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The Hidden Demon

Jill looks at herself in the mirror. The white gown fits her thin body perfectly. Her brown hair is in a ponytail with a diamond scrunchie that leads a vail down her back. She wears elbow length white fingerless gloves, "Its perfect."

"You look amazing, Jill." Eclair squeals, "It seems like just yesterday we were playing in the strawberry patch and now in just a few weeks you're getting married."

Jill takes a deep breathe, "And it will be perfect." Eclair thought she heard hostilety, but quickly dismissed it.

"Hey, honey-" Skye says walking through the door just to be hit with a jewlery box.

"Skye! You can't see the bride before the wedding!" Jill shouts.

Eclair sweatdrops, "This is gonna be a long four weeks . . ."

Week 1 ~The calm before the calm before the storm

Monday ~ The cake prt. 1

Jill knocks on the door of Eclair's bedroom, "Eclair, sweetie, it's time to get up."

Eclair opens the door, "Jill, its five in the morning."

"I know the early bird catches the worm. In this case the cake." Jill says.

"But Jill-" Eclair begans.

"You will help me with the cake, right?" Jill asks with a hostile look in her eyes.

"Of course!" Eclair says, "I'll go get dressed."

Later -

The cake shop lady brings in a few diffrent cake slices and sits them on the table.

Jill takes a scoop of the first cake, "Almond, Skye hates almond cake, but this icing is delicous."

"No almond, vanilla icing, got it." Eclair says writing in a note pad.

Jill takes a scoop of another, "Mmm, lemon, healthy and sweet, but no strawberry filling I hate it. Though the butter cream is very tasty."

"Lemon cake. No strawberry filling. Buttercream icing." Eclair says writing it down.

Jill scoops the third, "No fruit slices. No pudding. Let's just stay away from any fillings that aren't ice cream." She tastes the last, "Yes, I like the marble chocolate chip, but not the chocolate icing it over powers the rest of it."

"Got it!" Eclair says.

"So, let's go look at the designs." Jill says.

They walk over to the cake windows and look at the diffrent designs. "The pearls, a Jewl cake would be perfect. Three tears pure white with ivory pearls. First and second tears should be marble chocolate chip and the third tear should be lemon. The first and third tear shoul have butter cream icing and the second should have vanilla."

"Got it," Eclair says, "I'll make the order."

"Good." Jill says.

Tuesday ~ The Bridesmaids prt. 1

"Okay, girls try on your dresses and I'll be right back with my sewing kit." Jill leaves the room.

Claire stares into the mirror, "So poofy and pink. Why does the bride always do this to the maids?"

Tina playfully pushes her out the way, "Whatever it's not like you won't stick us in something more poofy and disgusting on your wedding."

Chelsea rolls her eyes, "These dresses aren't that bad I actaully like it. It fits my figure."

Eclair comes out in her dress, "Yea, stop complaining. Jill will fix you guys up! If you were there when we got the dresses it'd already fit perfectly."

"Sorry," Claire says, "But I was a little busy getting proposed to." She holds out her hand showing the golden ring with the emerald jewel, "Gray made it himself, isn't that lovely-"

"I'm back!" Jill shouts she runs to Claire and starts to fix the dress.

"Ow!" Claire shouts, "You stuck me!"

"My bad." Jill says smiling.

Wednsday~ The Family

Jill paces around the living room, "Oh my goddess, they're running late. What if they got into a car crash and are at the hospital or they forgot about my wedding or even worse they ran into Mayor Thomas!"

"Jill, they'll be here, calm down." Skye says.

"But-" DING-DONG! Jill runs to open the door, "Jack! You made it!" Jill jumps into his arms.

"Of course I made it I wouldn't miss my little sister's wedding!" Jack says twirling her around.

Eclair comes down the stairs in her pajamas, "Is Akari here, yet?"

Akari runs in, "Eclair! I heard you were the Maid of Honor. And that the Maid of Honor gets a special addition to their-"

Jill smacks the back of Akari's head, "It's a secret!" She says.

Akari zipps her mouth, "Sorry, cuz, can't tell you."

Eclair purses her lips then grabbs Akari's hand, "Let's try on your gown, I swear you'll love it when Jill fixes it for you."

"So, you'll be giving Jill away?" Skye asks Jack.

"Yea, Tak, is giving away Claire, Dr. Hardy is out of town and the only other person up for it was Mayor Thomas and we all know how Jill feels about him . . . . Well all of us actaully, so it's up to me." Jack replies. "So, Skye let's talk. Where did you meet Jill? How long have you been dating? Do you have any physco ex-girlfriends? What kind of mental issues might you have? And what is Jill's middle name?"

