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Kendall popped another chip in his mouth as he smiled at the TV screen. He was currently four lives ahead of the Latin boy he was battling in the fighting video game. "Ah come on Carlitos you can do better than that! Katie could beat me at least once more!"

"Oh it is on now," Carlos grinned, leaning closer to the TV and mashing the buttons down with a new fever.

Kendall smirked and fought harder, stopping the boy's every advance before he was able to touch his character. The blonde grinned as the screen flashed showing he had won. "Nice try," he grinned before standing up and putting his fists in the air, "but I am the all time champion of this game!"

Carlos laughed at his friend and rolled his eyes. "I'll beat you one day and when I do I will never EVER let you forget it."

Kendall laughed before moving to the kitchen of apartment 2J. They had been at the Palm Woods for a while now and everything was going smoothly…sort of. They had just gotten their demo approved and were on the road to becoming famous and making James' dreams come true.

"I wonder when they'll be back from the date," Carlos called from the couch as he slouched into it, training his moves with a new character.

Kendall glanced at the clock frowning when he saw it was already ten. Gustavo had set up a date for James. He insisted it would help publicity and boost record sales. Kendall thought it was ridiculous and it pissed him off. What pissed him off, was that James had demanded Logan tag along and turned the entire thing into a double date. The blonde growled as he remembered the motions. Logan had declined but James wouldn't budge until the brunette agreed. So, he did. Kendall wanted to smack the pretty boy across the face for forcing his Logan into this…not that Logan knew he was his. Kendall had just always considered the shorter brunette ever since the moment he walked into Mr. Morris' classroom that first day he transferred. Back then the only thought that went through Kendall's head as he laid his eyes on him was 'mine.' Not much had changed in the years following that.

The blonde pulled out his phone, finding Logan's number in his contacts and sent a text message. 'Hey Logie, how's the date going?' He hit send and smiled to himself. He was sure the date was going horribly. Logan had looked so miserable leaving for it. Seeing his face look that annoyed was really the only thing keeping Kendall from rushing out to spy on it.

His phone made a thrill and he smiled opening the message he got back. As he read it his face fell into a confused frown. 'It's going great! I love her!'

Kendall's heart froze at the last three words. I love her. It played over and over in his mind and his body shivered as a wave of pure anger washed over him. 'What do you mean you love her?' He hit send. He wouldn't let Logan know just how angry that sentence got him. Not till he was sure the brunette was doing something stupid, like falling in love with someone who wasn't him.

'She likes science and math and she's just amazing! I love her!'

There it was again. Kendall all but growled as he typed out his next message, fingers moving swiftly being fueled by the rage he felt. He suddenly hated this girl. 'You can't possibly love her Logan. You went on one date there's no way! Besides you don't even KNOW her! Are you insane? Did you fall on your head? Did you forget that Gustavo SET THIS WHOLE DATE UP? As in NONE of it was REAL?'

The blonde hit send and rubbed his face, moving to his room and ignoring the curious stare he got from the Latin boy still on the couch. Once he got in his room he moved to his bed, sitting and hiding his face in his hands. This couldn't be happening. Logan would never fall for someone so quickly…at least that's what the blonde always thought. He always imagined Logan taking forever to even realize he was in love. And in the blonde's fantasies he would always realize he was in love with him and they would be together and nothing would be able to tear them apart. Kendall sighed as he looked down, staring at the phone lying next to him in fear.

Logan tapped his foot against the floor of the car, his body thrumming with tension and anxiety. James was almost falling asleep in the seat next to him, his head leaning against the glass in a way that would for sure mess up his hair, but maybe since it was so late he wouldn't whine for too long before passing out in his bed.

It had been over an hour and a half since he had shut his phone off. Kendall's text had gotten to him and pissed him off in a way that almost ruined his night completely. He had beyond insulted him, but instead of answering him, he had just shut his phone off and tried to pay attention to his date. And even though he was steaming mad, she had slowly pulled him back around to a good mood. They had even kissed.

Now, it wasn't exactly what he was expecting, but it was pleasant enough. And Janice was really sweet. And she liked all the same things as he did. He wouldn't mind spending more time with her, even if it wasn't in a romantic way, just because she wasso cool.

But Kendall was making him feel as if he couldn't even have that. Then again, he hadn't talked to him since that last text and he had blatantly ignored James any time he had brought up that Kendall had texted him as well. He was kind of hurt.

He put the car in park in its normal parking spot, patting James on the leg to get him to snap back awake, and they made their way inside. He only had to guide James part of the way to the elevator as he slowly woke up. By the time they were in front of the apartment door, he was practically wide awake, bouncing impatiently as Logan unlocked the door.

"I'm sure they're all asleep, James. So I don't know why you're so excited." Logan commented as they walked through the door way, throwing his keys into the little bowl that had been placed by the door to hold such things. When he glanced up, he sighed. He was wrong about one thing.

