Yes I'm back and I haven't forgotten about this one yet.

I guess is should have said this in the first chapter.

While this is a Bonkers fanfic I am making it a more contemporary story. So just think that everything that happened in the show happened recently. So it's a Bonkers fanfic with cellphones, Laptops and modern cars. It's more a choice because of my love of modern crime television shows. Some of the more heavy influences are the show Life from NBC and the movie Hollywood Homicide.

Disclaimer. It's all owned by Disney and a little cameo by Studio Ghibli. I do not make any money off this nor do I clam any ownership. Later on I may be messing in some more non-Disney cartoons but that will be later.

The New Cases of Toon Division

Part Two- We Have Regretted Nothing.

By- Slayzer

-Cedars Sinai Hospital Los Angeles -

Miranda Wright focused on the floor in front of her. She didn't rise her head because she didn't want to hear the doctors. She didn't want to hear how they had no idea how to help a dieing toon. Hell if you asked Miranda if a toon could be kill she have laughed it off as imposable. After all she seen the punishment Bonkers could take and he always bounced back good as new. At lest he always did until now.

Feeling as helpless as a child Miranda looked at the floor as if willing the doctors and hospital to go away. Hoping that she could just will away her wounded partner, that Bonkers wasn't in the next room bleeding out like a ruined panting. If only she had the power to make this all just not happen.

"Officer Wright?" a woman asked.

This was it, the thing she was trying will away. Someone was coming to tell her that Bonkers was dead. She started to cry before another word was spoken.

Miranda then felt someone sitting down next to her. "Normally I'd offer you a smoke but I'm quitting so all I have are suckers." as elegant and ebony hand held out a sucker.

Miranda's eyes followed the hand up to the face and saw a woman looking at her with sympathy and a calm strength. "I'm Captain Lynne Davis all be replacing Sargent Grating."

"Captain. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be like this." Miranda said as she tried to wipe the tears from flowing down her face.

"It's okay Wright. I would only be disappointed in you if I came in and saw you not upset about what happened to your partner. But I'm not clear on just what did happen to Officer Bobcat?"

Miranda told the Captain about what happened in the warehouse. About that psychopath calling himself Judgment and what he was brewing with those stolen chemicals.

"Okay officer Wright, we'll start an investigation into this Judgment guy and what he was doing. You should go home and get some rest. There's not much you can do here and from what the doctors told me there's not much anyone can do for officer Bobcat now."

"No, I'm staying. I owe Bonkers that much."

"If that's what you want I won't make you leave." Captain Davis took a bite out of one of her suckers and sighed as she looked at the stick regretfully. "They have specialist for every part of the human body so you'd think there be one or two Toon specialist in the world."

Miranda jumped to feet and grabbed her cell phone. Fear and sadness must have been making her dumb. Human doctors aren't going to be able to help a cartoon patient but there was someone who could.

Every ring of the phone felt like a year to Miranda as she hope and preyed that he'd was home.


"Professor Drake I need your help..."

-Twenty minuets Later-

"Out of my way!" a thick German ascent yelled from down the hall. A moment later Ludwig von Drake burst through the door.

"Professor von Drake you made it." Miranda said daring herself to hope once again.

The toon professor hugged Miranda and she felt no shame in feeling relief in his feathery embrace. "Hush now child. For you and my dear friend Bobcat both my feet and my arms are like wings. Now what is all the troubles? I can not believe what I was hearing on the phone."

"No, Professor Drake it's all true. Bonkers got splashed in dip."

"Inconceivable is what I'd like to say but if it was the Dip then every toon in Hollywood may be in danger. Come I must see my patient."

Drake moved to enter Bonkers room when the attending human physician blocked the door. "I can't allow this. I have the hospital's standing to think about and we can't just let some wacko toon who thinks he's a doctor in with one of our patients."

Miranda tried to reason with him. "Doctor. I know it's not normal but Professor Drake has more experienced dealing with cartoon matters."

"Experience doesn't change the fact that's he's a quack!"

