Peter's Game

Peter woke up and lied still in bed, not wanting to go to the university. I'm Locke, for my sake. I shouldn't be going to a university that tells me things I know already, he thought to himself. Why should I try to blend in? I already get noticed for being a Wiggin. He sighed, knowing that if he didn't make any movement Mother would walk in and make sure he gets up. I should just move out. He got out of the bed and went into his connected bathroom where he used the toilet, showered, put on pants and a polo, did his hygenic doings, and went downstairs to find his breakfast ready.

"Good morning, sweetie," Mother sang.

"Morning," Peter mumbled. He read the news as he ate his eggs. Nothing much going on. Just the usual news of the Battle School brats and Ender's Jeesh. He frowned at thinking of Ender's name. Oh Ender, you're smart enough to know that I love you, and yet I'm smart enough to know your biggest fear is becoming a monster like me. Well, little brother, I'm not that tyrranous brother anymore, you little brat. You saved the world from destruction, and I'm saving the world from self-destruction. Hm, I'd hate to see what your kids will be like. And Valentine's. He frowned even more at his sister's name. Stupid girl. Even if she didn't love Ender whole-heartedly she still would've left just to have pissed me off.

"Morning son," Father said and sat across from him. "Morning hon." He gave Mother a kiss as she sat down. They started to drabble on about things Peter didn't wish to hear. Before they could pull him into the conversation he got up and left, leaving his plate and glass on the table. When he looked back, to his dismay, they didn't pay any heed towards him leaving.

"Oh Johnny P.," said Mrs. Wiggin, "Our son seems gloomier today, doesn't he?"

"I didn't notice," Mr. Wiggin replied.

"I wonder what's on his mind." She smiled eagerly. "Maybe it's girl trouble."

"Theresa, do you really think Peter would be upset about a girl? I doubt he's even thinking of girls in a time like this. I know he's a teenage boy and all, but he doesn't want to be in a relationship, and I know he's brought home girls before though it's never been serious."

Mrs. Wiggin's brow furrowed. "He's brought girls home? I never knew of this."

Mr. Wiggin smirked at his wife's adorable face. "When I go to get his laundry from his bathroom I've found items like mascara, bras, and other things like that. I don't think he's got a girlfriend, but I assume he gets laid."

She frowned. "And of course you're proud of your son for doing this."

"Absolutely." He kissed her forehead. "It'll probably be awhile before we get any grandkids though, so don't worry about becoming a grandmother at your age."

"What? I worry about that every day! Peter does everything young, John Paul. Look at him, he's one of the most influential person in the world. He-"

"Will you lower your voice? He could still be around and we can't let him know we know he's Locke."

"Fine...But I think we should put a chastity belt on him."

Mr. Wiggin laughed. "There are many things a man would do in order to get some action, dear, even causing injury to himself just to get a chastity belt off."

Peter sat down in the back of the library so no one would be able to eavesdrop in on his messages. It didn't matter though, since none of them were too important, but they all would have given away that he was Locke. He glanced around at all the people, his fellow classmates and some people still in high school that were usually at the library everyday. He knew all their names and simple facts about them. David Stein was in one of his classes. A seemingly smart guy, but he would eventually die of liver disease or drunk driving since he carried a flask of whiskey that never seemed to be empty. Kayla Taylor, a girl also in a class of his. She was only at the university because her parents payed her way in. A spoiled but attractive girl, one that Peter had taken home to get his kicks with a few times. She gave him a flirtacious smile, but he glanced away. Ethan Cole, a nice, smart guy that kept to himself. Peter had occassionally spoken to him but Ethan had always gotten flustered and blushed when they conversed. Missy Lockeheart, a rather ditzy girl but somehow was in the top ten of her class at the high school next door. He didn't stare at her for long because whenever he did she would quickly look up at him with big green eyes. Then there was Bertha West. Everyone called her Big Bertha, but only behind her back because she could throw a punch that could knock someone out instantly. Peter stayed away from her, but the majority of others seemed to gossip about her other than those who stayed away from her. And Missy. She was always kind to everyone. She never seemed notice the remarks people made about her. Stupid girl. Though she was something rather nice to look at, mostly because she wore short dresses and low necklines, not to mention she went braless.

