Drabble number 2: Chester

"Well, we made it," Cilan said to Iris – who was immersed in the art and culture of the city. There were statues of mermaids, lions, griffins, horses and dragons – statues of beasts never seen in Unova. "This town smells amazing! It smells… sweet." Iris and he looked at some Pidgeys flying by. "It smells like a river too," he noted while they walked across a bridge. Iris smiled when she saw some Wingulls trying to steal some food from people.

"Cilan, you're right. This place is amazing," Iris's smile turned into a grimace. The two looked at the river. There was a weir, creating a small waterfall. A few Wingulls rested there. A strange creature – with a large head, yellow eyes, black stripes around its muzzle and mainly blue in colour and with a reddish-grey throat – rose out of the water.

"What's that?" she jumped back, surprised by the creature's sudden appearance.

"It's okay," a voice said from behind. They turned around to see a man that somewhat resembled Burgh, except he was shorter, had dark brown hair and eyes, and wore white and blue trousers.

"You look familiar, you look like Burgh," Cilan said.

"Oh! I'm Burgh's cousin, Gareth," he said. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," the couple said.

"So, what's that Pokémon?" Iris asked.

"It's called a Galodraco, but I've never seen one this far north before," he shrugged. "I have to go now, but if you need me, I'll be by the castle. See you," he waved and walked off.

"Bye!" the two called. They watched him walk off…

A/N: Felt like being random. Burgh is cool and I like him. Him and his honey fetish… lol!

P.S. Galodraco is one of my Fakemon! :D