Drake's feathers got ruffled when he heard the doctor call him a quack and he pointed an accusing feathered finger at the human. "That was Racist!"

Miranda had never seen Drake get mad like that before. She was sure it was more to do with the fact this doctor was wasting what little time Bonkers had left. If it was normal day Miranda would have been more diplomatic about it but today was not a normal day.

The human Doctor was backpedaling away from Drake. "I didn't mean anything by it. It was just a poor choice of words..."

Miranda slammed the palm of her hand right next to the Doctor's head. "Look doc just let Professor Drake in, it's not like you've done any better."

"But I'm responsible for..."

She didn't let him finish. "Look while don't you go and see a podiatrist to remove your foot from your mouth. Because if you get in my or the good Professor's way any more you'll need a proctologist to remove my foot from your ass!"

"That was a threat!"

Captain Davis nodded along as if agreeing. "Yes doctor I do believe it was a threat and a good one at that. Not that I heard it and you should leave before I decide that I'm not seeing anything anything in this room either."

"Fine do what you want, I'm washing my hands of all of this!" He then walked out of the room.

"Thank you Captain."

"That was inappropriate of you officer Wright and don't think I'll let you get away with it again so don't thank me. Now go on, your partner is waiting to see you."

Miranda followed Drake into Bonkers room.

-Intensive Care Room-

It was so quite.

There was no bleeping, or whooshing life support machines. All of those kind of machines only worked on humans and would be useless to a toon. Bonkers just lay on a bed with heavy plastic sheeting to catch his bleeding orange paint.

Drake had to take off his spectacles and brush a tear from his eyes at the sight of his friend. "Horrible, absolutely horrible."

Bonkers drew in a harsh ragged breath of air and tried to speak. "What's up..." Bonkers paused to breath. His voice was so thin and sound like death. "...Professor."

"My boy, you had me worried there for a moment. Using another cartoon's line is a big no no for us. You could have been sued."

"Think if I send him an apology he'll forgive me."

It was a good sign that Bonkers still had the energy to try and be funny. "How are you feeling my boy?" Drake asked as he slipped on some rubber gloves.

"Pain, everywhere there's pain and it's real pain. I've been smashed, smacked and blown up more times then I can remember but the pain always went away by the next gag. There's not stopping this pain, there's no running away from it. I just want it gone. I just... ..." Bonkers eyes started to water. "... I just want to fade to black and roll the credits."

Miranda couldn't take it any more and ran to Bonkers bedside. "Don't say that! Don't you ever say that again! How can I keep fighting if your giving up!"

"Miranda you shouldn't be here."

"Your my partner and my friend. Where else could I possibly be right now? Don't worry I'm sure Drake will find some way to help you so don't you dare stop fighting."

Drake hung his head low and sighed sadly as he finished looking over Bonkers. "I'm sorry but from what I can see I'm afraid that Bonkers shape has been damaged beyond repair."

"His shape what dose that have to do with anything!"

"Think of a rubber ball, you can stretch it and smash it but it will always return to it's round shape. But rip that ball into two and no amount of pushing will make the two parts whole again. Bonkers is like that and with out an original shape to bonce back to he's wasting away."

"Then can't we just fix is shape."

"Blasphemy! My dear Miranda you don't understand. To a toon our shape is like our soul. It's who we are when our creators made us and any change that happens is permanently reflected in us. Think about Micky Mouse and all the changes he's been throughout the years but he's still the same mouse as those are slight changes but for Bonkers he'd be a whole different toon. I can not support..."

Bonkers stopped Drake mid rant by grabbing his feathered arm. "I'll do it. If I get a new shape then I'll recover."

"My boy do you know what your saying?"

"I do but there's a chance it will work and I'm not going to stop fighting as long as Miranda still fighting."

Drake took a moment and shoved his doubts aside. If it's what Bonkers wanted to do then that was fine with him, even he believed it was a mistake. "All right then. I'll try my best to keep our boy here in one piece. Miranda your going to need to get an animator and it just can't be someone who's good with the fiddlin around with a pencil but someone who can bring drawings to life."

