There were video tapes scattered everywhere, and Momo could only squeal in excitement.

Oh, it was perfect. So perfect, and cute, and all she wanted to do right now was jump up and down in a squealing mess.

(And that's exactly what she did).

Soon, the entire Women's Association would be equally excited and enthralled. She knew it for sure - after all, who wouldn't go completely crazy over this?

Shiro-chan was such a little cutie!

Momo sighed, sobering slightly. She missed those days immensely.

"Peachy-chan? Whatcha doing?"

Momo looked up. Yachiru was standing in the doorway, curiosity shining in her eyes.

Momo smiled.

"Yachiru, why don't you look at this?" she asked, gesturing for the younger girl to come over. Complying, Yachiru walked over to the bed.

Hitsugaya sighed and closed his eyes.

It had been a long day and the stack of paper work on his desk had been especially high. Stretching, he stood up, deciding to take a short walk, before heading back to his office to complete...more paper work.

(He really need to find someone to do the work for him).

Half way through his walk, he decided to pay Hinamori a quick visit. It had been a while since he had last seen his childhood friend.

He walked to her office.

"Captain," one of the lower ranking Shinigami greeted him, when he walked through the door.

"Do you know where Hinamori is?" Hitsugaya asked.

"Lieutenant Hinamori is in her room, sir," the man answered answered. Hitsugaya nodded to him, and walked out the door.

As he neared Hinamori's room his ears perked up. Was that...cooing?

What on earth was Hinamori doing?

Rounding the corner, he tapped on Hinamori's door. No answer. However, the sound of cooing once again met his ears. From what he could tell, there were two people in the room...Lieutenant Kusajishi? What was she doing there? Hitsugaya's brow furrowed, and he pushed open the door, and walked inside.

His eyes immediately widened in horror.

Hinamori and Yachiru were sitting on the floor, staring at the television - and on the screen was one of the most horrific moments in Hitsugaya's long life...

He, at the tender age of six years old (physically anyway), was standing on the kitchen table, stark naked, yelling some odd chant, and dancing around in a circle. Toshiro's cheeks reddened in mollification - where had Hinamori gotten that video from? He had been sure that he had thrown it into the river years ago!

Hitsugaya had always prided himself on his intelligence. However, he hadn't always been like this. Like any youngster, he had been quite...naive during his childhood. He had also despised his looks.

So, when two of the older village children had told him that following a certain ritual would change his hair colour...he had believed them.

And it had led to that dreaded moment.

Hinamori, hearing Hitsugaya's horrified gasp, spun around.

"Shiro-chan!" she cried, using the despised nickname. "Isn't it just adorable?!"

She was rewarded with a look of utter horror.

"Snowy-chan!" Yachiru squealed. "Your soooooooooooo cute!"

Hitsugaya took a deep breath.

"Hinamori," he whispered. "Turn that off. Now."

Hinamori complied.

Taking another long, drawn-out breath, Hitsugaya stepped out of the room. Hinamori followed, along with Yachiru.

Once they were outside, Hitsugaya spun around. Hinamori stared back at him, her brow creased in confusion.

"Get rid of that," he growled.

Hinamori looked heart-broken. In any other scenario Hitsugaya would have felt sorry for her. Right now...well, he felt nothing but a sense of satisfaction. She had damaged his pride and dignity, after all, and not even his beloved childhood friend was allowed to do that.

"But it's so -"

"HINAMORI!" Hitsugaya felt his hands curl into fists. "This is not a debatable issue! You will throw that tape away!"

Hinamori's expression faltered, and she lowered her gaze.

"Fine," she murmured. She looked up, hopefully. "Can't I at least keep it for the rest of the day?"

Hitsugaya opened his mouth to say no, but was cut of by the look on Hinamori's face. Ever since Hinamori had woken up from her coma, he had found it hard to refuse her anything - especially when she gave him that look.

Sure, his pride had been bruised, but this was Hinamori. If he took everything she did to heart, any dignity he had would have been destroyed years ago.

He inwardly groaned.

"Fine," he muttered. "But you'll be giving it back to me this evening. Do you understand?"

Hinamori nodded her head happily, and leaned forward to give Hitsugaya a quick hug.

"Thank you so much Shiro-chan!" she squealed.

When she was gone, Hitsugaya leaned against the wall, and sighed.

"Why do I feel like I've just made a huge mistake?"

"Because she's planning on showing it to the Women's Association this evening," Yachiru chirped.

Hitsugaya froze.

"What?" he choked out. Yachiru beamed.

"You don't have anything to worry about Snowy-chan - everyone will love you!"

Hitsugaya let out a moan of despair.


"I'm doomed," he whispered, closing his eyes.


First chapters done. This is my first Bleach fic, so I'm not sure how I did - sorry if the characters were too OOC.

This story won't be too long. It'll probably be a two-shot or have about three chapters in it...I highly doubt it'll go longer than that.