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As I was finishing; I stared at her intently, hoping her crazed mind could comprehend the oh-so-clear message. Suddenly, Pam let out a string of unexpected laughter.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry, that's so awful it's awesome." What? Pam was an artist right? She should be the one to understand that this was a way of expressing yourself through creative ways.

Humiliation had always been my weak spot. I wanted to apologize; I wanted her to want me back. However, if teasing and snickering was involved, I would rather be alone. Therefore, I found myself lying in a way that would surely shatter her heart.
"I know right? I just- uh- I just found it and thought it was so funny, so awesome."

"Yeah, well, you just said you wrote it." Of course Andy had been the one to recollect my previous note. Perhaps if the pride of making sure everyone was aware of my writing abilities hadn't gotten in the way before, that lie could have been easily covered up. Instead of fessing up, I repeated matter-of-factly,
"I never said I wrote it."

Everyone said, "Yeah" aloud in disagreement.

Erin piped up from the back of the room, "Yeah, you did say you wrote it."

Fury was beginning to corrupt the peaceful mood many sessions of counseling and rehab has helped me build up. "I never said I wrote it! Why would I say I wrote it? I-Check the tape, I never said I wrote it! I-I-I never said that!" Before my temper got too out of hand, I strolled out of the room with what dignity I had left. Sitting at my desk, I scribbled down side notes to remind myself to edit the poem.

"Was that written for me?"

Abruptly, I turned around to see her staring at me; starry eyes were starting to water.

"I care about you Kelly, a lot."

"I know."


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