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Did I tell you I loved you?

"Iris…," Dent said in his sleep, surprising the half-asleep Iris. She sat up and shook him, waking him up. "Iris… why did you wake me up?"

"You were saying my name in your sleep," she replied. "I could sense something… like you were about to say 'I love you'. W-we're you?" she looked at him with her big eyes, almost staring into his soul.

"Oh, you silly girl, you and your sixth sense," he teased, avoiding the subject. "You know I don't believe in that silliness. It can be explained with science."

"Science? Well, is love 'science'?" He didn't answer. He just sat there with an embarrassed-look on his face. "Cilan, answer me." He was silent. He blushed. "Ah-hah, I was right, you do love me!" she giggled. He blushed further. "I can see it on your face!" she laughed, waking Ash and his Pikachu up. "…Sorry."

"It's okay," Ash mumbled and fell back asleep, but Pikachu only pretended to.

"Iris… did I tell you I love you?" he looked into her eyes.

"No…," she sighed. "I love you too, though." Pikachu stared in awe at the two. "Look, Pikachu's watching."

"That's okay," he said. "He's smart, he should understand." She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

"Explain that with science," she blushed.

"Well, the brain is producing –"

"Silly, I was joking. Let's go to bed now," she smiled. He let her sleep in the same sleeping bag as her. It was comforting and a lot warmer. However, they knew they were going to be woken up by the confused Ash thinking they were having sex. "Let's make do for what we have right now." He was already asleep by the time she had said that. She stared at the stars and peacefully fell asleep.

…And they did wake up with a scream from Ash, while Pikachu tried to calm him down.

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