"I met Jill in front of Lumina's Mansion. We've been dating for four years not including the two years we were just friends. I don't have any physco ex's because I didn't date before Jill. I don't have an mental issues. And Jill doesn't have a middle name." Skye answers.

"Dang it," Jack says disapointed, "He's a keeper. Now, I can't kick him out." DING-DONG!

Skye opens the door, "Sora!"

"Skye!" She shouts, "I can't believe your getting married, it seems like just yesterday we were playing in the flower garden." She runs to Jill, "You must be Jill, it's nice to meet you, I'm Skye's sister, Sora." She grabbs, a blue bracelet from around her wrist, "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This is my favorite bracelet, so I hope you'll wear it on the wedding day." She runs and huggs Eclair as she walks in with Akari, "And you must Eclair, my new sister in law, I just know we'll be close, I'm Sora."

Jill smiles, "Now everything will be perfect!"

Week 2 ~ The calm before the storm

Tuesday~ The Friends prt. 1

Jill serves the food to all the guests. Then sits next to Skye.

"So," Kai says to Grey, "I heard you finaly proposed to Claire."

"Yea!" Claire shouts showing off her ring, "It's the most lovely thing ever isn't it?"

"I guess if you like emeralds," Eclair mutters, "Jill's ring is ruby . . . ."

"What about your ring, Eclair?" Claire asks.

Eclair looks down at her fingers, "I'm going to bed. See ya in morning, Jill." She runs through the living room and up the stairs.

The whole room is silent. Claire takes a fork full of the food, "Wow, Skye, this is delicious!"

"Sora made it," Skye says.

Chelsea sighs, "You didn't have to go there, Claire."

"Whatever, if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen." Claire says.

"And if you mess with the chef's younger sister you should prepare to get burned." Sora says twirling her spaghetti.

"Was that a threat?" Claire asks.

"Was it?" Sora asks. They glare at eachother.

"Um," Jill interupts, "You guys lets have another dinner party next week before the reception maybe things will cool off by then."

Wendsday~ The Bestmen prt. 1

"Perfect," Eclair says, "You all look perfect!" She lines up the bestmen, "And your all here! Unlike the brides maids who are all flakey!" She walks over to the first person in line and ties his tie, "I mean all of it could have been done in one day, but no; Kai you can't wear that purple bandanna at Jill's wedding, she'll explode. They all have to show up on diffrent days and; You too, Grey, take off the hat. And to top it all off the show me no respect to them I'm just Jill's stupid curly haired little sister and; Okay, will you all take off the head gear even you, Jamie. To be honest I'm getting sick of it. I mean I stay up all night sewing them new dresses because Jill wants to suprise them and let them match with whoever they're walking down the alse with; Man, do any guys know how to tie their own ties? And I help because I want Jill to have the perfect wedding, but all I ever get is 'Where's your boyfriend, Eclair?', 'Where's you ring, Eclair?", 'When's your wedding, Eclair?' It just sickens me. Thanks for listening you guys I know can chatter and; Wow! You guys look hot!" Eclair jumps with glee, "I so glad that wearing diffrent color tuxes like Skye said worked out."

Kurt rolls his eyes, "You act like you made them."

"I did!" Eclair squeels, "I need you guys to come back tomorrow so that I can match you with the brides maids."

"You made these?" Jack asks walking in.

"Yup, and if your amazed by these wait until you see the real brides maids dresses. The others are just for show."

"You sure are a big help to Jill's wedding." Jack replies.

"Yea, it's the very least I could do for her. You guys practically raised me. If you ever get married call me, okay?"

Jack nodds, "Let's just hope the brides maids aren't flakes, right?"

Eclair blushes, "Eh, right."

"Eclair!" Jill shouts.

Eclair pushes the guys into a closet, "Don't let her see you!"

Jill runs in, "Eclair, look at these decorations that Skye and I bought! I need your help making the center pieces!"

"Anything for you, Jill."

Thursday~ The brides maids prt. 2

Jill sits on the couch waiting for Eclair to come out.

"You need any help in there?" Jill shouts.

"Of course not!" Eclair shouts back, "I can do this!" Eclair comes out, "Jill, I can happily say that I am very pleased with the brides maids and best men. I think the outfits really suit them. Okay everyone come out, in the order that I showed you."

First out were Claire and Grey in light blue, Kai and Popuri in purple, Jamie and Tina in maroon, Chelsea and Vaughn in red, Kurt and Dia in dark green, Akari and Chase in aqua, Sora in blue, that counters Eclair's green dress, Joe and Katie in black, Rock and Lumina in tan, and Tito and Eve in silver. "Ta Da!" Eclair shouts, "The colors were Skye's idea."

