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Also, I'm kind of adapting Hesoid' s Theogeny, just a few details like Chaos and the Primordial gods.

Warning: Like my fellow author Hitomi-chan would say, there's a reason why's this fic's rated M, up until the end. Lots of errors (though I've taken care most of them, this fic's betaless) Slash, Shounen-ai, some OOCness, OC… yeah that's the gist of it.

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Here Comes the Porn Star

Take 1: New Feelings, New Faces; Enter the Porn Star.

Percy's POV:

I stretched my body while inhaling dawn's scent. I was in the porch of my cabin in camp half blood and right now, everybody's still asleep and probably dozing off last night's show.

Yeah, 'show' is the most adequate word for it.

It happened during last night's dinner when some Ares kid, with the lead of Clarisse of course, started to tease and bully Nico once again. She poured boiling water on Nico's back and said something like "wimpy" and "faggot". Calling others by names is a normal thing for Ares-children, but inflicting pain to others, especially to Nico is just an impassable thing for me.

Nico's howls of pain were excruciating to my ears. I don't want to hear it, and I want to make anyone who's responsible for it to pay dearly. Without so much of a second thought I tackled Clarisse, pinning her on the ground with my Riptide dangerously placed on her throat while Michael and Annabeth tended Nico's injuries. Nico's writhing in agony as the hot liquid burns his skin. It took all of my self-control and virtues not to slash her throat right there. Most of the campers were terrified by the sudden turn of events. I stared hard at Clarisse's eyes, boring cold flames in it as I apply more pressure on my blade. Some Aphrodite kids shrieked in horror when they saw a rather thick line of blood dripping from Clarisse's neck. Her eyes were wide and stricken by fear that the only thing she could utter was the phrase "only joking".

A joke? That was a joke? I growled in rage; that's got to be the campers' cue. I saw only red and I was about to send Clarisse off to Hades when a hoard of demigods came to neutralize me. I didn't quite remember what happened after that, I only heard them yelling at me to take control of my powers. Apparently, being the son of Poseidon, I inherited most of my father's maneuvers, including cyclone and tsunami summon…

And that's why most part of the camp became an instant swimming pool…


I looked ahead of my porch to see Chiron walking closer, his face contorted in a disapproving scowl. Oh great now I've got to hear the sermon of the day first thing in the morning. "Chiron, good morning." I said.

"Good morning. How do you feel?" He asked.

"I'm cool, though a little drained. I didn't know that doing that feat will tire me much." I joked, and then I realized that I'm not in the position to joke. "Uh, I'm sorry about last night, about Clarisse."

Chiron sighed and massaged his temple. He let out another sigh before glaring at me. Oh no, not a good sign.

"Percy, you must come to realize the consequences of your actions." He said. "The Gods were disturbed by this display of savageness."

"But Chiron! It was Clarisse's fault! She hurt Nico without hesitation."

"Yes, but I should've dealt with it not you!" Chiron shouted back, his eyes stern and hard. "Ares pleaded to Zeus to expel you in Camp Half-Blood and he agreed to it! Good thing that Poseidon, Hades and majority of the Gods and Goddesses incur Zeus' disapproval of Ares' proposition. Your father pointed out that it was Clarisse's fault and Hades said that he could've done worse and you only did the right thing. Athena also reasoned out that the Camp's magic took hold of you and used you as its means to punish Clarisse."

That caught me off guard. So, the gods saw my actions as a right thing? Chiron said majority, meaning most of them, hell even Hades came in my defense! That went well, I guess and I made a mental note to make offerings for all of them. I sighed with relief before wiping sweat beads off of my face to look at Chiron's stern gaze. "Look. I'm sorry. You're right, it's your jurisdiction not mine."

Chiron's stern face softens a little before giving me a small smile. "It's alright little godling. Now you've learned a lesson for yourself, you need to help in cleaning the area. It's quite a big mess you made."

Upon surveying the damage done, I remembered someone who should be my top priority. With worry taking over me, I jumped off my porch and walked up to Chiron. "Um, how's Nico?" I said.

