I run faster and faster through the twisted woods, breathing heavily, and beads of sweat on my for-head. My skirt tattered from running through thorns and my shirt filled with holes. I can hear her twisted laughter through the thicket of leaves, my heart pounding against my chest. I don't know whether to kill her to defend myself of to let her kill me to please the spirit possessing her.

I wish he would go to the righteous place of heaven. My friend Mira is possessed by my former lover who was killed five months ago. My lovely Karo, he who was tricked by the evil sorceress Willow. She made him think that I would kill him so Karo -protecting his life- came to take my life instead, but his life was taken by an arrow through his heart. His spirit wondering the earth, fueled by his hatred for me.

Running through the woods I trip on a root sticking out from the ground. I fear for my death as Mira stands over me with an evil smile and glowing red eyes. " please Karo don't do this to me!" I yell at him with my eyes filled will fear " I wish I didn't have to but I my soul cannot rest until I see you dead!" with that his spirit comes out of Mira's body and his spirit creates a body made of ash, bones, and twigs.

The scene is horrific and my body is frozen in fear, I want to faint but I am afraid that once my eyes are closed I may never wake up. He leans over me with a knife in his hand "I never knew my only true love would be the cause of my death" he says coldly. I shake in fear as he puts the knife to my neck "stop Karo! I never wanted to kill you it was the sorceress Willow I love you!" I sob tears of regret and hugs Karo's hideous body. His expression is surprised and he looks into my teary blue eyes, he holds my in his arms and says words that I have been waiting to hear ever sense his death " I love you" his words shaky with emotion. I cry in his arms, his artificial body absorbing my tears. I missed his embrace for to long. But all changed, my vision went blurry, and blood soaked my shirt. Karo had stabbed me in the back with his knife. I never felt so much pain in my entire life, my heart and my body felt shattered. And my life was taken from me.

My name is Riku Moon and this is the story of how I was betrayed by my lover. This is my last request in the world I used to live in; always protect the ones you loveā€¦