"I can't believe you talked me into this." A grumble echoed quietly down the deserted hallway.

"You say that every time, bro," was the cheeky reply. Sideswipe fiddled with the controls to Jazz's quarters while Sunstreaker stood guard. "Anyway," Sideswipe continued, "It's no biggie. You know the plan. We're just gonna plant some contraband energon in there... And then tell Prowl."

"This is stupid," Sunstreaker insisted. "Nobody pranks Jazz and gets away with it."

"Then we'll be the first- et voila," Sideswipe said smugly as Jazz's doors finally slid open.


Down the hallway, Bluestreak jumped as he heard a cry- "ARGH MY OPTICS!"- followed by the sound of energon cubes crashing to the floor, and was nearly bowled over by a red and golden streak that thundered his way. Curiously, he peered down the hallway from which the colourful streaks came from, only to jerk his head back as Sideswipe tossed a warning over his shoulder.

"Don't go down there!" he cried, and with that, the twins were gone. Bluestreak wisely did as he was told.


A few cubes of energon were scattered before a closing door. Behind that door, Prowl and Jazz slept on, blissfully ignorant of the world beyond the room.