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The Horror Movie Bride

Chelsea smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her long white dress that hugged her body, it trailed down the floor so that the back surrounded her. Red roses trailed from mid thigh down; her white choker had one red rose in the center. The sleeves were long to wrist were they had the same thin fabric as the veil that puffed up. Her veil resembled the bandanna she usaully wore.

Jill and Claire clapped, "You look amazing!"

Chelsea smiled, "You really think so?"

"You'll knock 'em dead," Jill laughed.

Monday ~ Grocery Shopping

"How lovely," Chelsea sighed, "The last blue magic flower." Chelsea and Vaughn were standing in line at the grocery store. They were preparing for a dinner party they'd be having later that week. Their cart was full of food and whine. In Chelsea's hand was a blue magic flower.

Suddenly someone backed into her causing her to drop the flower. "I'm sorry," Mark said, his arms were filled with boxes of icecream, he turned to face them, "Are you alright? Oh, Chelsea, Vaughn, how's it going?"

They both curiously glanced at the icecream.

"Oh," Mark said, "Jill was craving icecream so Jack and I had to come get some."

"Makes since," Chelsea laughed picking up her flower. "Knowing Jill she'll probably eat more than she should."

"Well, seeing that this is our third trip here this week," Jack said pushing a cart full of icecream and every topping known to man, "I wouldn't be surprised if she ate it all tonight."

"No kidding," Mark sighed causing Jack to laugh.

"And poor Skye has been cooking non stop," Jack said to Chelsea, who laughed lightly.

"Oh, yea," Mark said, "Congratulations on the wedding. You'll make a great wife."

Jack nodded, "A great mother, too."

Jack noticed a sad smile on Chelsea's face as she stared down at the flower,"You think so?"

Tuesday ~ Advice

"What does it take?" Chelsea was standing in front of Felicia panting, she had just ran about thrre miles.

Felicia tilted her head, "Huh?"

"To be a good wife and mother," Chelsea said, "Please tell me!"

"Chelsea," Felicia sighed, "Your worried about something like that?"

"I can't let everyone down," Chelsea said, "They're all setting high expectations for me."

"Just be yourself," Felicia said, "And you'll be wonderful at it."

Chelsea smiled sadly, "So I've heard."

Wednsday ~ A Horror of a party.

Everyone sat around the long table. They were in a mansion that they borrowed from Sabrina of all people. Sabrina pratically forced it on them saying how happy she was for Chelsea and Vaughn. Chelsea would make such a wonderful wife after all. They were eating dinner and everyone was chatting excitedly.

Except Chelsea who just kind of pushed her food around her plate. Chelsea could hear the voices of everyone saying that she would be so perfect. Her hand began to shake. Snap!

"Eyaa-aaah!" Chelsea threw her plate at the wall before dropping to the floor and screaming.

"Chelsea!" Claire shouts running over to her, "Chel- Chelsea!" Chelsea continud to lose it causing Claire to slap her, "Snap out of it!"

Chelsea smacked herback ten times harder, Claire slapped her back, Chelsea slapped her back . . . . .

"Oh, stop!" Jill shouts pulling them apart, "Chelsea, honey, go to bed. I think you need some rest."

Chelsea glared, "Fine . . ." And she stomped up the stairs.

Everyone broke off into groups doing their own things. Jack and Akari leave to get Jill some ice cream an thats when the horror began.

Victim # 1~

Being tired from such an eventful day he decided to go to bed he decided wrong.

Kai hugged his pillow and smacked his lips as dreams of pineapples filled his head. Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm! Kai put his pillow over his head to block out what he thought was a car. Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm! The noise was getting closer. Until it was right above his head.

He turned aroung and looked, squinting to see what stood in front of him in the darkness. "Ch-Chelsea?"

Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm! Was the only replie he got.

He jumped up just as the chain saw cut down on his bed. "Chelsea! What the-" He dodged another attack by the chainsaw. Then jumped out the window and ran off towards the forest.