"I'm on it." Miranda said as she turned to leave but took one last look at Bonkers. "Hold on partner I'll be back with help as soon as I can."

"Good luck Miranda."

Drake waited until Miranda was out of the room and he was sure she was out of ear shot. "You know the story of Icarus who flew to close to the sun? We cartoons are a lot like that and Human's are our Sun. We shine in their light and joy but if we fly to close then it's going to be nothing but trouble for us."

"I know but I can' leave Miranda, not like this when she'll blame herself forever." Bonkers then laps into unconsciousness.

Drake shook his head sadly. "Just like Icarus you poor daft fool."

-Three Hours Later-

Bonkers had slipped into a coma despite Drake's best efforts and time was running out for our toon cop.

"If Miranda doesn't get back here soon I don't know how longer I can keep Bonkers alive."

t\There came a knocking not from the door but from the window. Drake through open the blinds and jumped back.

There was a giant cat floating outside the window. A smiling, twelve lagged cat with a hump on it's back that looked like a city bus. The cat bus's side door was open and Miranda was knocking on the window to Bonkers hospital room.

Drake opened the window from his side and the cat bus pulled up along side like it was a street stop and not a room six floors up in the air. Miranda jumped out of the bus and into Bonkers room.

Miranda turned around and held out her hand and helped several Japaneses men out of the bus. Once everyone was safely inside Miranda waved to the cat bus's driver, a big gray cat like critter itself. "Thanks you Totoro you can just park the bus in the lot."

The driver of the cat bus nodded and then flew away.

Miranda turned to face Drake. "Professor Von Drake allow me to introduces a animation team from studio Ghibli."

"Miranda how did you find, let alone get them to agree to this?"

"Miyazaki and his staff were in town to prompt a Disney english release of one of his Studio Ghibli films. I kind of crashed the meeting and convinced him to lend us the use of his staff and help."

"I didn't know you spoke Japanese?"

One of the animators cleared his throat and then spoke in a slow broken but firm English. "It was her tears more then her words that convinced us. We will do all that we can to help."

Drake bowed politely and lead them over to the bed were Bonkers was. It was bad and Bonkers was barely recognizable as himself. They didn't have time to waste.

-operating room-

A long sheet of clean white paper was rolled out onto an operating table. In place of the surgical instruments that would normally be on had to a doctor. There were all kinds of artist tools. The animation team looked over all their tools to make sure they had everything because once they started working there would be no time to stop and get something.

The door opened and Drake wheeled Bonkers in on a gurney. They then carefully laid Bonkers on top of the clean sheet of paper. Bonkers seemed to half melt into the paper but he was still spilling pant all over the page. One of the animators drew one black line as a test and waited.

It worked. The fresh ink held back the loss of Bonkers own orange pant. Now came the difficult task of redrawing Bonkers before he lost anymore of himself. There would be no time for a second drifts or touch ups as any mistake they made would be permanent.

Miranda waited outside and tried not think about it. She was worn out right down to her soul. The only thing that kept her awake was fear, fear of seeing Bonkers in her dreams and then never seeing him again when she awoke. The fear of reliving that nightmare of a man called Judgment. She could not fight it forever and slowly she lost the battle to stay awake.

In a small mercy for day that had been short them Miranda's sleep was both peaceful and dreamless.

It was some hours later when Miranda awoke again. She saw Van Drake pacing the hallway his face as crestfallen and sad as it could be.

"Is he... …?" Miranda started to ask.

Drake gave her a small smile. "Don't worry child, he pulled through. However he's not taking it well."

"I should be with him."

"Wait, like I said before cartoons are made from the outside in. Bonkers may not or he may never be the toon you remember."

Miranda was undaunted. "With all due respect. You may be a toon excerpt but you don't know anything about partnership. It means we're there for each other no matter what happens."

As she walked into Bonkers room she head him counting, his voice had gotten deeper. "one, two, three, four... .. -gulp- one, two, three, four..."

Miranda saw Bonkers wake and sitting up in his bed trying to count his fingers and struggling to count his new fifth finger.