Jill stands speechless, then runs to get Skye, "Perfect! I love it! Skye, you have to see what Eclair did!"

Eclair smiles, "She's happy." Then she falls onto the couch, "I should sleep now, Jill and I have lots to do."

Week 3~ The demon's storm arrives

Monday~ The Cake Prt.2

"Let's see the minature version of the cake I asked for." Jill says to the cake shop lady.

The rolls the cake in. "Looks perfect!" Eclair says.

Jill cuts into it, "Oh my godess! There's strawberry filling on the top lair." Jill tastes the cake, "And it's almond!"

Eclair cuts into the second and third, "These two are alright, I'll just show her the receipt and she'll replace the top lair there is no reason to panic."

"There better not be." Jill says slightly twitching.

Tuesday~ The Friends prt. 2

Eclair sets the food on the table on each plate, "I hope you all enjoy, we all worked very hard on it."

"Well, I sure hope you don't complain about it when we leave." Claire says.

"Yea," says Popuri, "Us flakey brides maids are very sensitive about being talked about behind our backs."

Eclair stares at the two, "What?"

"Don't act innocent!" says Dia, "We all know the rude things you said about us behind our backs. About how we're flakey and underappreciative."

Eclair turns to the guys, "You snitched on me?"

They all look guilty rubbing their heads and looking down at their feet. "Don't look at them," Popuri says, "Your the one who said those things. If you think I was disrespectful then just wait."

"Yea, but I said it to the guys in confidence, it was never supposed to reach your ears."

"Well, it did!" Popuri shouts, "Don't say things you don't mean!"

"I meant every word of it!" Eclair retorts.

"Popuri," Kai says, "Let's just forget about this and-"

"Are you taking her side? I can't believe you'd take her side over mine!" Popuri shouts.

"Popuri, that's not what I meant by it and you know it!" Kai says.

"No, I don't!" Popuri shouts, "You've been making goo goo eyes at her for years! I bet your even cheating with her!"

"Whatever!" Eclair shouts, "You're just so busy in Popuri land that everything you see is twisted!"

"I doubt it," Claire says, "You're always with the guys. I'd be suprised if nothings going on."

"I like hanging out with the guys! They're not hipocrites!" Eclair growls at her.

"I won't stand for this!" Claire shouts.

"Then sit down because I'm not finished. All of you are so mean to me! But when I let my tongue slip once I'm a horrible person?"

Everyone starts yelling at eachother and walk out just as Jill, Skye, Akari, Chelsea, Tito, Jack, Sora and Tina come in with dessert trays. Jill stares at the empty room, she drops her tray and stomps it.

Wensday~ The Recitetal

Jill looks at the clock, "They are two hours late." She says twitching again. "To my wedding recitetal."

Skye huggs her, "It'll be okay."

Eclair sits with Chelsea,Tina, Akari and Sora, "I can't believe I let this happen to Jill, all she wanted was the perfect -"

"They're here!" Jack shouts as everyone walks in.

Jill walks up to them, "You are two hours late! What did you stop for freakin' Mc Donalds on the way then go the arcade?"

"Cool it, Jill, we're here aren't we?" Claire says blowing a bubble which Jill immediately pops.

"Don't tell me to cool it!" She shouts, "My wedding is next week!" Jill scans them then sees Kai's purple bamdanna. Snap! "Are you wearing a purple bandanna?" She snatches it off his head the throws it on the ground and steps on it, "Your supposed to be dressed like this is the real wedding! Drop and give me fifty!"

"Jill," Kai begins, "I'm not gonna-"

"Fifty or I will break your hands!" She shouts.

Kai drops to the ground. "That's not fair," says Claire, "You not dressed in your bridal gown."

"The groom can't see the bride before the wedding!" Jill shouts, "Drop and give me one hundred!"

"But Jill-"

"One fifty!"


"Two hundred!" Jills shouts. Claire zipps her mouth and starts on the push ups. "And you do five hundred!" She shouts at Kurt.

"Why?" He asks.

"Because your wearing that stupid headband!" She shouts. "And you!" She points at Vaughn, "Give me a thousand!"

"Why?" Vaughn asks, "I'm not wearing my hat!"

"I just don't like you!" Jill growls. He sighs and does them.

Later . . . .

"Tommorrow we're finishing up the decorations and you guys better be on time!" Jill shouts as they get into the car. Claire is crying, Kai is sulking, Kurt is glaring, and Vaughn is limp.

Thursday~ The Decorations

Jill watches with close eyes as everyone works on the decorations.

Eclair pokes herself the needle, "Ouch!"

