Whenever he stares at her, he gets this dazed look on his face. She'll begin to notice after a while and a smile will form in the corners of her mouth, her gleaming white teeth begin to show as her rose petal lips part. It gradually slides up, up onto her cheeks, melting in with her eyes. Eyes that are as green as the sea; prettier than his eyes for sure, which are just a few shades darker.

Every so often he'll reach over to her, running his fingers through her dark hair. Hair that always looks like it's never brushed, yet it stays so beautiful. She'll lean into his palm, a sigh escaping her lips. She'll look up at him with those eyes that he adores. Only at times like this will he ever look away from someone, a blush coating his cheeks. He'll reach for her hand and once they twine their fingers together she will give his a squeeze, reassuring him that she's still there.

They'll sit for hours not talking, only whispering the occasional sweet nothing. Or sweet something in their case; they know how much time they have left together before he goes to the capitol with The Girl Who Was On Fire. Everything they say means something to the other.

He'll begin to slowly inch down to her stomach, where he'll rest his head there listening to the baby that is slowly growing inside of her. Soon he'll have two people in his life that he loves instead of just one. How they manage such a sweet serenity they'll never know. As young as they are, they've created something that many people who are older than them have yet to achieve.

They've created their own world, in which it's just them and their love. No worries. No troubles. Just love.