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So close...

"So, Ze-vah!" Tony said leaning over her desk.

"What is it Tony?" She asked, not looking up from her work.

"Got any plans tonight?"

Ziva stifled a laugh and looked up at Tony.

"What, couldn't find a one night stay?"

"Stand. And no."

"So you are still doing that." Ziva grinned.

"Wh-hey!" Tony snapped, seeing too late what he walked into.

"Its the same thing." She said, letting her friend off easy, this time.

"So it that a yes?" He continued to push the subject.

"Why the sudden interest now Tony?"

He leaned forward even more and tried to make a charming smile.

"You've been a good partner, and a great friend. I was just wondering..."

"What about Gibbs' 'rules' you obsess about?"

"Well, it would only be one date."

"Oh, so you ARE asking me out on a date?" Ziva smirked.

"Well...erm...the thing is..." Tony stumbled over his words, making her laugh again. Her eyes went wide as his lips leaned forward and brushed against hers, but she couldn't have been able to call it a kiss as his eyes stared at hers.

"So yes?" He whispered, pulling slightly back.

"I...I..." She stopped and leaned forward, closing her eyes. The two were a hair's width away and-


"Back in your place DiNozzo." Gibbs said after smacking Tony upside the head.

"On it boss." He sputtered out as he beat a hasty retreat and began to try to look as busy as he could at his desk.

After a long pause he looked at them both and said "Come on people at least try and hide it from me." Gibbs grinned and leaned back, drinking his coffee as he watched their shocked expressions.

[Pause and fade to black]