Kendall was sitting on the couch with his arms crossed over his chest, the TV lighting up his brooding face. James bounded towards him and jumped over the back of the couch in a move so fluid, Logan was almost jealous.

"Hey, buddy. What are you doing up?" James asked, reaching out to playfully nudge the blonde's shoulder. Kendall shrugged, his eyes pointedly avoiding looking up at Logan, staring straight ahead at the television that played some infomercial about hair care products for curly hair.

Logan rolled his eyes. Well, if Kendall wasn't going to be mature about it, then he wasn't going to stick around. It was late enough as it was, and he was getting tired.

"Goodnight guys, thanks for forcing me to go tonight, James. I had fun." He put a little more emphasis on the word fun, watching for any reaction from the brooding teen that still had yet to acknowledge him. He sighed once again at seeing no change and gave up, heading up to the room he shared with Kendall. Maybe after they had both had some sleep, this would all blow over. They were all tired from their constant rehearsals and recording sessions that was bound to make someone really stressful, right?

He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't hear anybody entering the room behind him. His shirt was only half on since he was changing when they cleared their throat. Logan sighed and turned around to face Kendall, who was watching him with that same brooding frown he had when the brunette had walked in the door.

"What?" Logan asked, already exhausted from the fight that had yet to occur. He took a couple of steps backwards before flopping down onto his mattress, leaning back on his hands to look up at the blonde more comfortably. Kendall leaned against the wall beside the door, his arms still crossed over his chest, scowl still in place. "What's your problem?"

"I don't know, you tell me." Kendall snapped back, his voice a little on the gruff side, as if he hadn't used it in a little while. "You're the one who turned your phone off." Logan quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just had this awesomefriend of mine telling me I was being duped on my date when he didn't even know the girl." Logan replied, stressing the word awesome so the sarcasm would be clear.

"Did you have fun?" Kendall asked, his tone low and Logan could see his eyes burning, he wanted to snap back, but he was keeping control of himself. He almost felt bad for the sarcasm.

"Yeah. I really did. Her name is Janice and we had fun talking about stuff that we are both into." He smiled up at his friend, maybe there wasn't going to be a huge blowout fight. "And she kissed me." A small blush came to his cheeks as he said it, almost as if he were confessing some crazy secret.

He saw Kendall take a deep breath. "Are you an idiot?" His low tone made Logan wish he hadn't heard what was just said, and Kendall continued. "Really, Logan? You just meet some girl and say you love her and then you kissher? What the hell are you thinking? Do you even know anything about her?" Kendall was beginning to pace in the small space between their beds, his arms flailing with each point he made while Logan stared at him in shock, his mouth wanting to hang open. "And besides, you can't just go throwing a word like 'love' around like some kind of slut! We have a reputation to uphold as a band!" Kendall was practically yelling by this point, his face getting dangerously close to Logan's.

"First of all, this is none of your business. Who I date, whether it's set up or not, is my choice and my choice alone." Logan stood up so that he was at least nose to chin with the taller boy rather than having him looming over him. "Secondly, don't ever call me a slut again. James goes around dating multiple girls at a time, kissing every single one of them, but do you ever care? No." His voice was slowly rising in octaves, but he didn't care if the entire Palm Woods could hear him, he was pissed, and boy was Kendall going to hear it. "Besides that, I'll fucking say if I love someone whenever and however I want. You have no right to treat me like some kid!"

"Then stop acting like one!" Kendall bellowed, staring hard into Logan's eyes. They stood there for a moment, neither one wanting to give in before the blonde sighed. "Fuck this," was all he said as he grabbed the pillow off his bed and walked out of the room, leaving Logan fuming in place.

He ripped back the covers on his bed and slid underneath, too wound up and angry to enjoy the soft fabric against his skin. And it took him hours after that to finally fall asleep, running over algebraic equations in his head until the numbers started running together and he blinked out of the real world.

Kendall growled as he threw his pillow onto the couch and shoved at James' shoulder practically pushing the other teen off the couch. "Get up, I'm sleeping out here. Just go to bed or something."

James stared up at the blonde in confusion. "What's going on? What did you two fight about," he asked, rubbing his eyes as he stood, moving to the linen closet to get the other boy a blanket.

"Logan is fucking in love with that bitch you set him up with," Kendall growled, throwing himself on the couch angrily. "It's fucking ridiculous he doesn't know the damn girl and he's in love. What the hell?" He sighed before turning more into the cushion. "And he kissed her. It's just stupid."

James smirked at his friend as he tossed the blanket on him, "I kiss girls all the time and you don't seem to care."

"Cause that's you! That's who you normally are you're not changing yourself! Logan doesn't just go around kissing and falling for girls he just met! He's logical! He can't just…be stupid like this!"

