"Its cool."

Freddie and Sam stared at each other, neither one of them sure how to react. He was in complete shock. Sam was in love with him?

Him, Freddie Benson, the guy she had picked on forever? Freddie felt as if he should be annoyed, or something close to that emotion. Instead, he felt..

Confused. He felt confused as to how he felt about Sam kissing him.

"Sorry." Sam repeated, and Freddie could almost see her guard go back up as she spoke.

"Sam," He said softly.

"It was dumb," She shook her head, her blonde curls cascading around her shoulders. "I shouldn't have kissed you, you're in love with Carly."

"I'm not." Freddie whispered. "I'm not in love with Carly."

Sam's expression seemed to say, 'well what are you waiting for then?'.

Freddie couldn't reply. He bit his lip slightly, something that drove Sam crazy. It was a habit Freddie didn't realize he had, but Sam had noticed. She'd spent enough time staring at that boys face.

"But you don't love me." Sam said, and it took everything she had to stop her lip from quivering. This, this is why she didn't put her feelings out there. If she did, she just got hurt.

Instinct took over then, and Sam turned and ran for the door.

"Sam!" Freddie yelled, unable to ignore the pang in his chest as she ran away from him. "Sam, wait!"

But, she was already gone.

Sam yanked open the door to the school, and ran in, past a shell shocked Carly, her feet pounding against the lino of the school corridors.

All she could think about was how much she had messed things up. If she hadn't been so stupid and kissed Freddie, everything would be okay. She would have him as a friend, or a frenemy, whatever the heck their relationship could be labelled as.

But now? Now, she had lost even that. He clearly didn't return the feelings, and Sam couldn't believe she was idiotic enough, naïve enough to think that he did.

Sam hadn't realized where she was going, until she felt her hand graze the cool metal handle of the girls bathrooms. They were empty, of course. Everyone else was working on their projects, hanging out with their friends or hiding from her.

She let out a snort at that. Kids were hiding from Sam, afraid she would do what she did to Gibby the previous year. If they only knew what she was really doing.

Sam looked at herself in the mirror, shoving her blonde bangs out of her face roughly. Tears had started to spill from her eyes, causing her eyeliner to run down her face in spidery lines.

And it was all Freddie Benson's fault. That nub had made her into a giant quivery mess of a girl. Fredward Benson, the kid she'd been picking on since the sixth grade.

The guy she was in love with.

Sam slid to the floor, not caring that the school bathrooms were possibly the most disgusting place in the world. The unrequited love thing? It hurt.

She didn't know how Freddie had put up with it for so long, she honestly didn't.

Sam brought her knees close to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them, trying to ignore the chill, and the dampness that was seeping into her shirt.

Her chin resting on her arms, Sam let herself cry. The salty tears were an unfamiliar sensation as they spurted from her eyes, and dribbled down her cheeks, making tracks in her make up.

Another reason why she couldn't stand wearing make up. One bit of moisture, and you looked like you'd just slapped the stuff on your face blindfolded.


She looked up as she heard Carly call out. The door to the bathroom's began to slowly inch open- damn, why didn't she lock it?- and her dark haired best friend entered the bathrooms.

"Sam," Carly repeated, her voice laced with sadness, and confusion as she sat down beside her best friend, wincing slightly at the feel of the cold tiles.

"Go away." Sam mumbled, but Carly ignored her.

"It was Freddie all along?" Carly sounded as if she was still trying to wrap her head around what had just happened.

Sam reluctantly nodded.

"When did you figure it out?" Carly inquired, and something told her this was going to take a while.

"I don't know," Sam gave a minuscule shrug. "I mean, things changed after we kissed the first time, and ever since then.."

"You've loved him since then?" Carly had to stop herself from gawping. That was two years ago, it was a long time.

"No." Sam shook her head. "It took me a long time to figure out I, y'know. Up until then, I was just feeling.. Stuff."

Carly hid a grin a her friends inability to express her feelings. Now wasn't the time.

"And he doesn't feel the same." Sam said quietly, her voice so vulnerable, Carly had to reach out and hug her.

"I'm not going to sit here and tell you that he loves you, and everything's going to be perfect." She began thoughtfully. "But I'm also not going to tell you that he doesn't love you."


"Freddie," Carly wondered where to begin. "He thinks he loves me. I mean, he's never had anything real, so why would he think otherwise? But he's finally realizing that he doesn't like me that way."

Carly looked at Sam intently. "I think he's just as confused as you are. But Sam, you have to talk to him."

"No," Sam shook her head. "I'm not talking to him. I screwed things up enough already."

"You wont know until you try."

"I saw the look on his face," Sam said simply. "He doesn't, y'know. Feel like that."

Carly sighed. There was no talking to Sam sometimes.

"Go Carls," Sam said quietly. "Help Gibby with your project. I'll be fine."

"Sam.." Carly said, her words drawn out. She wasn't going to leave her best friend when she needed her the most.

"Go Carly." Sam repeated, and tried to fake a smile. "I'll be fine. I need the space to think."

She didn't like it, but Carly knew Sam needed to figure things out in her own head. And, Carly needed to make sure Gibby wasn't killing her brother.

She left the bathroom, and walked past the windows by the courtyard. It felt like hours had passed since the kiss, but in reality in was only ten minutes. Twenty, tops.

Freddie was still standing there, staring at the wall. The same position he'd been in since Sam kissed him.

It was then that Carly realized that this, that simple kiss and the not so simple feelings, had changed everything. It was going to change even more. Life, it was never going to be the same.

She wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.


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