Bonkers now looked almost human, at lest as far as proportions go. His head, arms and body were correctly proportionate to that of a six foot human man. Looking at him you think he had orange skin but it was in fact a short coat of fur with black spots pattern. His nose was a flat red feline nose and the black spot pater on his face became more pronounced, almost looking like war pant in how it bought out his features. Bonkers also had longish blond hair, that was like human hair not fur and two large triangular orange ears like his animal namesake.

Bonkers was so wrapped up in trying to understand what had happened to him that he didn't notice Miranda at all. "One, two, three, four..."

"Five it comes after four and is just before six." Miranda said helpfully.

Bonkers looked up at Miranda, relief clearly on his face before glancing down at his almost but not quite human hands. "I can't get use it them. Five fingers and not big white gloved hands. What am I going to do with these? What can a toon grab with such misshapen hands."

As if to answer him Miranda took Bonkers by the hand and laced her fingers with his. The two hands weaved together perfectly like a matched set. "You could never do this if you only had four fingers."

"It's just I feel so different. I mean look at my face."

"What's wrong with it?"

"Nothing and that's the problem! Sure I can still do any classic toon gag face but my face isn't defaultly cute. If my face isn't goofy or cute then what kind of face is it."

"I think you look handsome." Miranda had spoken before she could stop herself.

Bonkers didn't catch her discomfort at calling him handsome. "Great I'm handsome! How many funny good looking cartoons do you know? I'll give you a hint none, zero, zilch, nada. That's not even the worst part. Look at my tail!"

Bonkers dug into his bed sheets and pulled out his orange furry tail. "Look a nice bobcat like tail with all the markings, good right?" he waved his tail at Miranda while he talked.

"Looks fine to me. What's wrong with it?"

"Nothing, it's the other tall that's the problem!"

"Other tail?"

"Yeah that I now have this other fleshy furless tail. It's more like a numb then a tail and It's even in the wrong place. What kind of tail goes go on in the front and not the back."

Miranda blushed a very nice shad of red. "That's not a tail Bonkers."

"If it's not a tail then what is this dangling thing between my legs?"

Miranda leaned forward and whispered something to Bonkers.

Bonkers went from confused, to realization and embarrassment with in ten seconds. "I'm anatomically correct. I'm handsome and anatomically correct, how can this get any worse?"

Miranda laughed out loud at her partner's distress much to the bobcat's chagrin.

"Pray tell what is so funny my dear?" Bonkers kind and formal words not matching at with the peeved look on his face.

"Sorry, Bonkers but I think it's funny your complaining about being good looking and well endowed. I can't think of a lot of men who would be as upset about it."

"You don't get it Miranda. I'll have to ware pants for the rest of my life and I don't own a single pair. Just what kind of cartoon goes through their life in pants."

"Off the top of my head Mickey Mouse and Goofy."

Bonkers thought about that for a moment and then laid back down in his hospital bed.

"Point taken."

Miranda was still getting use to how different he looked but it was her partner. It was the same silly, over-dramatic and at times frustrating cartoon bobcat. For the first time all day she allowed herself to be happy.

"Miranda are you all right?"

"What? Yeah I'm fine now."

"You should go home. You look like you haven't slept in years."

"Aren't you a charmer?"

"Your my partner Miranda so I'm allowed to worry about you. Go home and get some rest I'll be fine on my own from now on."

Miranda kissed Bonkers softly on the forehead before she left. Just as she was almost out the door Bonkers said something to her.

"Miranda, Thank you. I know this will be an adjustment for me but your the only reason I'm still alive. I can't thank you enough for that."

"Just thanking me once is enough Bonkers. After all we're partners and friends."

-two weeks later-

Detective Miranda Wright looked herself over in her a full-length bedroom mirror. Now that she wasn't a beat cop Miranda could ware something more of a personal choice then the uniform. Dark gray pants, a blue blouse and a light leather jacket. Of course the main thing was the new detective's badge clipped to her gun belt just left of the buckle. For the finale touch Miranda opened a sunglasses case that her sister had given her.