He raised his handfor a bus to stop and pick him up. He sighed climbing inside. "Chelsea has lost it, Chelsea has lost it, Chelsea has lost it. Well I'm safe now."

Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm! Chelsea stood by the back of the bus. *Cue ear splitting scream*

Meanwhile . . . .

"Hey, Kai," Eclair called, popping her head into the room, "Can I borrow some batteries for my game b-" Her face went white and her curls sttod up straight at the sight of Kai's destroyed room. She spun around on her heels and began to walk away. "That was not a murder scene, that was not a murder scene, that was not a murder scene. What scene? No scene, I didn't see anything."

Victim # 2 ~

You couldn't bring him to such a big fancy house and expect him not to try cooking in one of these huge kitchens. Though it turns out he shouldn't have.

"Ready Natalie," Pierre said, walking over to the counter were the dish was hidden under a silver lid, "This is my best dish ever!" He pulled off the lid and froze.

"H-Holy Harvest King!" Natalie shouted, "I'll go get Mark!"

"No!" Pierre shouted as Natalie ran off, "Don't leave me alone with this thing!" But it was too late. There on Pierre's plate sat a snake. He began to here hissing from all directions as snakes crawled out of everywhere.

Then walked in the bride who stopped and began to rock on the balls of her feet her hands behind her back.

"Oh, Chelsea!" Pierre shouted running to her. Chelsea moved her index finger signaling him to come closer. He leaned in, an evil smile crossed Chelsea face as she pulled a snake from behind her back. *Cue ear splitting scream*

Victims # 3 & #4

"Mark! Mark!" Natalie said running up behind him.

He covered her mouth, "Shhh. Natalie I just got the kids to sleep." On the couch lay Charlie, Eliza, Hugh, Katie, and Witchkins. "What is it?" He whispered.

"A sn-snake in the kitchen," Natalie shivered.

"Is that all?" Mark asked, "Just a snake."

"Yea, and I think Pierre was freaking out- Wait what do you mean just a snake? Snakes are scary!"

Mark grabbed her hand and led her to the kitchen.

Mark had just finished looking through all the cabinets, "No snakes. No Pierre, it must have just been your imagination."

Natalie's jaw dropped and she froze up as she stared at Mark.

Mark gave her an inqusitive look, "Whats wrong, Natalie?"

"O-on your-your hand," she stuttered terrified, "L-look at your hand."

Mark looked at his hand and lost all color. He was completely stiff and looked sick as the tarantula climbed up his hand. "Get it off! Get it off! Natalie, get it off! It's touching me, get it off!"

Natalie stifled some laughter, "Spiders? You're afraid of spiders?"

"E-ever since Chelse and I walked into a spiders nest when we were little. Please, just get this thing off me?"

Natalie laughed a bit, "You're completely freaking out, but I'm not touching that thing. Spiders, what a ridiculous thing to be afraid o-" The lights went off, Natalie released an ear splitting screech, that stopped half way through.

The lights cut back on, Chelsea laugh filled the room. She sat on the counter next to Mark. "Oh, how this brings back memories." She said leaning on his shoulder, "Don't you think so, Mark?"

"Chelsea, please get this thing off of me?"

"No." She said. She opend her cupped hands where another tarantula.

"Where did you get th-" The tarantula crawled onto Mark's shoulder, who quickly passes out.

Victim # 5

"Where are you going?" Jill asks Skye. She, Skye, Claire and Grey were sitting on the love seat watching a scary movie.

"I smell something cooking, curry," Skye said.

"Don't you know," Eclair said walking in, "Don't ever seperate from the group during a scary movie or you're the next to go."

"What if I smell curry?" Skye asked.

"Espescially if you smell curry," Eclair said.

"What are you going on about?" Claire asked.

"Don't you see whats happening? People are disappearing out of no where and all those screams, we are in a scary movie!" Eclair said.

They all laughed. "More like a badly written fan fic," Claire retorted.

"Well," Skye said, "I'm going to see that curry."

