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"Blaze! My car! He's my baby!" Gilan smiled as he skipped down the sidewalk.

I giggled and followed him to a pretty blue mustang. "Here he is!" Gilan said giddily.

"'He'? Aren't they usually 'she'?" I asked.

"Yeah but I'm gay. Why the hell would I want a girl car?" Gilan managed to keep a straight face for all of two seconds. We both laughed and got into Blaze and took the short trip to Aero.

The store was HUGE. I'd only been to good wills for new clothes. Which technically weren't new.

"OK. So what do you need?" Gilan asked.

"Everything!" I laughed.

"THAT can be arranged!" Gilan took me around grabbing everything he deemed cute in my size and his. When he couldn't carry anymore we found a large dressing room and he threw me in.

"Strip," He said.

"W-what?" I blushed.

"You're not AFRAID are you?" Gilan teased.

I blushed brighter and lifted my chin. "No! What do I put on?" I asked.

"Tryyyy...This, this, this and this," he said as he tossed a pair of jeans, a plain tee and button down shirt along with a pair of those cool sandle/flip flop things.

As I changed into the ensemble Gilan changed into khaki shorts and a black tee shirt. He looked over at me a whistled. "Look at YOU! You look like a shorter version of those sexy models hanging all over this store! Yum!"

I smiled. "I'm not THAT hot."

"Boy you're turning me on with that humble exterior!"

"Look at you though! Is that a 6-pack under there?" I asked lifting his shirt with a finger.

"It's possible," Gilan smirked. "You could have one too if you worked out a bit, flabby!" He said poking me.

"Hey, it's cute flab!" I retorted.

"Well," Gilan said leaning into me, "That's because you're cute."

I flushed bright red. "S-stop teasing, Gilan!"

"Who said I was teasing?" Gilan said as he took my lips to his.

They were just as sweet as him. And soft as if chap stick was an hourly ritual for him. I quickly registered what was happening and eagerly kissed back. His tongue flicked out begging for entrance and I easily gave it. His tongue slid smoothly into my mouth, and danced with mine. I entangled my fingers in his hair and his fingers in mine. He backed me up against the mirror and kissed me harder.

All too soon we ran out of air and had to let go. He stared at me red lipped and panting. "Will?" he asked, "Spend the night with me."

I nodded, panting as well. Gilan smiled. He picked up all the clothes and ran to the cashier and payed for it all including what we were wearing and ran out to Blaze with me in tow.

Gilan sped so fast down the road I thought we were going to die. But his apartment was only a few blocks away. He practically skipped up 2 flights and unlocked his door.

"Welcome to chez Gilan!" He smirked.

I smiled and walked in. It was simple like Halt's but messier. Estrange clothes littered the furniture. It felt more like a home.

Before I knew what was happening, Gilan had me up against a wall. "I want you so bad..." He said gruffly.

"Take me," I whispered.

Kissing me, Gilan wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me to his bedroom. We fell together on his bed, him on top of me. I ran a hand up his shirt and nearly tore it off. Gilan's crotch was right against mine. Rubbing with every movement. I started getting hot and hard. Gilan felt this and smiled, slipping a finger into my pants and unbuttoning them. I smiled and dove my tongue into his mouth as I fumbled with his button. Gilan moved to kiss my neck as I finally removed his pants and slipped my own off.

"G-Gilan!" I stuttered. Gilan was only too happy to remove my shirt and ravage my chest.

"You're so soft," He murmured against me. He moved to suck my nipple while teasing the other with his fingers.

I moaned loudly from his warm, wet mouth roaming over me. I bucked slightly and Gilan laughed. "Restless, aren't we?" He asked.

"Oh Gilan, please!" I begged.

Gilan chuckled and kissed his way down to my bellybutton taking a moment to tease me by licking around it and diving in. He then moved down and pulled my boxers with his teeth, revealing my manhood to the cold. A chill went through my spine and I gasped. But just as quickly as it hit air it was engulfed but an amazing warm, cavern. I groaned loudly as Gilan bobbed up and down licking and sucking.

