A/N: Many people have wanted me to make a multi-chaptered fic with these two. I'll try my best to keep them in character as possible, but there are no guarantees, as I am not good at this.

I have seen almost every subbed episode :D.

P.S. this takes place maybe 10 years after the anime. As a twist, it'll take place in my made up region Britannia. Do I really have to describe it?

Drabble number 1: Battles are savoury!

Cilan's POV

"Cilan, this one-on-one battle was a great idea!" Iris called. I smirked.

"Pansage, I'm sure we can win!" I grinned. They made their respective sounds. We just had to be careful of her Excadrill. "Oh, how I love battles! They're so savoury! It twinges my tongue like a habanero pepper. It feels like –"

"Okay Cilan, that's enough, could you please just say some attacks already?"

"Fiine," I rolled my eyes. "Pansage, use Solarbeam!"

"Excadrill, Drill Run!" While Pansage's head started to glow until Excadrill spun around and smashed into him. Pansage rolled around on the ground and began digging – perfect! He dug a hole behind Excadrill and bashed into it. With a thud, Excadrill collapsed on the ground and fainted.

"Battles are savoury," I grinned.

"I knew you'd win, Cilan," she slowly clapped.

I nodded. "Thanks…," I blushed. She walked up and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Love ya, sweetie," she giggled. I blushed as she flirted with me.

"I love you too," I leaned in and gave her a big kiss on the lips. "This tasting time is… sweet as a croissant dipped in honey."

She giggled. "Come along, let's continue."

"Yeah," I nodded. We both returned our Pokémon and we walked on ahead.