"Drop and give me five hundred for nearly bleeding on my decorations!"

Eclair joins Skye, Jack, Akari, Sora, and Chelsea on the floor who had managed to tick Jill off before breakfeast even started.

"You lasted pretty long," Sora says, "I can't believe I was punished for sneezing near her."

Grey walks in, everybody gasps.

"Your fifteenminutes late give me twenty push ups for each minute!" Jill shouts.

"No." Grey says, "You can't make me."

Jill grabbs a whip from inside her belt, "Oh, can't I."

"What's that?" Grey asks.

"Punishment for being late!" Jill shouts, "One whip for every minute that you were late and for every letter in your first name, and for every letter in Claire's first name, and for every letter in golden emerald wedding ring!"

"What?" Grey asks.

"And for every time you say 'what?'" Jill shouts hitting him.

"What! Ow!" Grey shouts.

"And every time you say ow, ouch, scream, or cry." Jill says hitting him multiple times.

Later . . . .

The perfect decorations sit in the center of the table. All the guests silently walk out the room. Claire holds Grey up on her shoulder, while the others take Vaughn out.

The table is covered with pretty decorations. Jill smiles, "Perfect."

Week 4~ The Demon Subdued

Monday ~ The Cake prt. 3

Jill walks into the cake shop. "I'm here for my order."

The cake shop lady brings in the cake and minature, "Here you go, ma'am. May I ask where your sister is?"

"Um, she's sleeping. She stayed up last night working on seating charts for the wedding. So, it's just me." Jill cuts into each layer of the minature and tastes it. "It's great. No, it's perfect! Thankyou!"

Tuesday ~ Night before the wedding

All the girls sit around the master bedroom. Doing hair and nails.

Jill lays in her bed as they whisper and gossip.

"Eclair as my maid of honor you get these special gloves with your dress," Jill says handing Eclair a box, "I want you all to get some sleep." Jill yawns.

"But Jill-" Akari starts.

"Go to bed or I'll get the whip!" Jill hisses.

Everyone lays down.

Wednsday ~ The Wedding

Jill walks down the line of brides maids and best men. "You all look great. Jack, is everything ready?"

"Yea," Jack says, "Except we can't find Mayor Thomas."

"I heard he was sick," Sora says.

Jill twitches, "What? That man stalks me on a daily basis, appears everywhere, and keeps on giving me dog balls that I 'lose', but now that I need him he decides to be sick?" She runs to her rucksack and pulls out a sword, "Jack, get the dog we're gonna pay the mayor a visit!"

Mayor Thomas lays in bed reading magazines.

Suddenly his door falls to pieces, Jill stands in the door way with her sword. "Thomas!" She shouts, "Do you think you can skip out on my wedding because your 'sick'?"

"Jill, I feel a head ache coming on-"

"Boo freakin' hoo! Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it! Or I swear I will sick my dog on you!"

"You don't even have your dog!" Mayor Thomas says.

Jill whistles, her dog runs in, "Oh, don't I?"

"Okay, okay! I'll do it, don't hurt me!" Mayor Thomas jumps out of bed and runs towards the alter.

Jill pairs all the brides maids with they're best men.

She fixes Hugh's tie, then straightens Kate's bows, "Ring Bearer and Flower Girl good to go." She looks over at Popuri and Kai, "Link arms."

"I don't want to, I hate him!" Popuri shouts, "Let Eclair do it!"

"Popuri, I will burn down your chicken farm and murder your family." Jill says looking completely serious.

Popuri links arms with Kai, "I love you, honey."

The music begans to play. They all exit in an orderly fashion. Eclair links arms with Sora, who wears a bowtie being Skye's bestwoman(?). All the others follow behind. Kate and Hugh lead Jill and Jack up to the alter, where everyone is waiting.

Jill makes it up the steps and stands next to Skye. Mayor Thomas clears his throat, "We are gathered here to day to join the lives of these two people. Jill, do you vow to take this man in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, in the good and the bad, til' death do you part?"

"I do," Jill says.

"And Skye do you vow to take this woman in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, in the good and the bad, a demon or an angel, til' death do you part?"

"I do," Skye says.

"You may now kiss the bride." Thomas declares.

Jill wrapps her arms around Skye and kisses him.

And so the demon was once again hidden.


Next time it's . . . . . .

Clairezilla! The princess bride!

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The Princess Bride

Claire dances around the room in her wedding gown. The gown has puffy sleeves and a puffy skirt like that of a princess. A tiara leads down into a vail.

Jill sits on the bed clapping, "You look awesome, Claire."

Claire twirls around, "You really think so?" Jill nodds. "The wedding is going to be great with your help."