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Summary: Lorelai Gilmore is Sarah Braverman's twin sister whom she's never met. Camille and Zeek were told she wasn't going to make it and that she died a couple of days after her birth. Emily Gilmore gave birth to a weak baby after multiple attempts to conceive. She never knew her daughter died and was replaced by Sarah's twin.

AN: The action takes place in 2006 to match the dates so everything that happened on Parenthood in 2010 here happened in 2006. So Rory was still born in 1984, and Lorelai and Sarah were born in 1968, Adam in 1966, Crosby in 1972 and Julia in 1975.

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So Here chapter number 12: Mending Fences

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As much as getting to know a new relative who's all grown up might be awkward, it was something that needed to be done. For Sarah wanted to get to know Rory, but she simply didn't know how.

Sarah had taken her car to drive Rory around. Because showing required almost no talking at all she showed Rory her favorite spots growing up, and the words started to flow. She just needed somewhere to start. Rory listened.

Rory had always been a great listener, sure she was a talker like her Mom, but there was something soothing about listening to an other person. The fact that that other person looked so much like her Mom was just something she had to get past to.

- "… My whole life I felt like I was searching for something, I ran away from home a lot, you know." She sighed. "I put my mother, your grandmother, through hell growing up. Somehow I felt like I wasn't enough next to Perfect Adam or Studious Julia. Crosby and I were the screw-ups, though he never ran away. And then I got married to someone they really didn't like and we went on tour. It was amazing, and I was away, and then I had Amber. She kind of changed my life. Then Drew came along, he was almost born in my car. I think we were happy for a while. But things got difficult when I got divorced. And when I was out of money, I moved back in with my parents." She paused and stared out to the scenery, then looked back in Rory's eyes. "I'm sorry I blew up at your Mom the other night, things have been crazy lately.

- Hum, okay?" Rory didn't know what to answer to that and trying to digest all the information.

- "I don't know what came over me, but suddenly I was feeling all of this jealousy and it didn't feel good.

- Does my Mom know you feel that way?

- Yes, she does, but I also wanted to apologize to you too.

- Alright.

- You know, you and your Mom really look alike, it's uncanny!

- Yeah, she's very proud of that, she can joke and tell she made me at her image and nothing else!

- She's very proud of you too, you know. The way she speaks of you, it's radiating from her. It's really amazing! You two have this amazing bond, I don't think anything can break it."

Rory sighed and stared off at the sight.

- "I really don't know about that anymore, I did some stupid things and I said some stupid things to her, and I don't think it will ever be like before.

- What did you do that was so terrible, if you don't mind my asking?

- I just, um

- It's okay, you can talk to me, we're family." She encouraged her, looking at her with her mother's eyes, smiling the same her mother smiles. "I won't judge, you know. God knows I've done plenty of stupid things." She quickly added with a soft smile that was hers only.

- "Um Ok, I stole a boat, was arrested, dropped out of college and moved in with my grandparents. Mom dealt with the stealing nicely, with the dropping out a lot less, and the moving in not at all. We didn't speak for 5 months 3 weeks and 4 days, during which I missed her getting engaged and remodeling the house, our house, the house I grew up in."

Sarah was, much as Rory before, overloaded with information, which she processed quickly, and reacted with the first.

- "You were arrested?" She exclaimed. "My oh my, you are indeed my niece." She winked at her.

- "Yes, I had to do 300 hours of community service, the judge thought I was one of the privileged kids who had everything handed to them on a silver platter. The 200 bucks an hour lawyer paid by my grandparents didn't help. It's a very long story and one I really don't like to relive.

- Ok." Sarah replied, confused. "So you dropped out of college, mind if I ask why?

- I had a bad experience that changed my vision of the future and what I wanted to do for a job.

- But, now you're back to your primary vision of your future, right?

- Yes.

- So everything is back on track, right?

- More or less, yes.

- So why do you think your relationship with your mother is, how shall I put that, um, strained?

- It's just a feeling that I have. All my life, everything she did, she did for me. And I let her down, I just don't know how to repair it.

- So, it's guilt you're feeling." Sarah stated, analyzing the situation.

- "Yes, I guess it is.

- You know, I bet Lorelai is just happy you're back, and that you're happy and healthy." She paused. "You are happy and healthy right?

- Yes, I am.

- There you go." Sarah took a minute to process everything that had been said before turning back to Rory. "You know, Amber and I don't have the best of relationships. We have a good relationship, but it's nothing compared to what you and Lorelai have. I'm amazed when I see you two together!

- You should see Mom when she's with Grandma, at the best of times they're civil to each other, but at the worst they really don't speak to each other, shutting the other completely out." Then Rory noticed Sarah's discomfort. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up, I still have to get used to the fact that my grandfather who not my grandfather but a thief, stole my Mom when she was a baby. I mean, I haven't known him very long, but he's a good man at heart.

- I'm sorry Rory, but I really don't want to talk about that man." Sarah cut her rambling.

