Dean shifted uncomfortably in the bed, avoiding eye contact with his father as he moved his legs and visibly squirmed under the piercing glare of John.

'Come on Dean, tell us what happened' John pressed.

'I-I've already said I got it, why do we need to bring it all up again?' Dean practically begged, desperately not wanting to relieve what had happened, especially to the two people that it had happened to. Even in his dream-world, there were things that Dean knew he had to keep to himself.

Sam frowned but seemed to understand, nodding his head after a while.

'Ok, you don't have to tell us now-but you bet your ass your gonna tell me about it later!' he said, prodding Dean's knee and giving him a small smile.

Dean felt his heart sink. Now Sammy and dad where expecting him to tell them all about it at a later date.

He might as well tell them now.

'Listen guys...' he said, sitting up straighter and looking at them both. 'It was a nightmare-literally. I saw things that I only ever see in my worst dreams; you Sammy, you where being hurt in unimaginable ways and I couldn't stop it. Dad-you just turned into something really, really scary!' he said, and even though he was smiling, inside he felt like crying.

'I am only gonna say it once, ok-next time I offer to do something like this again...tie me up and chuck me in a cupboard or something, ok?' he grinned.

Sam rolled his eyes and smiled; John shook his head and chuckled. 'We'll hold you to that kid' he smiled.

Dean got out of the bed and ruffled his shirt, trying to stop the now cold sweat from sticking to his body. His limbs ached and he felt like he had been asleep for eternity. This was an experience he never wanted to experience again in a hurry.

Sam sidled up to him as he sat on the bed again, stretching.

'Are you sure your ok, dude? You looked scared to death when you woke up-you frightened the life out of me' Sam admitted, a truly troubled, slightly haunted look on his young face.

Dean looked at him for a second before smiling. He put a hand on his shoulder and nodded.

'I will be Sammy-it was a lot to handle in there, I just need some time to...process what happened in my head' he said.

'I understand, if you need to talk, I'm here' Sam said.

'I know you are Sasquatch, but I think I have to do this alone-I don't want you thinking about what I'm going to be thinking about in the next few days!' he tried to pass it off as a joke, but I didn't work.

'I hate that we made you do this...' Sam shook his head, seemingly angry with himself. He had known something bad was going to happened, and here was the proof-Dean barely made it back into the real world, and now he was talking about these memories and thoughts that would be too much for him to handle.

'Hey! You didn't make me do anything, ok? This was my choice! Geez Sammy, you can't blame yourself for everything!' Dean blew air out of his cheeks, before standing up and looking at his little brother, green eyes boring into Sam's brown ones.

'Don't you start blaming yourself for this, ok dude? I did this, you didn't-it was my choice, and I beat the bastard that was killing those kids, and that's that.' He said, pushing Sam's shoulder with his finger.

'I know...' Sam said, before standing up and throwing his arms around Dean. 'I'm just glad your ok, that's all' he said, squeezing him tight before letting go.

'Yeah me too-thanks for looking out for me little bro' Dean smiled, and Sam noticed that the smile was genuine; it reached his eyes for the first time since he had woken up, and the pleased Sam more than anything.

'Any time Dean, you know that' he replied.

John interrupted them with a slight cough. 'You guys wanna get out of here or what?' he smiled, chuckling. He had been silently packing all their bags for them, and Dean could see they where stacked neatly by the door.

A flash of a memory, of smelling acrid smoke and looking at the blackened, burnt out husk of the motel room crossed Dean's mind, but it was over as soon as he shook his head.

'You ok?' Sam asked.

'Yeah, I'm fine-come on, let's get out of here!' Dean said, walking over to the bags and shouldering his and Sam's.

'I'll go turn the car round then' John smiled, and he patted Dean's shoulder and looked deep in his eyes, until he seemed to be satisfied with whatever he saw, and he opened the door to get to the Impala.

'What happened whilst I was out? You two seem pretty nervous about something' Dean frowned at his brother.

'You where thrashing in your bed, we thought you were having a fit-we thought you were going to die Dean, we really did' Sam explained, emotion rising in his voice.

'Oh' Dean said, looking back towards the door. 'I see. Well, I'm ok now, that's the main thing, isn't it?'

'Sure it is!' Sam smiled, and he picked up the last remaining bags and walked to the door.

'You ok to lock up?' he asked as he passed Dean.

'It would be my pleasure' Dean smiled.

He watched Sam go, before finally looking back into the motel room.

He sighed deeply and shuddered. He was glad to be out of this room, but he couldn't help thinking about the kids who had died before he finally ganked the Sandman. They had so much to live for, but something out of their worst nightmares had cruelly stopped them from doing so in their sleep. It shouldn't have happened, but at least Dean could take solace in the fact that he had stopped it.

He clasped the door handle and pulled, casting a shadow on the carpet.

'Good riddance...' Dean muttered as he closed it fully, shutting the door with a dull snap. He locked it with the key and putting it in the small 'key-letterbox' on the front of the wall before turning abruptly, suddenly not even able to look at the place.

'Hey!' he heard Sam yell from in front of him. He looked up, smiling.

'I call shotgun this time!' Sam yelled, and he ran from the side of the road, making headway to the Impala, which was parked, waiting, on the road leading to the main road.

'Not if I get there first you don't!' he yelled back, and he laughed as he started to run as well, determined to beat his brother to the car.

In a couple of weeks this would all be forgotten, and the only memories they would have would be the flyers that John was given about the local area that he had stuffed into the glove-box, and the motel room receipt in Sam's wallet.

They would have more work, more dangerous gigs and situations like this-

-but as long as they held strong, and worked together, nothing could bring this family down.

The End.

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