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The harsh rain tumbled and spat against the car windows as the Impala sped down the highway, the torrent of water almost invisible against the dark night, the stars lost in fog, looking like smudges on a soggy oil painting. The torrent of water ran up and over the windscreen, making the window wipers work feverishly hard to clear the glass.

John Winchester peered over the steering wheel, trying to see if he was still even driving In a straight line- Dean, who was riding shotgun, cast his father a small uncertain look before sighing and trying to settle back into his seat.

He knew that his father wanted to reach the next gig by morning; it was a bad one and lots of kids were dying.
Almost as if John knew that his oldest son was thinking about the case he cleared his throat and gave his twenty year old son a look.
'Give me the run down again' he muttered, before looking in the interior mirror and glancing over at his youngest son in the back seat- Sam was asleep against the window, his unruly brown hair falling into his eyes.
He gave a small smile before turning back to his oldest, raising his eyebrows at him as his eyes returned to the road. 'Well?' he barked at him, waiting for his son to reply.
Dean cleared his throat and reached into the glove compartment of the car and pulled out the stack of papers and reports that documented their next case.
'There's something down In New Orleans that's causing kids to die' he said, flicking through the papers to get to some more information.
'There's no link between the kids-age, race, type of household- even kids as old as nineteen are dying-'
'Then how do we know that the same thing is killing all the kids? It could be anything, serial killer, demons...'
Dean allowed himself a small grin; he enjoyed it when his father tested him- it made him think harder and get the right answer.
'Those could be a possibility if it wasn't for the fact that the kids all had the same experiences before they died- horrific dreams and hallucinations- and when the coroner checked them over, there was never any specific course of death, it was just like the kids had been-'
'- scared to death' John finished his son's sentence, nodding darkly. The oldest Winchester had seen lots of things as a hunter, but he had never come across anything that could scare a kid to death without plausible reason- normally it was spirits or ghosts, some type of creature that epitomised fear. But in this case, there was nothing, absolutely nothing.
The two men stared straight ahead at the road in front; the rain had lessened slightly, but mist had now set in, surrounding the car like
choking smoke.
There was silence for a few minutes, before a series of small noises caused them both to look around; small moans and a sharp intake of breath made Dean spin around in his chair- Sam was now curled on the back seat, his face slightly scrunched as he shook his head.
'No...No don't...'
'Sam!' Dean muttered, giving his dad a panicked look before unbuckling his seat belt and climbing into the backseat.
He scooched closer to Sam and gave him a gentle shake- the youngest Winchester's eyes flew open and he jumped in surprise, hitting the top of his head on the window.
'Ouch! What's happening?' he asked, rubbing his head and frowning at his brother.
'We thought you were having a nightmare' dean replied; Sam seemed fine now.
'Oh, I don't remember, I don't think I did' Sam muttered, trying to remember what he was dreaming about.
'Never mind, we're nearly there now, we can all sleep at the motel room' John barked from the front. He looked at his youngest through the interior mirror once more, a slightly concerned look on his face, before he looked at Dean 'You gettin' back in front or not? He asked before looking back in front at the road.
Dean looked at his little brother and gave him one last look-over.

'You sure you're ok?' he asked. Sam nodded and smiled at him, before jokingly pushing him back to the front seats.

Dean chuckled and climbed back into the front seats, settling back down again and stared out of the window.
'What should we do when we get there? He asked after a while, turning back towards their father.
'You and Sam can go to the last kid's house, see what you can dig up about what he experienced before he died, and I'll go to the coroner's office and see if I can get any more on what caused those kids to die' John muttered, before giving his son a small smile; he could see that Dean was worried, he himself was worried; it was always the same when kids were involved
'We'll get whatever fugly's doing this Dean' he said quietly, before turning into the road for their motel room.
'Yeah I know dad' Dean muttered, glancing at Sam in the interior mirror, just like John had done before- Sam was watching him and his brother poked his tongue out at him before making a face. Dean chuckled and looked forward as John parked the Impala in the car park.
'I'll go check in' John muttered- they had a system where John would check in, then him and the boys would bring all the stuff they need in together, it was an order and John liked it.
'We'll start getting everything ready' Dean replied, and he and Sam got out of the car, the latter yawning and stretching like a cat.
'That was a long drive' he muttered, reaching into the boot and shouldering a duffel bag and picking out two more.
'Tell me about it Sammy' Dean agreed, moving to stand beside Sam and picking out a long black leather case that held their guns.
'You sure you're ok? You've been getting a few of those nightmares' Dean asked, worry lacing his voice.
'I honestly don't remember them though' Sam replied, giving Dean a somewhat apologetic smile.
'Ok' Dean shrugged, before pushing Sam in the direction of the motel entrance where John was waiting.
As they made their way to their room John looked at each of his sons in turn; they both looked haggard and tired- a good nights sleep is what they both needed, he would give them the next day to recuperate.
'Boys you two can spend the day dossing around here tomorrow; do some research, get some sleep' he offered.
Dean looked mortally offended by the offer- he shook his head astutely at their father. 'No way Dad! We gotta find out what's happening to those kids!' he said, looking to Sam for back up.
Sam shrugged, before nodding at Dean 'I am tired, but like Dean said- we have to stop whatever is doing this before more people get hurt.'
John looked at both his boys, feeling pride well up in his chest. 'Well ok then' he smiled, before unlocking the door and letting his boys through.
'We start work tomorrow- we'll leave a nine' he stated, looking at his
son's for a look of confirmation.
'Sounds good to me.' Dean nodded, whilst Sam nodded at him, before heading to the bed for some much wanted sleep.
'Night dad' Dean muttered, heading for the sack himself.
'Night boys! John replied, settling himself down in a chair and opening up the wallet of case information.
They had to find out what was killing these children, because from the looks of the rates that the killings were going on- one every week-

It seemed the creature was just getting started.

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