I don't really understand it but whenever Nico's name was mentioned, I kind of got a feeling that I should listen or like I should be involved and I should care. It's kind of weird really; you don't start caring to a person who had treated you like his worst enemy, although that's in the past. Since Bianca died, I kind of took after her the responsibility to look after Nico, like how a big brother to his younger sibling. What had happened last night was just a solid proof that I started to care for the young son of Hades.

"He's fine, Michael had already healed his injuries and right now he's resting in the medical cabin."

I felt relief that Nico's okay now, though whenever I remember what happened to him I just couldn't contain my anger. That Clarisse, being all unreasonable and… and… oh gods! I wish I won't see her today, I don't know what will I going to do to her.

"Percy, I believe that the weather forecast said it'll be all sunshine today in New York." Chiron said.

I wondered why the weather forecast was mentioned. Does it mean we're going for a trek? "Um, what of it?" I asked. Chiron only smirked before pointing the sky. I looked up and saw that there were angry cyclone clouds gathering up there. "Oh gosh I'm sorry!" I quickly dispersed all anger bubbling inside me and instantly, and clouds dispersed.

Now whether they want to assess my mood, all they have to do to look up. That's a dead giveaway, isn't it?"

"Percy, try to be more responsible with your emotions for it influence the flow of your power. The last thing I would like to happen is to see this camp underwater. Breakfast will be ready." He said before leaving.

"Wait! Chiron, can I see Nico? Like now?"

Chiron halted for a moment before turning back at me. "Alright, bring him his breakfast." He said.

That's great! I thought. "Thanks." I said before turning around to prepare for the day.


Nico's POV

My back feels like hell. I remembered every time I summon a huge pillar of flame to incinerate my enemies. Perhaps this is nothing compared to what they feel but I kind of got an idea how painful that might be. I moved a little and to my dismay, a stinging sensation erupted from my back. Damn that Clarisse! I'll get back at her when I'm all done here!

That's when I remembered what happened. Percy went berserk and had his Riptide on the bastard's neck. The next thing I know before passing out is that someone's yelling "control yourself" and that the camp was flooded.

Talk about hero impulses. I thought. A smile starts to creep into my face when I remember how Percy reacted. It only proves that Percy cares for me, and he will kick anyone's ass for my safety.

My hero.

I giggled when I got a mental image of Percy all clad in Greek armor complete with heavy weapons, but then kind of grimace at the whole picture. I mean, Greek fashion's not bad but that kind of wardrobe's like centuries ago!

If Percy's going to be a hero, he'll be a gorgeous one. I imagined Percy in all black leather pants and motorcycle jacket on top of an inner grey t-shirt, his Riptide resting on his shoulder like how Squall Lionheart would pose in one of the Final Fantasy franchise in PS. There, that's what I call a handsome hero.

One might wonder why am I thinking of my cousin/friend in that way. Being true to myself, I've come to realize that I'm madly infatuated with Percy. It all started when he saved me from that manticore back there in the labyrinth. Also, whenever I miss Bianca or whenever I need someone to cry on, Percy's always been there. He took it to himself to watch over me, probably as a form of retribution for my sister's death. And even though sometimes he treated me like a kid (aside the fact that I'm decades older than him), I don't mind, as long as Percy's willing to give me those smiles of his that I've grown to like.

My broodings were interrupted when someone entered the room. Ah, speak of the devil. There, in his all blue get-up, was Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon. He's with a tray full of foods, probably for me.

"Hey squirt." He called.

"Hello fish boy." I answered while trying to get up. Quote: "TRYING". My back still hurts. Good thing they bandaged me up and they had donned me with one of the medical cabin's billowy shirts.

"Whoa! Hold your horses Nico." He said before placing the tray of food on top of the table by my bed and sitting beside me to give me extra support. His hands wrapped around me to help me sit up, though he's avoiding my back because of my injury. He grabbed a nearby pillow and cushioned my lower back for extra leverage.

"Thanks." I said. Funny, why my cheeks kind of warm, is the A/C off? Did I catch a fever? Percy craned his neck in curiosity, his eyes a little wide and his brows were knitted together. How cute.

"Nico, you're kind of flushed. Are you okay?" He said before placing his hand on my forehead. My cheeks were getting warmer and I'm sure in Hades that I'm blushing right now. He further inspects my temperature by placing his hand on my neck to cup my pulse. Feeling that nothing seems wrong, he lifted his hand to cup my cheek. He ran his thumb on my blushing cheek and I immediately turn away.

