Teresa Wiggin crossed her arms as she saw her son and his new wife come up the stairs. It was the first time she saw them since the marriage. They were just returning from their honeymoon in Brazil. She noticed the small bump on her daughter-in-law's torso. Her eyes grew wide and she glared at her husband. "You said I wouldn't have to worry about being a mother anytime soon!" she screached hysterically.

John Paul Wiggin laughed. "Dear, remember how young we were young when we had Peter?" he asked.

"Not as young as him!"

"Oh you know you want a new baby around here."

"Oh shut up. You can be so mean Johnny P."

"I'm not mean. I'm just a man who says all the wrong things."

"That's the way I am," Peter said coming into the house.

"So, what is it? A boy or girl?" Father asked.

"A boy," Missy said.

"What're you going to name it? Duke Thor?" Mother asked.

Peter smirked at her. "No, Mother, we were going to name it after your favorite son. Andrew. Do you remember him?"

Mother narrowed her eyes. "Your son will most certainly turn out just like you."

Peter and Missy smiled as they looked into each other's eyes. "Nothing I could want more," Missy said.

Peter smiled. "Except for a girl."

They kissed.