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Sirius Black got caught soon after he escaped from Hogwarts with Buckbeak. And with a little Veritaserum, the Ministry of Magic found out that the people who helped Black escape Hogwarts were none other than the Golden Trio; the famous Harry Potter and his best friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. As a punishment they were going to be expelled from Hogwarts, but on Professor Dumbledore's insistence Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, decided that the three fourth year students would study at the twin schools, Constance Billiard School of Witchcraft and St. Jude's School of Wizardry, for a year as transfer students. The twin schools are famous for their elite-monarchy, their preference for blue-blooded pure bloods. Will the trio survive the storm awaiting them? Well, all we can do is, wait and watch.

Golden Boy in the City

Hey there, Gossip Girl here; your one and only source to the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite .A new academic year starts at Constance and St. Jude's today and three new transfer students were just spotted landing in the City. And mind you, there wasn't a single head that did not turn. Wake up S, B, N and C or may be New York's about to get a new 'it' group.

"Did you read Gossip Girl today?" Little Jenny asked her elder brother Dan with her big innocent eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you? I do not read stupid tabloids!"

"Harry potter's in town," she breathed.

"What?" Dan went over to the laptop they shared only to find the picture of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger walking out of the JFK airport.

"Oh my God, I can't believe this! My first year at Constance and I'm already meeting Harry Potter!" Jenny shrieked.

But Dan said nothing. He stared at the laptop for a moment or two. He had always idolized Harry, even though they were the same age, learned same magic. But there was something about Harry. May be the fact that he was after all Harry Potter, the boy who brought He Who Must Not Be Named down when he was hardly a year old. Or may be because of all the stories he had heard about Harry's bravery and courage in his previous years at Hogwarts, whatever it was, Dan's eyes were already idolizing the image of Harry.

Get a grip Lonely Boy. What are you, Ginny Weasley? It would be a total waste if you change teams, considering the fact that you're kind of cute, if you know what I mean.

Unlike wizards in the rest of world the wizards in New York had a human life too. The biggest and oldest wizarding families were also considered to be most affluent families in the social circuit of the city. They would go to work at their respective offices in the magic world in the daytime and party hard with humans at night. Humans were obviously bewitched by the illusions these wizards and witches created.

One of the best examples of such illusions was the Constance and St. Jude's schools. Most of the wizarding schools in the world were supposed to be in the middle of nowhere. But the twin schools were right in middle of everywhere the whole world wanted to be. But not a single human ever wondered why they were so exclusive. And even though just fourth year students, Blair Waldorf, Serena Van Der Woodsen, Charles 'Chuck' Bass and Nathaniel Archibald, ruled these schools. Why? It's all in their surnames. They were children of the most powerful wizarding families in New York and had worked hard climbing up the top.

Since then, Blair had always taken it easy. After the steamy night out with her boyfriend Chuck she was already late for her first day at school. And with Serena showing up earlier than the usual at her home, she was definitely pissed.

"Hey what the heck's taking so long?" Serena called out loud from downstairs. "I have news!"

"I don't care. Why are you up early?" Blair asked walking down the stairs and trying to button her cardigan-coat in a hurry. They were always allowed to mess up with their uniforms. And according to Blair, only that messing up made the uniforms look less hideous. She had heard about this Hogwarts school where the students had to wear cloaks. Ugly cloaks. Ewww!

"I told you I have news!" Serena seemed more excited than usual. That just meant either some trash about the Humphrey guy or worse trash about her mudblood 'really sweet friend' Vanessa, Blair thought. "Harry Potter's in town!"

No way. No effing way was he here. Someone so famous, no way. "What are you talking about?" Blair finally asked.

"Well, he and his best friends, Ron and what was her name, Hermione, were spotted at the city airport. It's all over Gossip Girl. Reports are they are transfer students here for year. Won't that be awesome? And I think the Ron guy is kind of cute." Wow, from a mudblood to a below-poverty level redhead, S is definitely making progress, Blair just shook her head.

"Whatever. It's not like we're having transfer students for the first time, S."

"Apathetic bitch. Let's just go to school, can we?"

"Sure. Where are Nate and Chuck meeting?"

"Oh I called them, they are already in their way to school. Let's just go, B!"

"Yeah!" Blair grabbed her backpack and followed Serena to the lift. She switched her iPod on and zoned out. She so didn't want to think about the new transfer students.

Sick so early, B? There's a lot to go girl. Soon enough, they'll be all that ever could be on your mind for the next few months.

Harry Potter did not like it here, New York City seemed alien to him. As he walked his way to the new school, he realized he never had this feeling even at Dudley's. But of course he would prefer any place in the world a thousand times more than the Privet Drive. And New York certainly wasn't bad, with Ron and Hermione around him, he didn't feel lonely. He missed Sirius though. His godfather; the feeling was yet to sink in, he had a family! And he was very thankful to Professor Dumbledore who had helped Sirius escape from Ministry of Magic Headquarters after the Veritaserum test.

"Harry, look," Ron called out and brought Harry out of his reverie. He turned his head in the direction of Ron and Hermione's. A huge building with two exactly same wings opposite each other stood tall in front of them. So these are the Twins, Harry thought. Hagrid had told a lot about the school to the three of them before dropping them to the Heathrow airport. Hagrid did not particularly like the school; it had seemed to Harry then. Looking at the school now, he did not like the vibes here either. He missed home. He missed Hogwarts.

"Let's go. We don't want to be late for the assembly on our first day!" Hermione said.

"Yeah, right," Ron rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. Let's go." Harry said and the three of them entered the school premises.