"What are you doing you dork?" I said after deciding that the doors getting kind of pretty and that it deserves a fare share of my gaze. Percy snickered before ruffling my hair, to my utter annoyance.

"C'mon Nico, loosen up a bit." He said. Me? Loosen up? I glared at him to point out how will I going to loosen up in this kind of situation.

"Pray tell me how oh mighty son of Poseidon when my back's burned with smoldering water?" I complained theatrically. I immediately regretted saying that because Percy's face fell down, a frown painting his gorgeous face.

Nice one Nico.

"I'm sorry about last night." He said in a hush voice, his eyes still downcast and his hands' intertwining his fingers, a nervous gesture I guess. I scoffed at this, knowing that he doesn't have to apologize for anything since Clarisse is just being a big jerk… or a bigger jerk.

"Percy you don't have to, you know? It's not your fault." I said. "Seriously, you're just too good for yourself and for that I will try to nominate you for a role as one of the Care Bears." Percy laughed a little at this which made me sigh in relief. I maybe a jerk, but I know how to make amend for my stupidities, unlike some Ares-kid losers. "So, thank you for bringing my food in here. Aren't you going to service me, Prince of the Seas?"

Percy gave me that gorgeous smirk of his before helping me eat. After several bites I'm done. I'm not a heavy eater unlike some boy with sea-green eyes in front of me who can stomach a bunch of blue foods and gulped them down effortlessly. Percy gave me a glass of milk to drink and some pain relievers. Thank gods.

"Thank you Percy, I'm glad you came here." I said before I could even stop myself. Shit that was too obvious! I don't want to tell him yet! I dreaded that Percy might think THAT way. Shit! I'm so embarrassed right now, and I can't look up to face him. I felt him getting closer and I felt myself going stiff, heart beating erratically inside my chest. Oh hell, please I don't want to blush.

"Nah! Seeing that you're okay is worth all the trouble this morning." He said while ruffling my hair. Trouble? This morning?

"What 'Trouble this morning'? What happened?" I asked. "I hope they aren't mad at you for, you know, hanging out with me and stuffs." I said. Percy shook his head in disagreement before answering my questions.

"They aren't mad at me Nico." He said before pausing, eyes downcast and somber. "They're afraid of me now."

I frowned at this, them? Afraid of Percy? That's…ludicrous! Percy's the best person in the world! Why? Percy glanced up at me with those beautiful blue-green orbs, though his eyes conveying worry and anxiety.

"Why Percy? Is something wrong?" I asked, my voice conveying the same emotions as his eyes were.

"Nico, after what Clarisse did to you, things got kind of messy." He said. Now it was my turn to crane my neck in curiosity.

"What happened?" I asked. Percy inhaled deeply before starting with his story.

"I did something stupid." He said as he covers his face with his hands. He drags his hands downwards, a sign of frustration which is typically Percy. "I lost control over myself. When I saw you writhing there, injured and hurting, all I saw was red. I lunged forward to acquaint my Riptide to Clarisse's neck." He said before standing up to turn his back on me. I hear some hisses before he continued with a voice barely containing his anger. Up ahead of us were thunderclouds roaring like hungry lions. "My anger was inconsolable! I'm doing everything in my power not to wring her neck, my grip's even shaky and my body's auto-piloting in applying pressure enough to draw blood! She said that it was just a joke. A joke? Can you believe it? Well, hurting you is not a joke in my book!"

Rain started to pour with strong winds slapping the window. Thunder erupted again and I could feel that this isn't any normal storm. There's something to it, like someone's doing it, and definitely it's not Zeus. "I was about to send Clarisse to a vacation in Hades, only if not half of the demigods here in Camp came to neutralize me." He said before glancing to the window, watching the rippling waters. "And they're afraid of me because I've just receive a new power; I manage to convert most of camp into a swimming pool via cyclone summon."

And right on cue, Grover came bursting into the door, wet and all. "Percy! Man, Chiron told me to watch over you since you're a little upset." He said before striding inside and taking a towel to dry his upper body. "He also demands that you should control your anger since he doesn't want to see this camp as the next Atlantis."

