Halo – Never Forget

Here is the second chapter. This will be a little longer than the first, but still pretty short.

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Chapter Two – Tomorrow's Dawn

Here we were, fighting back to back...Phantoms continued to drop off more and more Covenant soldiers, and they were all pushing forward with brute force...That being said, we were forced to flee, and hide in various places...But they always found us.

"Spartan, look out!" I exclaimed, seeing an Elite as he ran forward, Energy Sword in hand, straight towards him...

The Spartan turned and side-stepped, barely dodging the sword, and then smashed his gun against the back of the Elite's head. As the Elite fell forward to the ground, he then shot a round straight into the Elite's back.

I couldn't help but stare in awe at his amazing speed and strength...But, while I was distracted in that moment, a Jackal had snuck up on me...As I turned around, I stared into the face of a Plasma Pistol...

And I closed my eyes, expecting death to come upon me...But the pistol fired, and nothing happened. Opening my eyes, I could see that the Spartan was holding the Jackal's arm, twisting it, and making the Jackal scream in pain.

Then he disarmed the alien, and shot him in the head with his own Plasma Pistol. The Spartan then threw the body back, and glanced down at me.

"I-I'm sorry..." I said, realizing that I was probably only getting in his way...

But he gave me a faint smile, and offered a hand to me. I took it, and he helped me stand...And, once I was up, he took both of my hands in his, which took me by surprise...

"You don't have time to be sorry." he told me, leaning in close, making my face flush.

"Come on, let's go." he said, letting go of my hands and handing me my SMG, which I had dropped. He then began to walk off, and I followed him, looking around cautiously.

"Wait." he told me, hiding behind a nearby barrier. I hid next to him, and followed his gaze to see what he was looking at...

Up head was a Hunter, who was slowly walking our way.

"H-How can we take that thing on?" I asked in a shushed voice.

The Spartan turned to me and took the Energy Sword he had grabbed from the Elite before.

"I'll do it. You stay here." he stated. I opened my mouth to object, but he was already up and moving.

I gulped, and readied my SMG, pointing it at the Hunter. I watched as he slowly crept around a nearby pile of rubble, and came up behind the Hunter. Then, activating the Energy Sword, he ran at the Hunter...

But the sound was loud enough for the alien to quickly turn, and collide his large, metal arm with the Energy Sword. Upon contact, the Spartan was sent back a little ways, and the Hunter ran at him.

I became nervous as I watched the Spartan dodge the Hunter's blows, and delivering his own. There was a unique way in which he seemed to fight without thinking about his own life...As if he was ready to die for a cause...

The Hunter blocked a hit from his Energy Sword, and then rushed forward, slamming into the Spartan and sending him back to the ground, and making him drop the sword.

Seeing this, my eyes widened, and I quickly ran at the Hunter as it stepped up to the Spartan and began to charge the laser on its arm.

"Over here you bastard!" I shouted, sending a flurry of bullets at its back. It let out a deep growl and turned towards me...

And, as I got close, it jumped forward, faster than I could register, and smashed its arm into my side, sending me spiraling to the side, falling over in pain...

Then, taking that moment, the Sparta grabbed the Energy Sword and leapt onto the Hunter's back, stabbing it through the creature's neck...And then, it fell over to the ground, defeated.

I coughed up some blood, and felt myself begin to shiver. My internal wounds were likely to be fatal, and I found that I couldn't move...

The Spartan quickly ran over to me, and knelt down.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

I tried to nod...I tried to deny that I might be on the brink of death...But I couldn't. He quickly examined my body, and then sat there, a pain flashing through his eyes.

"Am...I...going...to...die?" I managed to say.

For a few moments, he was silent...And I knew what the answer was.

But then, in a soft voice, he said, "No."

The Spartan carefully put his arms beneath me and picked me up.

"You'll be fine." he told me, giving me a smile...And that was enough to make me believe it.

"Alright..." I said, letting a smile come onto my face as well, "My life...is in...your hands." I told him, before falling into unconsciousness..

To be continued...

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