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"No, Hibiya. We've got a while until were there," he answered his youngest.

"Daddy!" Psyche rang through the blonde's ears. Shizuo sighed impatiently, knowing Psyche hadn't had a very long nap before they all decided to go to the carnival and was dreading what the middle child might do.

"What, Psyche-chan?" Shizuo frowned.

"Can we turn on some music~?" Psyche asked.

Shizuo reached over and turned the knob to turn on the radio as he leaned back in the seat. The rest of the car ride was filled with obnoxious singing from Psyche, with Hibiya constantly asking if we were there yet, and Kida's muttering of directions from the GPS in his hands. It was a miracle he didn't snap while driving down the road, and he was right to bring two packs of smokes with him, since he had promised he wouldn't smoke around the kids anymore. He was glad at least Kida was with them so he could take them for a while while he went off to take a smoke break. He had to admit - that kid was a damn good babysitter.

Shizuo was relieved when he pulled up against the ticket booth, and paid for himself, and Kida as the children were still under age enough to be free. He thanked the lady and followed the people directing the traffic to parking. He parked the car, and threw the keys into his pants pocket. He moved to the back door and began unbuckling Hibiya from his carseat.

"Dada," Hibiya started as he wrapped his arms around his father's neck.


"Are we here now?"

Shizuo's eyebrow twitched in annoyance, before nodding. "Yes, Hibiya. Were at the carnival." He noticed Kida had unbuckled Psyche and Tsugaru from their carseats and both were holding onto the blonde's hands as they made their way around the car. Shizuo made an irritated sigh, knowing this was probably a terrible idea, but once Kida had prompted the idea. He knew staying inside would've been torture and at least he could pine one or two off on the younger blonde. "So, what are the rules again?"

"Stay with Kida!" Psyche sang.

"Don't talk to strangers." Tsugaru responded calmly.

"Avoid commoners." Hibiya skeptically looked around the carnival.

"Don't lose them or you'll break my neck?" Kida joked weakly.

Shizuo frowned at the joke, "if you lose any of them. I won't just break your neck, and while you're laying on the ground lifeless - I'll leave you there and let Izaya pick at you like the vulture he is." He warned.

Masaomi lifted his free hand up in defense, a nervous chuckle following after. "Duly noted."

Shizuo turned to face the carnival, full of unsuspecting people and how this fun-filled event could quickly turn into a horrendous one, solely based on the actions of his children. Oh, how he wanted to take a drag from a cigarette, and his hand twitched and he could feel the paradise that was only a few inches away before his attention was directed towards one of his children that was nearly screaming at the top of his lungs to go ride rides already.

Shizuo closed his eyes, and began to count to ten, not getting that far yet again, because of this middle child of his. "Psyche-chan, the carnival isn't going anywhere."

Psyche jutted out a bottom lip, and began to swing from Kida's grip. "But we've been standing her foreeeveerrr. I want to ride! I want to ride! I want to ride!"

Shizuo pursed his lips, and wrapped the carnival band around Psyche's wrist, as he did with Hibiya's while Kida helped Tsugaru with his. "I'll take Hibiya, and Tsu-chan." He muttered, he outstretched a hand to the young blonde who complied by walking over and accepting it. "You can go on with Psyche-chan, Kida. I'll call when were going to head out."

Kida nodded in response, "Gotcha," he replied and the teenager with the bouncing raven went one way, while the ex-bartender toting his two children went the other.

Shizuo thought the evening was going pretty smoothly. Due to Hibiya being the youngest, he wasn't tall enough for some rides, or objected to riding on dirty commoner filth while Tsugaru was tall enough to go on the rides he wanted to by himself while Shizuo waited outside the gate with Hibiya. They were walking down the pathway to go to the fun house, thinking it might be something Hibiya would enjoy and they could all go in together, his stride was stopped abruptly when Tsugaru halted his steps and stared in wonderment at a fair game.

Shizuo blinked, not knowing why their walk was paused before eyeing the same game he was fascinated by as a kid. Under the booth, the game was set up with red targets and baseballs in a basket. The game was simple. Hit the target, get a prize, you got three chances.

"Do you want to play, Tsu-chan?" Shizuo asked with a faint smile on his lips. It was rare for the eldest kid to get so excited over anything and he wanted all three of them to have fun tonight.

Tsugaru looked up at him with big eyes, almost disbelieving his father when he watched him fish out the few bucks from his back pocket and hand it to him. "Go on," the ex-bartender approached the bench with the money in hand, and the carnival employer who wore a bored expression accepted it, and placed the baseballs in the blonde boy's hand. "Good luck, kid. You got three chances to win a prize, but if you don't, don't worry - you'll get a participant prize." The carny pointed to a long-strew of puny stuffed animals hanging off the edge.

Tsugaru picked up a baseball and lifted his hand back, before releasing his grip on the ball and it not only hit the target, but went straight through it and through the back of the fair booth where the game was set up. The carny's eyes quickly went from his previous bored expression to one of shock and surprise.

Shizuo stood there in shock, just as surprised as the man behind the booth was. "Oh no," Shizuo muttered under his breath before walking over to his eldest son while the man frantically asked what prize the blonde boy had wanted. Tsugaru had shown a slight expression of shock as he eyed the huge hole in the back of the booth, but was distracted by the carnie's question and pointed to a big, brown stuffed bear as he watched the man try to calm himself down as he untangled the bear from the prize section, handing it to him.

The man nearly jumped back into the back of the fair booth when he saw a taller man approaching. "Sh-Sh-Shizuo Heiwajima!" He stuttered, holding his hands up. "I can give him this whole booth if you want! I didn't realize he was-" The man stopped ranting once he saw the ex-bartender raise his hand up for him to stop talking.

"It's fine." Shizuo muttered as he pulled out a few big bills and handed it to the carny. "Tell your boss it was my fault, and here's money to fix the repairs for the booth." He started chuckle a bit, "I honestly didn't know he had it in him either. He's always so quiet." Shizuo replied as he patted Tsugaru on the head who had been holding onto his stuffed animal tightly. The carny nodded in immediate response, and returned a nervous chuckle in response. "Yeah, thanks, man."

Shizuo took hold of Tsugaru's hand again and made their way down the path, not noticing the crowd that Tsugaru had attracted. "How about that fun house, then?"

Kida had bought an elephant ear, and two drinks for Psyche and him to share. He thanked the lady at the counter after he decided the lady in the fair bus needed time to think about the romantic date proposal he just made and turned around to sit at a table that he left Psyche at, but didn't find the pink-clad boy anywhere.

Kida could feel his face lose color instantly, as his eyes darted around the whole food area to find the familar raven. "Aw, man. This is SO not happening. He's going to kill me. No, worse, he's going to kill me and then let Izaya eat my remains and then that stupid bastard is going to do a dance on my grave!" He exclaimed.

"Dance on that bastard's grave~!" Kida heard that same familiar sing-song voice that he was looking for. The blonde abruptly turned around to find the Black Rider and that underground doctor that seemed to always be with her, holding onto Psyche's hand.

"Psyche-chan!" Kida grinned as he lifted the small raven up into his arms and hugged him.

"I found Auntie Celty, Kida!" Psyche beamed up at the blonde.

"Don't ever run off like that again!" He scolded before he saw a cell phone shoved into his face.

[You're lucky that I was the one that found him, and not Shizuo...] Celty typed the message out. [Be careful next time.]

Masaomi nodded in agreement. "Never again! Promise!" The teenager let out a relieved sigh. "Thank you for finding him."

"Finding who?" None other than the legend of 'Bukuro began to walk up to the the group that was crowded in the food area, toting the other two children.