Percy suddenly realized what weather disturbance he's making. Quickly he concentrated in controlling his emotions, in tampering his anger and I could see that he's having a hard time. I guess calming yourself when you saw the ugly of face of Clarisse is a hard thing to do.

"Percy, please sit here beside me." I said while tapping my bedside. Percy sat down and immediately I took hold of his shoulders and rubbed it. "C'mon Percy, you don't have to be mad. That's so not you, you know?" I joked. "And besides, trying to be calm when all you see was Clarisse's ugly face is a really hard thing to do, so please don't think of her. You are warranting yourself with a permanent pass to the asylum if you do." I said. Percy snickered upon hearing the words ugly and Clarisse in one sentence because, well, that's kind of true, isn't it? Okay, maybe not but hey! Any girl who scrunches her face in anger is ugly. His eyes started to calm, the same time with the storm outside calms. When he released a sighed, the storm abruptly stops.

Grover, who's munching some metal junks near him, whistled in amazement. "Whoa! Percy, it's your fault why the weather's getting freaky outside?"

Percy glanced back at him while trying to look sheepish. "Well, kind of." He said. He looked back at me and smiled beautifully. "Thanks Nico." He said before squeezing my hands. He cupped my cheeks and ran his thumb over it, making me subconsciously leaning at the touch. "Please rest. I'll be back later." He said before standing up to leave.

I don't know how to explain what I'm feeling right now. It's like my heart's going to explode or something! Gods, I'm sure I'm all blushy and flushy now! I couldn't just stop thinking about Percy's gorgeous smiles, the way he squeezed my hands and oh! He caressed my cheeks!

"Oh Lady Aphrodite help me!" I moaned before collapsing back at my bed, feeling mushy inside.


Percy's POV

I really don't want to leave Nico there, but I got duties. Being the one the Big Three's child nearest to 16, I must prepare myself in helping for the upcoming war. Now with Kronos (big, bad boss) is at large, I must do everything in my abilities to help the Gods in winning this. My control over my powers needs refinement. My swordsmanship, although not half bad, needs improvement. We don't know whoever demigod Kronos had swayed to help him in his cause. Then there's the other Titans like Hyperion, Oceanus, Coeus, and the Giants I have to overpower. Being the son of one of the Big Three, responsibilities will be laid upon your shoulders, like the world on Atlas' shoulders.

But I couldn't just ignore Nico, like I just can't take my eyes off of him especially now he's injured.

Okay, maybe I'm just over-reacting. I mean Nico's not in super bad shape but still! I couldn't just stomach it. Back in the infirmary, I had a hard time in suppressing my emotions, especially when I'm in the middle of a raging fit. But one touch of Nico and eventually I'm okay again, hell, I even snickered when he said Clarisse's face is ugly.

Speaking of which, Clarisse is now my scheduled sparring partner.

"Right." I huffed before walking down the road towards the arena.

Things are becoming more edgy in camp. Right now every camper's watching out for me like I'm some dangerous animal about to kill them the moment they do something stupid. Even the battle loving (and obviously empty headed) children of Ares seems to be scared of me. The nymphs (to may relief) aren't calling me anymore (I don't know if that's a good or bad thing), the Hermes cabin aren't being buddy-buddy now, and even the children of Aphrodite aren't swooning over me!

Am I really that scary?

"Hey Percy!" I turned around to see Annabeth coming for me. "Hey what's with the long face?" She asked. I snorted; really sometimes (in one or two occasions) even the offspring of Athena are nothing more but dunderheads.

"Well, why wouldn't I when almost all campers in this camp are afraid of me?" I answered.

Annabeth looked around and saw the anxious gazes of her fellow campers. "Oh, that. Well, just let them that way and they'll be okay with you again. Just don't let your emotions get you all fired up, you're really scary." She said.

I frowned, I really don't want to believe it but even Annabeth, the wise girl, said that I'm scary. "Am I really that scary?"

Annabeth scoffed, yeah I'm scary…

"You scared the shit out of Clarisse! She's like in trauma up until now! Given that she's a daughter of Ares, it's really rare to see her like that!" She said. Well, I guess I overdid it, didn't I?

