Halo – Never Forget

Note: Hello! Here's my first Halo Fanfic; Hope you like it!

This is inspired from the OST of Halo 3, called 'Never Forget'. (It's an awesome and sad song. If you listen to it while reading, it'd complete the experience. ;D)

Lieutenant Moraz finds a Spartan who was left behind during the fall of Reach. She can't just leave him behind...But if she stays and fights with him, then there would be no escape from the Covenant...

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Chapter One – Spartans Never Die

There he was...Staring up at the sky, as Banshees and Phantoms passed overhead...

It appeared as though he was at the end of the road...And he was just waiting to die, and be remembered as the hero that he is...

But...I couldn't just stand there and watch it happen.

I quickly ran over to the platform in which he stood. Arriving at his side, he glanced down at me, and I could just make out his face through the helmet in which he wore.

"Spartan...Why are you here? You'll be killed!" I exclaimed.

He shook his head.

"Spartans never die," he said in a voice that, to my surprise, was soft and gentle, rather than the hard, deep tone I heard the others speak in. "They're only missing in action."

Saying that, the Spartan moved past me, and descended down the stairs.

"You should go find a carrier ship and get out of here while you still can." he told me over his shoulder

"No..." I said, and he stopped. "I can't just let you stay here and die!" I found myself shouting.

He turned and looked up at me. Then, to my surprise, he dropped the Assault Rifle in his hand, and put both of his hands on his helmet...And removed it.

As he tossed the helmet to the side, I gazed upon his features in awe. His golden-blonde hair, and surprisingly deep-blue eyes...But his face was hardened, likely from the fighting and death that has echoed through the valleys of Reach...

"Look at me," he said, his voice now much more clear to me, "My job is done. I'll fight these covenant bastards to the end...But you...You need to go and fight for humanity."

"But...we need you!" I said...But he shook his head.

"I'm just a soldier like you...I just happened to have this suit that makes me a lot harder to kill." he stated, looking down at his hands.

"And, to be honest...I think it's more of a burden than anything else." he stated.

He was full of defeat...And there was no way I was going to make him come with me.

"I'll fight with you." I said. He opened his mouth to respond, but I put a finger up to his lips, and then bent over and picked up his Assault Rifle. "Because I don't think you deserve to die."

I handed him his rifle, and, for the first time, a hinted smile came across his face.

"Then-" he started to say, but a shot from a Plasma Rifle suddenly came whizzing past. I reached around to my back and pulled out my SMG.

We both turned to face our attackers...A group of grunts, and an elite at the head of them.

"This is just the beginning," the Spartan said, "There will be more."

"Then we'll just have to kick all of their asses." I said, and he grinned.

"Let's give them hell."

To be continued...

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