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Oh and perhaps I should warn of some perverted thoughts from Tatsuha in this...

Tatsuha was walking languidly towards the school gates after what had been yet another boring and uneventful day at his boring and uneventful school. As he walked he noticed the students- particularly the female ones- were getting worked up over something.

"Where, where?" He heard a girl screaming. Yes, what with the volume of her cries and the shrillness of her voice, there could be no other way to describe it but screaming. She barged past him in her hurry to get to wherever she was going, earning herself a hateful glare to the back of her head.

Tatsuha slowly got closer to the gates, and he was greeted by a huge, writhing mass of students, crowded around something- or someone- just outside the gate. Just like any normal sixteen-year-old would, he began to push his way through the crowd, trying to get a better view of the spectacle. Nothing in the world could have prepared him for what he saw.

"N-No way…" He heard himself say as he stopped dead in his tracks.

Standing there in front of him, outside of his boring and uneventful school, was Sakuma Ryuichi. The Sakuma Ryuichi. The man he had idolised for as long as he could remember. The man who had long since surpassed any god known to Tatsuha. This man was now standing there, leaning against the gate-post with his arms folded, coolly scanning the crowd. He was emitting an impassive aura, as if he couldn't care less that he was currently surrounded by a horde of drooling school girls.

Then the spell was broken. His cool demeanour vanished and suddenly he was jumping up and down on the spot, waving like a maniac and grinning goofily.

"Hey! Tatsu-chan! There you are, I've been waiting ages for you!" His voice came out unexpectedly childlike and playful.

As soon as these words had been uttered, heads began to turn in Tatsuha's direction. Voices began to murmur amongst the crowd. Who was 'Tatsu-chan'? they asked. Not that Uesugi kid right? More and more and more angry glares were fixed onto Tatsuha, and he began to feel the terror of being on the wrong side of a mob of angry fangirls.

Ryuichi, for all his childishness, seemed to also sense the tension in the air. He ducked quickly through the crowd, reaching Tatsuha and grabbing the younger male's hand. Tatsuha felt as though he might just die there and then from the touch of his god, and as such was unaware that he was now being pulled through a crowd of murderous fangirls.

"Phew, that was close!" Ryuichi panted as they rounded a corner on a quiet suburban street, having finally outrun the mob. Ryuichi was bent over slightly, tired from the exercise and dragging Tatsuha the whole way.

Tatsuha himself was still in somewhat of a daze, gazing wide-eyed and open mouthed at the petite brunette in front of him. That petite brunette who's locks were slightly damp from the run, who's deep blue eyes were shimmering with excitement and who's cheeks were flushed such a delicate shade of rose. Oh how Tatsuha wanted to rip off that sexy leather jacket to expose the lean muscular body…

He shook his head rapidly, blushing- if it was even humanly possible- even deeper dispelling his highly inappropriate thoughts.

"R-R-R-R-Ryuichi!" He was finally able to stammer. The older male turned to look at him, an adorably inquisitive expression adorning his face. "W-W-W-W-What are y-you d-d-d-d-doing here?" Tatsuha was finding it very hard to form words at that moment. The older man beamed at him, oblivious to the effect that his next words would have.

"Let's go on a date, Tatsu-chan!"

Tatsuha fainted.

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