"And Percy, I don't know what's going but you're getting too close, WAY TOO CLOSE, to Nico. It's not like you to go amuck! You shouldn't have done that to Clarisse, I mean yeah they love to taunt others, but that's just what they are. And Percy, you should've been more patient."

"Annabeth, Clarisse hurt him! I couldn't just let it pass! Nico's my cousin, no he's like my brother now, and I won't let anyone, god or mortal, hurt him." I said while trying my very best to control my anger.

"Then you could've just let Chiron punish her."

"Annabeth, I did the right thing. They're getting a lot worse than before and they need some thorough disciplining. The gods up there said that I did the right thing, hell, even Hades is on my side!"

"But Percy–"

"CLARISSE IS BEING STUPID!" I shouted just in time when thunderclouds roared. Every camper hide, dock, froze, and some even took hold of their weapons. As for Annabeth, she was wide eyed and dumbfounded. Sorry Annabeth, but you wished for it. Soon enough cold wind started to blow and even I could feel the chill of an upcoming storm.

"Hey, is it all weird in here? I mean one second it's all sunshine, then storm, then sunshine and this again?" Someone yelled. I heard an "Ow!" after that. "What is it this time, hailstorm?"

When we look at the source of the voice, what we saw was a young boy (probably 13 or 14) in sunglasses, with long, droopy blonde hair and healthy pale skin complexion. His dress is somewhat indecent in the eyes of minors. Seriously, a hanging t-shirt that barely covers his upper body and a pair low-waist pants that reveals the elastic band of his undergarment?

Who the hell is this kid?

"Percy, the weather please." I heard Chiron from behind me. I breathe in and out to calm myself because I know that the weather's worsening.

"Heroes! Warriors! Assemble." Usually, when Chiron called for everyone to assemble all will hustle up but this time, no one's willing to take a step forward. "NOW!" Chiron yelled and everyone ran for it.

Funny, but I guess they're more afraid of the gentle Chiron than me. I said. I tried to move away from others, but in the opposite everybody's moving away from me. Chiron straightened himself before casting his eyes at the newcomer "Roxy, please step forward."

The blonde stepped forward with a strut, and as he does, everyone got a glimpse of his tribal heart tattoo at the base of his spine.

What the hell?

He turns around to face us all before taking his sunglasses off. His eyes were different, one red and the other's green. Heterochromatic, I guess?

"Everyone, this is Roxy Angelheart. He will be joining our camp starting today." Chiron said.

There was an eerie silence before someone exclaimed something…indecent to the ears of minors.

"Roxy? You're Roxy the Hollywood Gay Porn Star?" Said by someone from the Hermes cabin. Jaws dropped and eyes widen upon hearing what kind of person this newcomer is. He? He's barely 14 and he's a gay porn star? Of Hollywood no less?

Roxy only smirked at him and let out a giggle before eyeing the guy before. "Well, it pleases me that my fame reaches beyond the gates of Camp Half-Blood. I wonder, though, how in the world did you know me and my career?" He said.

Teases were flying in Hermes cabin, even the Ares cabin was teasing. Some campers look at Roxy with disgust, especially the female population.

One of the female lackeys of Clarisse, Trisha, came up to him to eye him from head to toe.

Oh come on, not again?

"You're a faggot." Trisha said loudly, enough to be heard by everyone, while shooting dirty looks at him. Everyone laughed and teased at the newcomer, some were even asking for a one night stand while other's cheering for Trisha. Roxy, on the other hand, was smiling sweetly at her like they're friends and all. He's actually brave; Trisha's the largest female in the Ares cabin and she's also one of the strongest but Roxy, surprisingly, held his ground at the imposing presence of Trisha.

"Yep, I am not called as the hottest and youngest piece of meat in the porn industry for nothing, so what of it, stock pile of useless fat?" He said in a sweet, sinful tone. "Sorry babe, but if you want to have sex with me I'm telling you; female bores me in bed, especially ugly ones."

That took everyone by surprise, especially Trisha since she was feared by the majority of demigods (those who are weaker than her). I could even see the way Trisha's face contorts into an angry scowl since I'm just a few centimeters away from her.