James sighed and shrugged, "I think you're just jealous you're not getting any. Whatever, I'm tired. You just sit there and brood in silence so the rest of us can get some sleep." The taller teen turned on his heel before leaving.

Kendall sighed and unfolded the blanket, covering himself with it before lying back down on the couch and staring up at the ceiling. He was right; Logan was falling too fast and for all they knew this girl was insane! What if she tried to marry Logan! Kendall wouldn't stand for it. No way. He closed his eyes, attempting to silence all the thoughts running through his mind. He knew it was no use but he couldn't help but want to sleep the entire thing away. Maybe when he woke up he'd find out this was all just a nightmare.

The next morning Kendall awoke to the smell of French toast and the sound of talking and clanking plates. He stretched in his makeshift bed and turned to see what all the commotion was about. The three boys were at the table, serving themselves as Ms. Knight and Katie chatted over their own plates. Kendall rolled off the couch and rubbed his eyes as he moved over to the table.

"So nice that the knight decided to join us," Carlos smirked as the other teen sat down.

Logan's eyes remained on his food as he cut through a piece and placed it in his mouth. Kendall watched him before grabbing his own food. "Thanks," he mumbled to his mother as she handed him the syrup bottle.

"So boys," Ms. Knight began. "How was the date last night?"

Kendall's fork froze right as he was bringing it down into the food. He watched Logan waiting for him to say it was horrible and prove it had all been a dream.

"It was great," James grinned. "Logan even liked the girl!"

"Yeah she liked all the same stuff as me. We had a lot in common…she was really cool," the shorter brunette smiled.

Kendall ground his teeth as he stabbed the French toast on his plate. It had been real. Kendall's mind raced as the conversation continued and James and Logan gushed about their dates. Kendall just wanted to explode.

Once breakfast was over and Ms. Knight and Katie had gone out for the day, Kendall stalked into the room he shared with Logan, pointedly ignoring the brunette on the bed reading a science book. The blonde kept his face in a scowl as he slammed through his drawers, searching for nothing, just wanting to bother the brunette enough to make him speak to him. He slammed his closet door shut loud and that finally roused the shorter teen.

"What," Logan barked, turning his attention to the noisy blonde.

Kendall turned to him and glared. "Are you still in love with her or was that just a 24 hour thing?"

Logan rolled his eyes and turned back to his book. "I'm not doing this Kendall."

"Why? Because it would upset Janice? Janice the girl GUSTAVO set you up with? Cause that's going to fucking last."

"Just because we date it doesn't mean we have to go off and get married and have kids Kendall! It's dating! It's normal!"

"Her name is Janice. Who the hell falls for someone named Janice! That isn't normal! Janice is the name of a grandmother not someone you'd have a crush on!" Kendall clenched his hands into fists at his sides wanting to get through to the other that this wasn't real. None of these feelings were! Kendall knew what the brunette felt for the girl and it was anything but love. It was pure lust. Lust for someone who was willing to talk to and understand all his science and math stuff. Someone who could finally have a conversation with him about it instead of just saying 'oh that sounds cool tell me more'…no if Logan did date this girl he probably would fall in love for real…and Kendall couldn't let himself let that happen.

"What the hell Kendall! You can't just write her off cause of her name! My name is Logan. LOGAN! You know how old fashioned that is and how much shit I got at my old school because of it? If anything it's something more that we have in common."

"You can't be in love with her Logan," he all but screamed. "It's not fucking possible!"

"You have no idea when or how I fall in love so you just need to shut up and back off," Logan yelled back.

Kendall narrowed his eyes grabbed a change of clothes before heading off into the shower. He glared at the water coming from the faucet and even at the mirror. He couldn't believe how this was playing out. Logan was refusing to realize that the date was fake! It had all been for publicity and in a few days there would be a picture of Logan making out with some slut. And Kendall would have to stare at it. He wouldn't be subjected to that every morning. He'd rip the damn picture off the wall every day before he'd be forced to stare at it all day long. Logan would see that he was being an idiot, and when he did Kendall would be there to say 'I told you so.'

The blonde sighed as he undressed and stepped into the shower, letting the water pour over him. He took a deep breath and counted to three, trying to calm himself. Kendall closed his eyes as the water beat down on his shoulders and back. He could feel the tension slowly leave him. He couldn't stand it. He couldn't just sit back as Logan fell for some random chick that happened to like the same things as him. It was irresponsible, irrational and just…completely out of his character. And the worst part of this entire thing was Kendall was jealous. Not only was he jealous of hearing that word directed at someone else, but also jealous that Logan wasn't falling fast and hard for him. "It should be me," he whispered to himself, grabbing the shampoo bottle roughly. He knew the brunette liked him. He had to at least like him a little. Kendall was in love with the genius of their group…the other couldn't just feel nothing for him.

The blonde closed his eyes and allowed himself to focus on the water running over him. He rubbed his face annoyed before staring up at the ceiling, wishing he could change this.