"Bring us back some popcorn," Jill said.

Skye entered the kitchen where a plate of finest curry sat. Chelsea sat next to it, "I've been waiting for you."

"Oh, Chelse, I thought you were asleep." Skye said.

Chelsea shook her head while lighting a match, "So what do you think of this curry?"

"Its amazing," Skye said mouth watering.

Chelsea dropped the match into the curry, it exploded.

Skye eyes nearly popped out of his head before he fell backwards.

Meanwhile . . . .

"I'm so serious you guys, something fishy is going on around here-"

"Shut up!" Claire growled, "Go make us some popcorn then go to bed!"

Victim # 6

She stood in front of the microwave listening to her i-pod as she watched the popcorn pop.

"Shut up, go make us some popcorn and go to bed," Eclair growled. "Oh, I'll show them, I'll show them all!" She pulled the popcorn out of the microwave having purposely let it stay in longer than needed. She poured it all into a plastic bowl then got out the spices. Every hot spce she could find was smothered onto the popcorn as she laughed manaically.

Tina walked in, "E.E., What are you doing?"

"Oh, T.T., nothing just making some popcorn for Claire. Could you deliver it for me?"

"Sure," Tina said, picking up the bowl.

"Oh yea," Eclair said, "Watch out for masked murderers."

"Okay," Tina said skipping out of the kitchen.

Eclair opened the refridgerator, "Wow, being devious sure is thirsty work." Her i-pod dropped and slid across the floor. Eclair dropped to the floor and crawled after it stopping at the two bare feet that sat bhind it. The left foot lifted up stomped the i-pod crushing it.

Eclair : " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o_o Noooooo ~ ooooooooo ~ ooooooo!" She began hypervinalating, "My, my, i-pod!"

Victim # 7

"By the way, Jamie," Tina, who was currently sitting on his lap, said, "Eclair said to watch out for masked murderers."

Jamie scoffed, "That girl watches too many horror movies."

"I suppose, but I'm kind of worried about her," Tina jumped up, "I'm going to check on her."

Jamie sighed, "Be quick."

Tina giggled, "I will."

The room was silent, the door slammed. Jamie looked over to see Chelsea standing there. He stood up, "So you're the one freaking evryone out? Well let me tell you right now, I'm not afraid of anything so trying to scare me is just a waste of ti- What - What are you doing?"

Chelsea, with her arms outstretched, walked slowly towards Jamie, "I'm going to hug you."

"What? No! Get away from me!"

"I'm . . . Going . . . To . . . Hug . . . You!"

Jamie ran into the next room and slammed the door. He piled everything in front of the door, "That was close-"

"Oh, Jamie," Chelsea called from behind him.

The door flew open, Jamie ran out at super speed.

Tina walked in, "Jamie, I couldn't find her. Jamie?"

"Up here," Jamie said.

Tina looked up to see Jamie hanging onto the chandelier, "Jamie? What are you doing?"

"It was terrible Tina, I saw Chelsea and she was trying to hug me. Eclair was right!"

"Okay, Jamie," Tina said, "I'm going to get a ladder."

"No, Tina, don't leave me!" Jamie called. It was too late. "Well at least I'm safe up here," Jamie said.

"Oh, Jamie," Chelsea called.

Jamie looke over to see Chelsea, somehow, standing on the ceiling. "Nooo!"

Victims # 8 - 11 or Group A

They were extremely bored and wished things would get more excitng. Be careful what you wish for.

"Tina said that Chelsea's lost it and is scaring everyone," Kurt said to Joe, Katie, and Dia.

"Scary," Joe said. "What if we're next?"

"No," Katie growled, "Don't say things like that! You'll jinx us!"

"She'll get us eventually," Dia said.

"Or we could just leave." Kurt said.

"Brilliant!" Joe said as he walked to the front door. Everyone followed.

Joe opened the door, Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm! Chelsea stood in front of the door. Joe slam the door shut. And they all ran back to the living room.

