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Just one week.

If it was possible to scan Neku Sakuraba's mind, that sentence would be the most prominent thought in his mind. All he wants to do is save her.


Sometimes, he swears that when he looks into the crowd, he sees her walking amongst the people, her red hair flowing behind her, and her designer clothes fitted snugly on her thin frame. Then he remembers that that girl is Eri and Shiki's his entrance fee. But that doesn't mean he won't stop and stare at the girl walking through Shibuya with her friends.

One time he sees Eri suddenly stop. She turns and stares right at him, as if to say that she could see him and knew what he was.


Just as suddenly the moment passes, and Eri turns and fades into the crowd.

And that's the last time he sees Eri.

Then sometimes Joshua asks him what's wrong with his aggravating giggle. Neku has to resist the urge to strangle his partner. Instead, he shakes his head and conceals his face under the collar of his J of the M shirt.

He continues to ignore Joshua until he's suddenly overwhelmed with all his pain.

Because he's standing in front of a memorial for Shiki. There's no picture or name identifying who the memorial's for, only a bundle of assorted flowers neatly held together with a vibrant red ribbon. But it's the stuffed doll resting on top of the flowers that tells him that it's her memorial.

She said she had died in a car accident. She hadn't lied.

The lone memorial sits on sits on the side of the road, staring ahead as if waiting for its owner that would never come.

With tears in his eyes, Neku kneels beside the memorial and reaches out to touch Mr. Mew. Instead of his hand connecting with the shiny black fur of the stuffed animal, his hand goes right through it, as if Mr. Mew is just a mirage. Slowly, he pulls his hand back, ignoring Joshua standing silent and still like a statue behind him.

Neku stands silently, a lone tear streaking his face. He turns and brushes past Joshua, only whispering four words.

"I will save her."

Joshua watches him pass, a Cheshire grin playing on his face.

"And suddenly you're the good guy, Neku."