Colors filled my mind and I was close to coming. But Gilan wasn't having it. He rose and took his own boxers off and reaching into a drawer he pulled out a bottle of lube and squeezed some to his fingers. The small light shining somewhere beside him let me see his face, flushed and panting. His erection stood out seemingly beckoning to me.

"Gilan!" I moaned begging for release.

"Don't worry, babe." Gilan said lifting my hips to wrap my legs around him. Our groins rubbed together and momentarily we both groaned in pleasure together.

Gilan would his arm behind me and inserted a digit into me, making me squirm and throw my head back. Gilan smirked and inserted another. I nearly screamed as Gilan pulled in and out making scissoring motions with his long, slender fingers.

"Gilan, I'm ready," I panted. He smiled and rubbed some lube on his dick. Placing himself before me he smirked at me and leaned forward. I groaned at the slight pain as he entered me but it soon vanished as Gilan kissed me. He started out slow in a steady rate but soon picked up speed and we grunted and screamed together.

Not long after I screamed out, "GILAN!" as I emptied myself on his chest.

Gilan followed, screaming my name and emptying himself into me. He collapsed on me and we panted trying to gather our breath. Once he got his he pulled out and lay beside me, pulling me into his arms.

"It's been a long time since I was on top," Gilan chuckled.

"It's been a long time since I've done it," I retorted.

"Well," Gilan said dropping his smiled, "We COULD do it all the time. If you came to live here. I knew your Dad. He was a good man and I know his son must be too. I want to know all about you. Please come?"

I looked into Gilan's and saw the hope there. I also wanted to get to know Gilan. He was so cute and bubbly and a big tease. But there was also Halt. Who watched over me like an angel and looked like a God. But I had a chance with Gilan. Halt was a big question mark sexually.

I made a spontaneous decision. I didn't care for over thinking things.

"I really like you, Gilan. You're cute and sweet and REALLY good in bed...but..."

"I'm just a one night stand," He finished.

"No!" I said quickly. "I would happily do it whenever you want, Gil!" I said rubbing my hand up his thigh. "But Halt really wants to make up to my Dad by taking care of me."

Gilan sighed. "I think everyone wants to make up to your Dad... So this ISN'T a one night stand?"

"Hell no! I really like you Gil! And tonight was totally AMAZING!" I smiled and nuzzled Gilan's chest.

Gilan smiled and held me closer. "Promise to spend lots of nights with me?"

"I promise lots and lots of sleepovers!"

Gilan chuckled and pulled me into a kiss. "I think I owe you dinner too. Will you go on a date with me this Friday, Will? We can go anywhere you want!"

I smiled. "It'll be my first date."

"Well I'm honored!"

"I'm looking forward to Friday, Gil."

Gilan sighed. "I love how you say my name."

"I love your smile."

"Gilan smirked and nuzzled my cheek. "Let's sleep a little before work."

I made a face. "Ugh. Work."

"It's not too bad," Gilan laughed.

"That's true," I said drifting off. "I get to be with you."

I fell asleep to Gilan's laughter and the smell of rain...Gilan's smell.

August 8th sometime before dawn

I was trapped. Trapped in dense woods and I was running. Running from darkness that creeped behind me. My feet were bloodied by thorns when I shot free between two trees into a clearing. It wasn't pretty. It was covered in blood. Who's blood I wasn't sure. Perhaps mine. Two paths stood out. Both looked clean and happy and nice. A wind blew from the right path and I was overcome with the smell of rain. It was sweet and nice and drew me to it.

A wind then blew from the left one and a completely different smell overtook me. It was husky and dark and oddly appealing. Like a hearth after a fire there was a faint warmth emanating from it.

I was at a loss. Which did I take?

Before I could decide I was suddenly in an odd blue room with an annoying beeping. I yawned and looked around only to see Gilan with a pillow over his head drowning out the alarm. I smirked and leaned over to turn off the alarm.

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