"Oh my goddess!" Joe said, "Did you see that chainsaw? That was like the coolest thing ever!"

"Are you serious? Thats what your worried about?"

The lights turned off, then back on, Dia and Katie were gone.

"Holy cow!" Joe shouted, "Do you think she'll teach me how to do that?" Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm!

"She's coming." Kurt said. Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm!

"Really? How do you know?" Joe asked. Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm!

"Lucky guess," Kurt answered, sarcasitically. Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm!

The lights flicked off again. Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm!

"This is awesome," Joe said. Chelsea and Kurt both slap their hands against foreheads.

Victims #12 - 15 or Group B

Jill, Claire, Grey, and Tina sat on the love seat intentsly watchied the horror movie. The girl walked down the dark hallway looking for where everyone had gone. Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm!

"Behind you!" They all shouted, "He's right behind you! Turn around!" Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm!

"Wow," Grey said, "I feel like he's right behind me."

"I know right?" Tina said, "What great surround sound!" Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm!

"W-wait a minute," Jill said, "The surround sounds not on."

They all dived off the coach just as the chainsaw cut into it.

"What the hell, Chelsea?" Claire shouted.

"Someone could have gotten hurt," Jill said.

Vrrrrrrrrm! Vrrrrrm! Chelsea didn't answer she just walked towards them. *Cue screams*

And so all night Chelsea tracked down every person until just one was left.

Victim #16

He had been sleeping the whole night, but woke up thirsty. So he went to the kitchen to drink some milk.

"Mmm," Vaughn hummed as he put down his glass of milk and closed the refridgerator. He turned around to see Chelsea standing by the sink holding a plate. "Oh, hi, Chelse, whats up?"

"I brought you a snack," Chelsea said holding the plate out to Vaughn.

He couldn't see what it was, but his stomach was growling so took one and bit into it. "Ewww. What is this, a carrot?"

"You should eat you vegetables," Chelsea said darkly.

"No," Vaughn said.

"Guess we'll just have to do this the hard way," she said pulling a giant carrot from behind her back and whacking him with it. *Cue anguisehed screams*


3:56 am

Everyone who Chelsea had caught was tied up in the attic. Chelsea paced around them with her chainsaw.

"Um, Chelse," Jill said, "I know you're kind of in the middle of a mentle breakdown but your weddings in like three hours."

"Wedding?" Chelsea asked. "There is no wedding. We will all stay up in this attic forever!" She shouted minaically laughing.

Everyone : 0_0

"And I will take you all out one by one!" She continued to laugh. The sun rose up shining through th attack window. Chelsea yawned as if she was just waking up. "Ahh, what a good nights rest!"

Everyone : 0_0

"Hey, why are we all in the attic? And why are you guys tied up?"

And so they went Chelsea untied everyone leaving a large mystery behind them, no damage to the house, and the chainsaw was never again seen. Oh and as for Jack and Akari . . . ,

"We're back!" Jack said running into the house.

"Sorry, all the ice cream melted Jill, the car broke down and we had to get it repaired!" Akari said.

"We didn't miss anything did we?" Jack asked.

Everyone just stared at them. Vaughn shook his head, "Nothing, much."

"Wow," Mark said, "The kids slept through the night. With all that noise."

Jack and Akari gave them an inqustive look, but never found out what happened that night.

7:00 am

The wedding

"Vaughn, do you take this woman to be your bride, no matter what life will may throw your way?"

"I do."

"And Chelsea do you take Vaughn to be your husband, no matter what may happen?"

"I do."

"You may now kiss the bride." Vaughn wrapped his arms around her and they shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Keke ~ Ps. While a lot of people were mentally scared after what happened with Chelsea three needed therapy for weeks after the wedding. Eclair, Skye, and Vaughn needed very advanced therepy for the terrible things that happened to them that night.

Sanna ~ Next is our first Groomzilla . . . (lolz)

Saiya ~ Jamie.

Keke ~ Next time the Kindergarden bride and her grumpy groom.

Sanna ~ Oh and we never got our game. It was sold out