Another Gravitation fic from me :) This one is TatsuRyu, currently a oneshot and non romantic, but if I decide to turn it into a multi chapter there will be romance.

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Tatsuha was bored. Mika-nee had promised to play with him that day, but instead that man had come over and neither of them had any time for Tatsuha. Obviously Eiri-nii was a lost cause. He would never play with Tatsuha. So he sat there surrounded by all his expensive toys, quite bored.

The youngest son of a rich family, he was pampered and given every material possession a child of five-years-old could possibly want, but to him none of that mattered when there was no one to play with him.

He could hear them now, Mika-nee and that other man, talking in the other room, laughing together, and he fumed. He was so frustrated at being ignored that he knocked over the tower of bricks he had just spent so long building with his tiny fists.

He was wondering whether he should start crying or not, a sure-fire way of getting his sister's attention, when a strange man walked into the room, sat down next to him and started playing with his toys.

Too shocked to do anything, he sat there staring at the man who had soft brown hair and large blue eyes. The man seemed almost oblivious to Tatsuha, and he continued to sit there playing and humming to himself.

"Who are you?" Tatsuha finally demanded. Sure, moments ago he had wanted someone to play with, but for this stranger to just come into his room and start playing with his toys uninvited was just plain rude.

"You have nice toys, Tatsu-kun." The man spoke in a childish voice that Tatsuha thought sounded silly on an adult. But nonetheless the man had paid him a compliment and this could not go unheeded.

"I know." He beamed. "Otou-san bought them all for me, but he never plays with me. Mika-nee and Eiri-nii too." His smile quickly turned to a scowl.

"Hmm? Really?" The man seemed surprised. "But these toys are really cool!"

"I know!" Tatsuha agreed with him, nodding his head eagerly. "Will you play with me onii-san?" He had decided that maybe this onii-san wasn't so bad after all.

"Sure!" The brunette smiled. He picked up a pink stuffed rabbit with a read bow. "Wow! This is so cute!"

"His name is Kumagoro." Tatsuha informed him proudly.

"Hello Kumagoro-san." The man grinned, holding up the rabbit in front of his face.

The two of them played for a while with Tatsuha chattering away eagerly; keen to show off his toys to his new friend. After about half an hour however, the annoying man poked his head through the doorframe.

"Ah Ryuichi-san, so this is where you were. It's time to go now." The blonde spoke with that annoying smile on his face as always.

"But I don't want to go, Tohma!" Ryuichi pouted. Tatsuha was also upset. He didn't want the friendly onii-san to go, but once again that stupid man was spoiling his fun.

"Come on Ryuichi, I'm sure you'll be able to come back again soon." Despite the smile, Tohma was getting impatient.

"Fine. Tohma's a meanie though." Ryuichi said, getting up. "Bye-bye Tatsu-kun! Bye-bye Kumagoro-san!"

Tatsuha thought that Ryuichi looked particularly sad at having to say goodbye to Kumagoro so he stood up and handed the rabbit to the older man.

"You can keep him if you like. He's not my favourite toy or anything." Tatsuha looked away quickly after handing the toy over, his face flushing. Standing behind Tohma, Mika was slightly surprised. It wasn't like Tatsuha to be generous, especially not with someone he'd just met.

"Uwa~! Thank you Tatsu-kun!" Ryuichi cried, clutching Kumagoro to his chest. "I'll see you again soon!" And with that, he followed Tohma out of the room. Tatsuha was left alone.

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