Neon Genesis Evangelion: Propinquity


Nothing's gonna change my world…

So… there it is… You think that maybe we'd got our happy ending then?

The way I've heard it told you'd be forgiven for thinking that I, a pale and awkwardly shy guy who grew up in loveless household on the outskirts of Odawara, arrived in Tokyo-03 and in short order: single-handedly defied my father, piloted the giant robot, won the heart of the fiery redheaded maiden and, as a side note, saved the world while I was at it.

Wow… that was simple… wasn't it?

Hmmm… Sure, it does make a pretty good story, and some parts of it are even true… Other parts… Yeah… Well I guess that it just goes to show you that you shouldn't believe everything that you read on the internet.

Asuka… Asuka made me happier and more terrified on a daily basis than you could possibly imagine.

Or maybe you can.

It felt as though with her a hollowness at the very centre of my being that I wasn't even aware of was finally gone. At the same time, I kept waiting in terror for her to come to her senses and realise what a terrible mistake she had made in being with me.

I only ever dared to express that fear to her once… let's just say that she felt that I was being foolish to think such a thing and we'll not mention the yelling and the gesticulating and the door slamming that followed that little confession.

Ahem… That aside, without her beside me I can't even begin to imagine how things would have gone back then. Those last few months in Tokyo-03 really gave clusterfuck a bad name.

Really all I was initially worried about was how my friends would take the news of Asuka and me being in a relationship, and how Asuka would take to my friends… hopefully not with a blunt instrument. Like perhaps a flügelhorn …

Heh… Don't try to be funny Shinji…

Anyway… none of that was anywhere near as difficult as I had feared. Toji and Kensuke were… concerned for my wellbeing, let's say. When Asuka and I turned up back at school together hand in hand and both blushing awkwardly the gasps and yells and even screams that we faced were hugely embarrassing, but we just rode it through and clasped our hands even tighter. Thank god for Hikari, she made sure that things were kept civil fairly quickly.

Life was good. Well as good as it can be with the ever-present threat of genocidal-explodey-death stomping down the valley every fortnight or so.

Ignorance is, or was, bliss. We thought back then that the Angels were the only horrors that we had to worry about.

How I wish that was the case.

The loss of ignorance and the true end of innocence came from a direction that none of us had ever anticipated.

End of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Propinquity

So here, after many years, is the epilogue to Propinquity. Its tone is more reflective than the previous chapter as I feel that Shinji, in Propinquity, was concentrating on the growth of the relationship that he and Asuka were just embarking on. Now he's looking forward from that to the bigger picture and what that meant to himself, Asuka and those that they cared about.

It also serves as a primer for the sequel...

To be continued in:

A Butterfly on the Wheel