from what little light reached the Tower, but his aura shown with sincerity.

"No problem." He answered before walking out and heading to his room for sleep. Tomorrow would be the first training session without a friend.

Cyborg gazed into the eyes of each and every one of his teammates, and knew he'd failed them.

Hopeless, he strained against the metal bonds which kept him strapped to the upright examination table.

"Please, you don't want to do this. Don't let Brother Blood do this to you." He begged. But it fell on uncomprehending ears.

As the gathering room was sealed off per lock down procedures— Aqualad, Bumblebee, Speedy, and Más & Menos approached him with jewel red eyes— Cyborg was about to get all of them killed.

He had failed.

As a Titan.

As a friend.

As a leader.

He had failed, and it was over.

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