Shirley had give them to Miranda as a gift for her promotion. "Your a detective now Mir so of course you need some shads." Some shads turn out to be a pair of five hundred dollar Versace sunglasses.

Miranda had to take a step back. The sunglasses were stylish, elegant and yet slightly intimidating as well. She smiled a bit a her reflection and liked what she saw. Unable to resist Miranda made a stern face in the mirror.

"Alright dirt-bag! I want the truth or you'll never steep foot outside of this room!"

Before she knew it Miranda was playing detective in the mirror and quoiting all her favorite action movie lines. It was twenty minutes until she deduced the time was 6:15 and that she was going to be late.

"Hell!" Miranda cursed as she grabbed her car keys and ran out the door.

-L.A.P.D 6:53am- (with seven minutes to spare)

Miranda was sprinting into the captain's offices.

Captain Davis looked up form a file in her hands at the panting and sweating Miranda Wright. "Your right on time detective."

"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am."

"Sit down Detective I have something to tell you."

Miranda took a seat at Captain's still not totality unpacked desk.

"There been a change regarding your promotion to detective. I know we were going to put you on the Major Crimes Unit but something's come up. Were expanding the activities of on of our newer division and your going to be one of two new detectives."

"What's this new division?"

"The cartoon division. We're taking it out of the basement as it was and increasing the funding and personal. You don't have a problem with that do you?"

Miranda's smile could have lit up the walk of fame. "Not at all." She could still see Bonkers, even if they were no longer partners they could still work side by side.

"One more thing detective Wright. Normally you'd be paired with a more experienced partner but in this case you'll be teamed up with another rookie detective."

"I didn't think anyone one else pasted the last detective's exam?"

"Your right but your new partner here was on two weeks medical leave and called in a favor from police Chief Kanifky. He wanted to take the detective exam while he was recovering. He pasted and he's a rookie detective like you but I think you'll both work well in Toon Division."

The door opened and Miranda jumped to her feet and did a double take.

It was Bonkers. He was dressed in a dark blue men's suit with a black tie and looked almost too professional and polished for a toon. He still didn't ware shoes and just went with his bare padded and fuzzy bobcat feet. Bonkers gave the captain a salute. "Bonkers D Bobcat reporting for active duty." he turned to Miranda and smiled a sly toothy grin. "The D is for Detective."

Bonkers showed Miranda his new detective's badge.

Captain Davis cleared her throat to break up this happy little reunion. "I'm sure you two aren't going to make me regret teaming you up, right?"

"No Ma'am. Nothing to regret at all." Bonkers said as he held out his hand to Miranda.

Miranda took Bonkers soft, warm and almost human hand in her own and felt, what? It was like her birthday, Christmas and the fourth of July just rolled into one ball of joy.

Bonkers was Miranda were a team again and that's all that mattered to them.


I don't know how many of you will have a problem with a more anthropometric and human looking Bonkers but it's something I wanted to do. That type of character is rare for Disney but not unheard of. Think about Tail Spin or Gargoyles and you can see a lot of Disney that has an almost Japaneses anime feel.

I am a Hayao Miyazak fan so I worked a little Totoro and the Cat Bus in. I remember one Bonkers episode were Lucky's daughter had to draw a cartoons by hand because all the studios in Hollywood used cameras to film their cartoons live. I just thought where would Miranda find a team of animators. With the close businesses relationship of Disney and Studio Ghibli it was just the obvious choice to me.

I would also like to say about the new Captain is based off the chief from Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego. I just thought a smart, calm and refined black woman is missing far too much television. However as this is Bonkers to make her a little bit silly I gave her an endless supple of candy suckers. It's kind of an old bit from the detective show Kojak but I thought what the hell. "Who loves ya, baby?"

On one last note I'd like to apologizes for the human doctor. I'm sure the good people at the real Cedars Sinai Hospital would never be so indifferent to someones pain. I know the hospital has a sterling reputation and I meant nothing by it. I just thought of some up his own ass doctor calling Drake a quake and then Drake losing it would be kind of funny.

Thank you all for reading and tell me what you thought.