Chapter 1

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Five long years have passed since the events of Mass Effect Playa The Pregnant Saga... The Reapers have been defeated thanks to a nifty idea of Shepard using a Custom Made Super Dooper Soda Can thrower that Converted its spare waste into a custom made Makos that given by the sheer number of Reapers Shepard was able to start his own Mako business and today its thriving well. Garrus has become his business partner as well as Joker who on the side runs a transport business for the new school that they set up on Illium Where Miranda in her new job as a School teacher are currently enjoying their lives. As for Shepard and the others... well Ashley got pregnant within 3 weeks of their wedding and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The other women started enjoying their new found lives of mother hood. Now.. its been five years and the kids are getting ready to start their first year of school...

"Mom.. Where are our lunches?" Caleb asked his mother.

Kasumi turned towards her son. She had long ago given up being a thief and decided that raising a child was more challenging than stealing.

"It's almost done. Now be a good boy and go ask auntie Kelly if she'll help me with the cooking." She said to her son.

"Yay.. I get to wake auntie Kelly." He said disappearing in a blur.

She sighed and turned to the twins who had each stolen a biscuit. "Hey! Hands off until everyone's here and the food is done" She threatened while waving a spatula in the air.

"Yes Mam" Both twins said in unison. She thought about the twins for a moment. While unique in their appearance they biologically possessed a more human factor. They were able to eat human food without any difficulty. She turned to the girl "Kessa... make sure you and your brother John wash your hands before eating. Now run off to the bathroom and scrub those paws clean ok." She said smiling down at them.

They nodded and bolted off towards the bathroom nearly knocking over Jack who came in carrying Paul the newest edition to the family and who was only a 13 months old.

Kasumi studied the Biotic. She had changed a lot since that era it seemed. While still covered in tattoo's she had let her hair grow out and down to her shoulders. She was constantly badgered by men when ever they went shopping. She would promptly make them piss in the pants by using her biotics to threaten them.

Jack proceeded to put Paul in a highchair before grabbing a bowl from the cabinet and getting a jar of "Strogs yummy intergalactic tasty cereal" from the cabinet next to it.

"What the hell are you staring at?" Jack asked opening the fridge.

"I'm just still getting used to seeing you with long hair." Kasumi said as she flipped another pancake.

Jack grabbed a jug of orange juice and after popping off the top promptly started to chug it down.

Kasumi made a face "I really wish you wouldn't drink it like that. It spreads germs you know.l" She said turning back to the pan.

Jack finished drinking and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "What's the matter? You scared of catching something from me?" Jack said smiling wickedly at the former Thief.

Kasumi just sighed and put the pancakes in a plate than proceeding to pour another batch into the pan.

"How long before breakfast is done" Jack asked pouring some 0.0001% low fat guaranteed to build muscles milk into the bowl for Paul.

"Well if I can get some help I can finish in about thirty minutes or so" Kasumi said.

"Hope you get some help than" Jack said not taking the hint and proceeded to feed Paul his cereal.

At that moment another blur appeared in the Kitchen.

"Mom! After School can I invite Mr. Skittles to our tea party?" Jack's other child Jacquie asked.

Jack chuckled at the name of her daughters imaginary friend.

Jack smiled at her daughter "Sure sweetheart. Now go wash your hands so you can eat your breakfast like a big girl ok?"

"Yes mommy" The little girl said before tearing off after towards the bathroom.

The blur passed Kelly who came into the kitchen with a yawn.

"I was starting to worry that Caleb had forgotten." Kasumi said as Kelly washed her hands and joined her to help with the cooking.

Kelly popped a fresh container of Asari coffee into the high tech coffee maker and set the timer before turning back to the stove.

Ashley walked in rubbing her eyes and plopped down into a chair.

Kasumi looked towards the former soldier "Emily keeping you up all night again?" The thief asked referring to Ash's and Shepard's second child.

Ashley groaned "Yes... She just won't get on a proper sleep schedule. Hell.. It's been three years and I'm still trying to get used to odd day night thing around here."

Kasumi turned towards Jack "Hey where's Shepard?" She asked glancing at the clock.

Jack yawned before answering "He's still in bed" The Biotic answered getting up and making her way over to the coffee pot.

"And Tali?" Kelly asked.

Jack glanced at them smirking "I got up on the left side and last I saw she was laying on his right." The biotic said while fixing herself a cup of coffee.

"Oh.. I almost forgot. When is the commemoration?" Kasumi asked turning towards Kelly.

"This Saturday at 4" The red head answered while cracking some fresh Golgot eggs.

Ashley started making faces at a Paul who let out a few giggles.

"Where's Jake?" Kelly asked turning towards the former soldier.

Ashley turned towards the red head "He's determined to dress himself. He said he was a big boy now. He's really excited about starting school." Ash said turning back to making faces at Paul.

A little blur shot into the kitchen before skidding to a stop "Mommy.. Caleb won't let me brush my teeth.. and Jake keeps trying to tie my shoe laces together." Rebecca said pouting.

Kelly turned to her daughter. "Let mommy finish helping auntie Kasumi ok. Now go and wait for Caleb to finish than you can brush your teeth. And as for Jake tell him that if he doesn't leave your shoes alone that I'm sending his mommy after him."