He always liked to compare her to other girls, because there was something about her that made him want to choose her over the other girls, mostly for sexual purposes. There were obvious reasons when he compared her to Bertha, but when he compared her to Kayla, who was the type of girl that made a lot of other girls jealous for her look, he would still rather have Missy. To Peter, it seemed like she was more...innocent. Kayla got around all the time. Missy, she seemed like a naive, vulnerable, more passionate girl. Kayla was a slut. Plus, Missy had bigger breasts. There was something about the innocent virgin types of girls that really got Peter riled up. He knew that if he slept with a virgin, he'd be the man and the girl would have no idea what to do so he could tell her what to do. Basically, it was all about his ego.

Peter smirked. There wasn't a whole lot to do right now as Locke. It wasn't time to reveal his identity. I suppose I can make it my little game, he thought. I could probably get her in bed. It's my game. I can make it so that I can't lose. Though I still probably won't in the first place.

Thunder sounded outside, which was like a signal for everyone to pack up and leave before it rained since most walked either all the way home or to the bus stop which was a few blocks over. Peter didn't get up so quickly. He enjoyed the rain, and for no specific reason that he could think of. Only half of the people were out the doors when it began to pour. He sat there for a few minutes skimming through some articles when he realized that Missy was the only other one in the library other than the librarian who was in the office, asleep. Missy was standing by the doors, looking out worriedly. She was holding her small purse to her chest. Stupid forecast, she thought, it's not suppose to rain until ten o'clock!

Peter gathered his things with a smirk. It's like I was just given a Move-Forward-10-Spaces Card, he thought. He walked towards Missy with his confident stride and arrogant smile. "Missy," he said and she glanced up at him with her big, green eyes.

Peter didn't know his game was practically rigged for him to win. Missy had always been intrigued with Peter, and this was before his brother saved the world, too. She had first seen him when they were twelve. He was already in much higher classes than she was, but he wasn't yet in the university yet. Even though they were the same age, Peter was smarter and more mature, and a person could tell by his eyes, so he gave the image of being older. Plus, he was at least a head taller than Missy. She was walking to her house one day when she saw him for the first time. He was on the opposite side of the street and walking like he was an emperor with a girl frowning at him. When she first saw the girl she grew jealous even though she had just seen Peter for a few seconds. Then she noticed the similar characteristics between them like the nose, the eyes, and the ears, and she realized they were related. Peter didn't glance at her, but the girl spotted her and gave Missy a smile and a wave. She waved back with a smile. There was something about the two that made Missy feel inferior to them. She thought that maybe they were like her, too, for Missy was one of the children in the world who was very close at going to the Battle School. Missy understood things quickly, she adapted easily, she was smart in school, it's just that she was oblivious to common sense. She could never get her left or right correct. She didn't get back-handed insults. She was too much of a day-dreamer to have common sense. She was also clumsy and wasn't that great at math. In every other aspect, she was perfect.

The main reason why she had grown fond of Peter was because he was very attractive. Over time, she grew more and more admiration for him because of things she found out. It was when she found out that he was Locke that she had fallen completely head over heels for Peter. She had felt brave one day at the library over summer and sat closer to him that day. Peter was just discovering that Valentine would be leaving, and he had nothing else on his mind except for that. So he didn't see Missy approach him. When she was about to touch his shoulder, she saw the messages. She quietly went back to her seat, and contemplated what she had just discovered. If only I weren't such a coward, she had thought.

"Why're you standing by the door?" Peter asked her.

Missy had always hoped that Peter would talk to her. She was blown away by the fact that he knew her name. It all would've been perfect, if he hadn't asked that question. Missy was wearing a light pink dress, and since she didn't have a bra on, it would've been see through in the rain. Her purse was too small to cover her breasts, and she would've looked ridiculous holding it down the road. Though Peter was observant, and he had already known why she was standing there before he even got up from his seat.

"Here," he said, and held out his jacket for her. He gave her a knowing glance with his little smirk.

Missy blushed tremendously as she realized he knew her predicament. Though since she didn't want to flash the town, she took the jacket and mumbled, "Thanks."

They exited the library, and Peter was about to say something to Missy when he saw that she was going in the opposite direction that he was. "Where are you going?" he asked.

She turned to him and said, "The only bus stop that drives by my neighborhood is clear across town. It's easier to just walk to my house."

She was half way turned around when he asked, "Do you wanna go get some coffee?" Her heart fluttered. He knows my name. He was the first to talk to me. Now he's asking me out to places with him. She smiled at him. "I'd love to."

