"Oh Rob… we are going to miss you so much." said his mother while she fussed over his hair.

"I can't believe my boy. Going to the greatest arts school in America." Said his father

"I'm just glad Jamal's parents said I could stay with him. Man I can't believe I actually got in. I filled that application out before we even thought about moving to Australia." Said Rob

"Now call us every weekend. It's no trouble for us to pay the bill and write too. Let us know your ok." Said Robs mom "Oh and mind Jamal's Grandma and parents."

"We'll see you in the summer my boy. And… good luck you'll do great." said Rob's father.

Rob hugged his parents and walked with his suitcase towards the plane. The flight attendant assured his parents he would be alright "We take excellent care of our unaccompanied minors." He and the attendant and a girl who looked to be in about 4th grade walked to the plane. "This is Carmen." Said the lady "You two will be flying together, won't that be fun?" said the lady.
"Um yeah sure." Said Rob.

Carmen pulled back every inch of the way fighting to not get onto the plane. "Come on sweety. There's nothing to be afraid of." Said the lady

"I don't wanna go." She said slowly and deliberately "I do not want to stay in New Yowk wiff out gamma." She seemed to the edge of tears. The lady pulled her on and got them to their seats. "Ok I have to take care of some things. You children be good. We will check on you."

Rob looked at Carmen "So your going to New York. Have you ever been there before?"

Carmen nodded. She wrote something down and showed it to Rob

"My grandma and I moved there about 2 months ago." Read Rob "So why don't you want to go back? To great of a vacation huh?"

Carmen shook her head. A tear trickled down her cheek though you could tell she was trying not to cry.

"Hey hey. Don't cry. You want to talk about it." Said Rob

Carmen wrote down "I don't like to talk" onto her notebook and showed it to Rob.

"OH…. You know what I do when I don't want to talk?" said Rob

Carmen shook her head.

"I write about what I want to talk about. It makes me feel better." Said Rob "Writing to someone is good even if you don't want to share it yet. It lets you get your feelings out."

"I like to write." Wrote Carmen

"Well if you want to, you can write to me." Said Rob "It's a long trip to NY you know."

Carmen wrote and a few seconds later Rob read.

"I am scarred and sad. My Grandma did not make it to the specialist in time. I do not want to live with Uncle Arturo again. My Uncle and Cousins and Aunt hate me." Read Rob to himself he took his Ghostwriter pen and wrote "Hate is a strong word. It sounds scary but they are your family. I am sure things will work out."

Carmen wrote "I was living with my Grandma because I could not get on with my Uncle. Grandma says I remind him of my father and he hates my father. He was bad. My Uncle says I am bad too."

Rob wrote "That is hard."

Carmen frowned "And I have to change schools everyone will laugh at me."

"Why would they laugh?" wrote Rob

"I am not good at stuff." Wrote Carmen

"You have great hand writing." Wrote Rob

"Thanks. I write a lot. I like to write stories, so I get a lot of practice." Wrote Carmen

"I like to write too." Wrote Rob

They started to write about their stories and they wrote one together about a group of Vikings. Soon they were getting to New York.

"I hope you like your new school Rob." Wrote Carmen

Rob wrote down an address. "You can write to me." He wrote "We can finish the story."

Carmen smiled "I would like that."

They both walked off the plane with the stewardess. "ROB!" yelled Jamal "How are you pink guy?"

"Doing fine, Brown Dude." Laughed Rob

"This is so cool! Every ones together again!" laughed Jamal "Just wait till the others find out."

Out of the corner of his eye Rob could see Carmen following a large group of people out. The people looked upset. They walked ahead of her. He watched as she rolled her backpack behind her. Poor kid. He felt badly for her, but he was soon distracted.

Welcome Back Rob!

"Ghostwriter." He smiled as he followed Jamal's family to their car. Life was going to be good again.