To Catch A Falling Star

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I changed it a bit, as you see in chapter 1, so Mikan (Yukihira)'s the supermodel (and her real self), and Miyuki Sakura is the disguise she's wearing (i.e. it's gonna be the opposite way round). Sorry guys for the sudden change, but I realised that it would be easier this way as the story continues, so I also edited the first chapter, for you guys who read the old one... GOMENASAI! *bows 100 times*

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Chapter 2

Mikan's POV

Here they come... Oh no what shall I do...? What if Hota-chan or Ruka-pyon recognises me..?

Character Description

Hotaru Imai- Heiress to Imai Electronics, also Mikan's childhood friend. Known worldwide for her blackmailing. Referred to as 'Ice Princess' for her cold personality.

Ruka Nogi- Mikan's cousin. Heir to his mother's fashion company- Nogi Style. Referred to as Ruka-pyon by Mikan. Also 2nd hottest and most wanted guy for his 'Prince Charming' type personality. Also Natsume's best friend.

Natsume Huuga- Heir to Huuga Cooperation's. 2nd in the world after the Yukihira Avenue- the leading company in the world. Voted the hottest and most wanted guy. Has messy raven hair, and liquid crimson eyes. Also known for him famous smirks.

Back to the story

"OK, time for introductions then..hehe!" said Narumi sensei in his weird girly voice.

"Hello. My name's Ruka Nogi. Pleased to meet you," said Ruka-pyon, while all the girls had hearts in their eyes.

"Hotaru Imai. £5 per question."

"Hn," said the raven haired boy. Then all the girls started drooling. Eww.. Hmm.. he seems familiar, I wonder if I have seen him before.. (God Mikan you are so stupid! Of course you have in all the magazines, and newspapers, and don't forget the business parties.)

"Ok, now we need partners for them...Hmm, let's see..!" As soon as sensei said that, everybody raised their hand, well except for me of course. I was trying to hide from them, in case Hotaru or Ruka-pyon recognised me.

"Hmm, let's see. Oh how about Miyuki-chan! Since you don't have a partner you can go with Natsume-kun!" My jaw dropped 30 cm. I can't believe it! Damn Naru.. Oh no, Hotaru and Ruka are staring at me, what should I do? I look up to see both of them giving me the 'I need an explanation look'.

"Also, Hotaru and Ruka can be partners, and they can sit in front of Natsumse and Mikan! Since that's settled, FREE PERIOD!" exclaimed Narumi as he skipped out of the door, yes skipped, while everyone just sweat dropped. (LOL. Btw. They sit in rows of two's.)

Everybody then started glaring at me. What, it's not my fault! It's not like I even want to sit next to/near them...

"Sakura-san! I, Sumire Shouda, the president of the Natsume-Ruka Official Fan club, forbid you to sit next to Natsume-sama!" said seaweed-hair. Oh, so her name is Sumire Shou...ta? What was it again? Shouma..? Oh well, I think Permy is much better suited to her, or even seaweed-hair..(God, Mikan you're so forgetful! She just said it!)

"I agree too, as the co-president!" cackled Luna.

"And me as the vice-president!" a girl named Wakamo said. I think her name was that anyway. But seriously, when did they create a fan club?

"Oh God, shut up, it's not my fault Permy," I replied as I rolled my eyes.


"And don't you forget us, nerd!" shouted Luna and Wakamo, together in syinc. Freaky, huh?

"Whatever Luna and Wakamo."

"My name is WAKATO! Not Wakamo you-"


"You're being too loud. Move out of the way," Hotaru said in her emotionless tone. "Sakura-san, and Nogi-kun. Come with me alone. I have things to discuss with both of you."

We both followed Hotaru out of the class room, while everyone stared at us, and the annoying trio smirked at me, thinking I was in trouble. As if, didn't they hear Hotaru clearly? Discussing things with me...hopefully...!

We went outside, and as soon as we checked that no-body was there...

"HOTARUUU~!" I wailed while flinging myself to her.


"Ouchie! Why did you do that? And we haven't seen each other for ages. And Ruka-pyon, long time no see! Tee hee!"

"I did not just drag you two out of here to waste my time. Now why are you dressed up like that Miyuki Sakura-san?"

"Hee hee, so do you like my new name?" I asked.

"Mikan-chan, seriously, why?" questioned Ruka.

"You too Ruka? Fine, I don't know. To avoid publicity, I guess.. And Uncle didn't mind. Hmfh!" I replied.

"Oh yeah, the headmaster is your uncle.." dazed Ruka.

"Anyway, I'm gonna find it out myself if you won't tell me," demanded Hotaru.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's go back. I bet the rest are all wondering what we're up to!" I laughed as I was starting to skip back.

Back in the class-room.

"Hello Huuga-san! Hope we get along, pleased to meet you," I said as I introduced myself.

"Hn. Just shut up."

What an arrogant jerk! Doesn't he know who I am? (Duh, no. You're in your disguise remember?). If I wasn't in my disguise, I would have kicked him in the 8#5*!

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