Rebecca stood there for a moment with her lip poked out before nodding and heading back down the hallway.

Jack watched the little girl go before turning to Kelly "That's why I've been telling Shepard that we need a third bathroom installed. I mean hell this is a mansion we got more than enough space." The Biotic said.

"I know I know." Kelly said.

"Has anyone heard from Samara and Alexia?" Ashley asked turning to the group.

Everyone was surprised when Samara gave her daughter a human name. Even more surprising was the fact that she retired from being a Justicar and currently traveled to different Asari colonies giving lectures and the code and duty of a Justicar.

"Last I heard their on Thessia for the next week" Kasumi said while putting the pancakes on top of the other ones she had cooked.

Finally both women sighed and wiped their brow.

"Ok We've cooked 3 dozen pancakes, 12 eggs, 15 slices of toast, and 20 slices of bacon. Do you think that's enough?" Kelly asked Kasumi as they grabbed the various plates and set them around the table.

Kasumi chuckled "For the kids yeah"

Both women chuckled and began setting the table. It was at this moment that Tali made her entrance.

She walked in wearing her usual robes.

In the span of five years thanks to the brilliant help of Dr. Mordin Solus Chief of medicine for the council. A great break through was discovered for the Quarian race and thankfully their immune systems were recovering fast. In fact within another five years they will be able to live without suits again. Tali on the other hand having been around and interacting with Shepard on a frequent basis outside her suit and given the fact that she had volunteered to be the first test subject when Mordin put the idea forward her body adapted extremely fast. She still got a cold almost bi-weekly but it was becoming less and less.

Kasumi marveled at the female Quarian. Her long black hair was braided and reached almost to the woman's waist. Her green eyes gave off a glow effect that Kasumi was pretty sure drove their husband crazy at night.

"Good Morning everyone" Tali said making her way over to the cabinet and grabbing a bowl.

"Good morning" The women said in unison.

Tali proceeded to open a jar of "Zag's Mighty Quarian Bran Jelly" before grabbing a couple of slices of "Quarian's Super Awesome Bread" in the process.

After she fixed her plate she joined the others at the table.

"Where's Shepard?" Kelly asked Tali.

"He should be righ" She stopped as the man himself made his appearance.

"Greetings everyone" He said kissing Tali before making his rounds and kissing all his wives minus one.

"Morning honey" They said in unison.

He smiled and sat down.

"So what are you doing today after the kids leave for school?" Ashley asked.

He smiled "Well I promised Grunt that we would hunt lions. Don't ask me why but he said its a challenge. I'll be staying in the hover car while he takes them bare handed."

The women starred at him in horror and amazement before sighing.

"Well if that's what makes Grunt happy" Kasumi said as she fixed another plate and spread it around the table.

"First thing your going to do after breakfast is go with us to take the kids to their first days of school." Jack said giving Shepard a look that made him rear back slightly.

"Yes Dear" He swallowed.

Kasumi had to smile. If there was one woman that could keep Shepard in line it was Jack... though Ash could give her a run for a money to a certain degree.

There was a knock on the door and They all said "Come in" in unison.

The door opened and in walked Garrus with his daughter Gresia.

"Garrus" Shepard said jumping up and enveloping his old friend in a hug.

Garrus chuckled while patting Shepard on the back. It's been a week hasn't it. He said sarcastically.

Shepard winked at him before sitting back down.

Garrus sighed "I swear Shepard I have no clue as to why you of all people settled on this small colony."

Shepard smiled up at his friend "Now Garrus you know the council were adamant about us being around major population centers and all." Shepard said.

Garrus sighed and nodded "Yes Yes... but still you destroyed the Reapers. The last they could have done was let you live on a major planet. Hell even your home world would've been better than this rock."

She shook his head "I kind of like it here. It's small and there's enough people so that we don't get lonely. And the best part is. My wives and children are happy."

The women smiled at him.

"Speaking of which when are we taking the kids on their first trip to the Citadel?" Kasumi asked.

Shepard thought for a moment "Well we can go this Saturday after the Ceremony. Than well just spend a night at a hotel there and head back Sunday afternoon" He said finally.

All of the women nodded their heads.

Kelly turned to Geisa "Are you hungry dear? Want some breakfast?" She asked the little Asari girl.

"Yes mam. Thank you for offering" The little girl said before joining them at the table.

Garrus pulled up a chair and began to talk to Shepard about old times.

As the other children started to pour into the kitchen Kasumi couldn't help but smile.

Their lives were great. Their children were happy and healthy. Things were great.

Suddenly Jacquie's eggs went flying through the air and landed on top of Garrus head causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Garrus sighed and Jack scolded her daughter for using her Biotic's as the twins swiped the rest of the rolls from the plate.

"Who stole all the roles" Jake groaned.

Yep things were great but getting crazier don't you think?...

A/N: Well I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. While this made seem a little different than the norm for the Playa saga I wanted to give a little background and update on the characters. I may do a second chapter which continue the school yard years but I also may plan to skip a head a few years to where the kids are now teenagers and dealing with teenage life. So it's an juggling act right now. Thank you everyone. Till next time... "Keelah Se'lai"