Just another victim

Moonlight shines into the dark room, making the shadows come to life. They laugh and howl. A young girl hides under her covers. Her parents are sound asleep. They don't hear the shadows screaming.

They don't see the shadows coming together as one solid, black, screeching mass. No, only the little girl does. The shadow comes closer and stops beside her bed. A gloved hand reaches out for her, but she doesn't move, she's too scared to move.

She can't even scream. The glove is soft and comforting, but she doesn't fall for It! She knows what the glove is hiding! She knows what lies just under the surface. The gloved hand sits her up.

The screaming gets louder and whispering starts. Promises of balloons and candy fill her ears, but she knows that it is all a lie. She doesn't want to float! A boy her age stands by her bed too.

His raincoat squeaks when he moves. He's the one that whispers promises to her. However, she knows he's not real, just part of the shadow. The shadow appears every night.

Just like the little boy. The same promises whispered. She never gives in though; she doesn't believe the one-armed little boy. The other arm reaches out.

Both arms on her shoulders. She still can't move, still can't scream. As the glowing eyes appear, she closes her own. She doesn't believe the whispers, but in the end, she is just another victim…