Second and last instalment to my NCIS romantic comedies.

So close... part 2

McGee had only stepped off the elevator, but his head was already pounding as Abby's music blared from within her lab. Caf-Pow! in hand, he walked in to see her doing something he couldn't make out.

"Abby?" He yelled, no responce.


"Nice butt." He grinned as he talked normal, not even able to hear himself say it as the music continued.

Raising her arm, she clicked a device and turned, making McGee's smile vanish.

"Timmy..." She squinted her eyes at him as he gulped.

"What was that last part?"


"A nice what McGee?" Abby tilted her head innocently.

"Nice...Nice...Putt!" He answered. "I mean, i was talking to myself about, my, erm, putt. I've taken up golfing. Here." He tried to stop anymore queastions by thrusting the Caf-Pow! at the forensic scientist.

"Thank you." She said, quickly taking it and back to her screens. "Anything you need?"

"Why are you starring at me?" She asked after McGee didn't answer for a moment.

"I was wondering if you and i an activity, together?" He asked, awkwardly scratching at the back of his head.

"Oh? And what kind o 'activity' are we talking about?" She asked, turning her attention fully to him.

"Well...maybe a movie?" He suggested.

"Its a date." Abby smiled before taking a sip o her drink.

"A date...yeah. Yeah." McGee smiled back, seeing the so-far success.

"Reminds me of when i was his age."

"You, nervous?"

Both of them turned to see two people standing in the doorway.

"Director Vance." McGee nodded, trying to hide his panick.

"Gibbs!" Abby squealed as she walked over and hugged his neck.

"How long were you..." She started.

"Long enough." Gibbs looked at McGee, who had the urge to try and make a run for it.

"Don't break him, for me." Abby pouted. After a few seconds Gibbs stepped back and nodded at the elevator.

"Come on Leon, we need to get to MTAC." He said casually.

"Right behind you." Vance said, chewing on his toothpick and staring at the two before following Gibbs.

"So around 8?" Abby asked as the two disappeared into the elevator.

"Alright." McGee agreed.

"Great, i'm been wanting to show off a new collar i got."