- "I understand that."

There was another awkward moment before Sarah spoke again.

- "Well, you know, it's weird for me too. But I'm really glad we all found each others. It's just that it's going to take some time to adjust, and life goes on. Sometimes one has to forgive and forget, personally I'd rather just forget, it's easier. However, I realize that you can't just forget, and neither can your Mom, and that's why everything is so difficult." Sarah said softly.

They kept talking, and before they knew it, it was time to go back to the house.

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Zeek had searched for Luke's information for ten minutes before he found it in the trash. He had overheard the discussion and he needed to do something about it, so he went over there, and banged on the door. Luke opened the door and was surprised by the stranger barging in his hotel room.

- "Who the hell are you?" Luke said as Zeek gave him a slight push towards the couch.

- "My name is Zeek Braverman, I saw you yesterday at my house while you were professing your love to my daughter.

- So you're…

- Lorelai's father, yes!" Zeek finished for him.

- "What do you want from me?

- Well, Luke, can I call you Luke?" He asked, and without giving the time to answer he went on. "You see, my daughter isn't sure you are going to be in her baby's life. Now, why would she think that?

- I don't know, she just told me, not even an hour ago, I barely had time to digest it!

- Ok, alright, is it digested now?

- Well, it's starting to sink in, yes.

- Good! Now I know you love my daughter, I can see it, but you hurt her and she's not willing to forgive you yet. But, and this but is very important so pay attention, she needs you right now, and because you screwed up, she's all alone now. So here's the deal, I'm gonna help you win over my daughter back. But if you ever treat her badly again, nobody is ever going to find your body, you understand me?

- Yes, sir I do." All Luke could do was nod. If he thought then that Richard Gilmore confronting him was scary, it was nothing compared to Zeek.

- Ok, good." He patted Luke on the shoulder. "We're going to devise a plan, and you'll apologize until she forgives you. And if she's anything like Sarah, we have work to do!" He said jokingly going from threatening to friendly in a matter of nano seconds.

.oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo. .oO° °Oo.

- "You're quiet… is that a good sign?" Lorelai asked worriedly.

- "No, we're just getting used to, well, an aunt that looks like our Mom, we need time to adjust." Amber replied. She wasn't uncomfortable, and she seemed to really like her aunt. "Just talk, we'll realize that you're not really our Mom." Drew remained silent.

- "Hum, OK?" She felt the weight of their stare bore into her. And she was growing uneasy with each passing minutes. Sarah hadn't said much about her kids to her, just that Drew was a sweet sensitive teenager and Amber was a rebellious one. In his silence, Drew reminded her of a young Rory whereas Amber reminded her of a younger version of herself, before she became responsible for another human being. To ease her discomfort, she started talking really fast about nothing and everything, hoping that the overload of information would help her somehow to let them get to know her.

They absorbed the information like a sponge, letting her get it all out, realizing exactly how much their Mom and Lorelai were alike, noting the differences in their mind.

In a matter of minutes, Amber was taken by Lorelai. She was everything she wanted her Mom to be and not but wasn't because she was her Mom. She was the cool aunt she didn't have. Sure there was Kristina and Julia, but they were way too serious for her. Kristina in a Mom way and Julia in a Lawyer boring kind of way. Seeing and hearing her made Amber understand more about Rory. And the words flew, it was like speaking to an old friend

Drew reserved his judgment, but he couldn't not like her, there wasn't much not to like. Nevertheless he didn't want to get hurt and he knew that she would go back east eventually. So he just listened to the conversation between his sister and his newest aunt, occasionally participating.

And so it went on, and before they knew it, it was time to go back to the Braverman's household.

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The sun was low in the sky reddening everything around when Lorelai, Amber and Drew got home. Lorelai noticed the fairy lights first. Then Drew and Amber told her to wait outside and they went inside. She was about to go inside and ask what was going on when she heard the music of Eternal Flame by the Bangels behind her. She turned around.

Luke was there, holding a boom box over his head. He took a few steps forward, set the boom box on the ground. Lorelai was frozen in shock. He took her hands in his.

- "Lorelai, I love you. I know I took you for granted, but I will never make that mistake again, you are the one for me, you are my shining star. Without you, my life isn't worth living. I don't want to go back to being the grumpy diner man who barks at everyone! You said sometimes love isn't enough, but for us, it's enough, it's all we need. You just need to want it. And I know you want it too. I know I hurt you, and I'm really sorry, but that's never going to happen again. You said now or never, and I didn't reply. I was paralyzed, but never is not an option. It was never an option. I just need you to give me the chance to prove to you that I'm yours, forever and always."

Lorelai regained her basic functions, and kept her hands in Luke's.

- "Luke…

- Please give me another chance." He begged.

- "… Do you want to come inside?"

He looked at her.

- "Yes, please yes!"

Inside the house, most of the adults were trying to listen in the private conversation, and when Lorelai led Luke inside the guest house, they were left to speculate.

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