They hopped on the bus that lead to Peter's favorite coffee shop without a name. Not many people knew about it because it was tucked away in an alley with no sign or anything to let people know it was there. He was a regular there, and only regualrs went there, like the waiter Tom Shwarloze and Glen Greyhound, the old man that use to be with the IF before he retired. Peter had never showed it to anyone, but under the circumstances, he felt like it was time to.

"Hey, Pete," said Joe Montgomery, the guy who sat behind the counter. He looked at Missy. "Ah, you've brought a girl with you this time. Why're you hanging around some jerk like him?"

Peter half smiled. "Joe, stop being a prick and do your job," Peter said.

Missy was surprised. She had never seen Peter joke with someone before. She rarely ever saw him talk to anyone for that matter.

"What'll it be, missy?" Joe asked.

Peter grinned. "You know, that's her actual name," he told Joe.

Joe laughed. "I told ya I should've been taken up to the Battle School! I have ESP!"

"You're too much of a slob to get taken into the Battle School," Glen said raising his glass.

"Shut up, you old Irish prick."

Missy smiled. Who called on anyone's ethnicity anymore?

"So, Missy, what'll ya have?" Joe asked.

"Oh, I'll just have an iced tea," Missy said quietly and gave a small smile.

"I'll have my usual, and throw in a side of fries, too," Peter said and then led Missy to his usual table in the corner. "So where do you live exactly?" When Peter saw her turn the other way not much was that way except for the high school and farms. "Do you live on a farm?"

"Um, not exactly," Missy said. Why does he keep asking questions I dread? At least we're on a date, if it counts, she thought. "I live out in the country and all, but we don't live on a farm or anything."

"Who's we? Your parents?"

Tom came by with the food and drinks and didn't say anything because he was listening to music. Missy took a sip of her tea. "My mom, brothers, and sisters. My dad is away right now."

"Away? Like on a business trip?" Peter asked, making Missy dread bringing up her father.

"No...," she mumbled. "He's...well-"

"Prison?" Peter asked nonchalantly.

Missy felt a little more comfortable. "Yeah, he went to prison a few years ago. Apparently he set fire to a place, but it's impossible because he was with my mother and I that night. Someone framed him, and so now he has to serve three more years. I visit him quite often."

Peter smiled softly, but then frowned as he realized he wasn't putting on a fake smile on. He was just here to get her into bed and that was all. "Do you really love your father?" he found himself asking. Damnit, he thought, why're we talking about fathers?

"Yes, he's a great man. He's a coal miner. Well, he was..."

"What about your mother? Do you really love her?" This question Peter meant to ask since they were already on the topic of parents.

"Yes, she's a beautiful, wonderful woman, but ever since my father went away she just lies in bed. She's really depressed, and now my older brother and sisters are running everything. Well, mostly my sisters. My brother just brings home all the money."

"So your parents weren't compliant?"

"No, that's why we live far off. My mother home schooled us while my father brought home the money and food. Though then the law changed and I got to go to public school. I guess it's all-" She shut her mouth and gulped down her tea, looking away.

"What were you going to say?" Peter asked.

"Well...I was just going to say something about your brother, but I know you don't like to talk about him so-"

"What were you going to say about him?"

"Just that the law changed because of him and I guess I should be thankful to him," she said quickly Peter almost didn't catch it.

Peter was surprisingly not annoyed. Instead, he felt some type of relief. He finally realized that Ender was gone and that it was his turn to rule. Ender's reign was over and Peter was taking over. Ender was like Julius Caesar while Peter was Augustus Caesar. Julius was strong militaristically while Peter was strong politically. Sure, Ender saved the world from an enemy, but Peter was saving the world from itself. Augustus Caesar created the new constitution for Rome, and that's what Peter was doing. Except with the world. Peter laughed a little, and a new sense of confidence came over him. He looked at Missy with his arrogant smirk and stare. "How do you know I don't like talking about him?"

Missy blushed. "I noticed you got a cold look on your face one day when everyone was asking you about him."

"Oh so you've noticed me?"

Missy shrugged and stared into her tea, not knowing what to think of the new mood in Peter's behavior. "Maybe..."

Peter laughed. "It's alright. I've taken notice of you, too. I mean, it's hard not to." He winked at her.

Missy smiled and blushed some more. "It's hard to not take notice of you, too."

Peter grinned. "Come on, let's get out of here." He stood up, left a generous tip for Tom, and held out his hand to Missy. She took it gleefuly.