"Tough one eh? Let's see if you can handle that for long!" Trisha said before throwing a punch at Roxy. I was about to intervene when Roxy used the force of Trisha's attack as a leverage. He jumped and landed in from of me, and upon landing he grabbed my crotch (armored, mind you) and pulled my sword out of its scabbard. He spins it expertly before thrusting it backwards even without looking (since he bowed his head low), right at Trisha's face.

It was like time stopped. Everyone was holding their breaths, me included. The tip of my sword was only millimeters away from Trisha's wide eyes and if Roxy didn't stop it in time, we're going to have one dead demigod right now.

"Oh my, you're cute." Roxy said. He's staring at me with his red-green eyes and his face slightly agape. He bit his pink lips before pulling the sword away from Trisha's face and sheathing it quickly on my sword scabbard. He straightens his body before holding his right hand in a pre-shake hand gesture. "Hi! I'm Roxy. You are?" He said while giving me a flirtatious look.

This guy's something, one second he was about to kill someone and now he's all like flirting with me? I was speechless, not only me but everyone present. Even Chiron's surprised. Trisha was shocked; it was rare for someone to pull that kind of trick on her. She was about make a comeback when Roxy swiftly pulled someone's helmet and banged Trisha's head with it, sending her to dreamland in an instant.

"Please don't interfere when I'm trying to woo someone." He said to the now knocked out Trisha "So, where were we? I believe you're about to give me your name."

Talk about smooth criminal…

"Uh… I'm Percy. Percy Jackson." I said before taking his hand and shaking it.

"Oh… Son of Poseidon, that's so cool." He was about to 'do' something else when Chiron called him.

"Roxy, I will show you to your cabin. If you would please come with me." Chiron said before dismissing the band of demigods. "Percy, Annabeth, Grover you will accompany Roxy afterwards. Join us for a while."

Chiron led the way towards the said cabin. He said Roxy's cabin, so meaning this kid's a big shot. It's not like someone's granted with a cabin of their own without enough privilege. Besides, isn't there like 11 cabins all in all? Obviously he's not with the other demigods around, but if he has a sole cabin, then who's his godly parent? Hera? Artemis?

Right by my side were Grover and Annabeth, talking in hush voices as Chiron and Roxy argues.

"You know Chiron, I went through all the troubles in looking for this place and then what? I'll be greeted very rudely by one of Ares' pathetic spawns? What happened to nowadays demigods?" he ranted while making comical gestures with his hands.

"Roxy, the children of Ares are ill-tempered since then and will always be. I'm really upset that you knocked one of your seniors out."

"Oh for the love of Zeus she started it! Like hell I'll allow someone like her to mar my beautiful face." He hissed before stopping, I could see that he's pondering on something. Chiron stopped walking as well when he noticed that his charge isn't following him.

"Uh, Chiron? About the rules and regulation…the…you know, sleeping in one cabin?"

Chiron raised a quizzical brow before answering. "Well, after lights out no two demigods of opposite sex should be alone in a cabin, unless they're siblings." Roxy was about to let out a cheer of victory when Chiron cut him out. "But in your case, after lights out you shouldn't be with anyone, male or female."

"WHAT! That's frigging unfair!" The blond howled in frustration, successfully getting the attention of every nearby camper. "No, I'll forbid it! It's in my nature to go against the rule!"

"Roxy, since you're inside this camp you will follow its rules and regulations from now on." Chiron said. Roxy stuck out his tongue childishly at him, and it made Chiron to sigh and massage his forehead. "Roxy, your mother will not be pleased."

"Who cares? It's not like mom can come down here or anything. She's so busy in redecorating the cosmos." He said. "Besides, just like what I've said, it isn't in my nature to follow rules and regulation, that and all the things that come with me being the son of my mother."

That piqued my curiosity. This kid's a son of a major Olympian. I can safely say that. "What? Redecorating the cosmos?" I asked out of the blue. Both Chiron and Roxy looked back at me. Annabeth and Grover stopped by my side, their faces contorted in a curious frown. I can sense that they want to know the origin of this kid as well.

"Chiron, who's this kid? Who are his parents?" Annabeth asked.

Chiron turns to face us, so as Roxy.

I got a bad feeling about this.

"Heroes, allow me to introduce Roxy, the only demigod son of Chaos, the gapless void."