Carmen could see it all.

"She's just like her father!" yelled uncle Arturo "She just brings misery wherever she goes!"

"And her mother is worse." Said her Aunt Abigail "Imagine just walking off like that- the nerve! Left the child here just like that. Its no wonder she didn't want the child. Four years old and can't speak a word of English, or any language for that matter."

"She can sign." Chimed her Grandma's voice.

"She's not deaf. She just doesn't talk." yelled Arturo "She breaks everything. She's a good for nothing just like her father. Maybe we ought to call child services; we can't do anything with her."

"No, no grandchild of mines going to child services. I'll take her." Said her Grandma

"But your health Mama." Said Uncle Arturo "You cannot keep up with a child."

"Well you could take care of her." Grandma retorted.

Arturo stormed out.

"You better keep her." Aunt Abigail said softly as he left "because Arturo can't stand the sight of that child. It reminds him of the father so much. You know how much Arturo despised him."

It's all your fault. No one who wants you does well. Your Grandmother died because of you. He was right she couldn't keep up with you. You are just like your father; you hurt everyone you see. No one wants to be hurt. You'll see your friends will leave.

Suddenly a new vision appeared.

"Stay away from me!" Hector yelled "You were always after me."

"Yeah I don't want to play with you anymore. Your no fun; you don't even talk."Casey complained.

"And your stories stink. I was just to polite to mention it before." Said Rob

It was a mistake to put you on the team. I did not mean for you to see me anyway.

"Yeah we only wanted you around to find Carpenter anyway." Alex said "We don't need you."

"Yeah, and Ghostwriter is always so busy watching for you. You couldn't even watch out for Hector why should we watch out for you?" said Gabby.

"Yeah you're worthless." Lenni said "Get out of here."

Carmen looked sad and turned but Jamal called her "Wait." Carmen turned around hopeful only to have Jamal pull the pen off from around her neck.

"Only team members wear Ghostwriter pens." Said Jamal

"and we do not want you on our team." Said Tina

They all laughed at her. Carmen really did cry now.

All alone. No one wants Carmen. No one ever needed Carmen. I'm the only one who went looking for you and you betrayed me. Maybe I don't want you either. All alone Carmen, no one wants Carmen. Goodbye Carmen.

"No wait!" cried Carmen "I don't want to be alone!"

You don't write to me, you don't help me.

Carmen was falling down a pit. "Help! HELP!"

I only help those who help me.

"Help me please! Help me. Someone! Anyone!" yelled Carmen

No one wants you… no one needs you.

"Your still around," Carmen said "please don't let me die. Don't let me die alone."

I don't need you either. I don't need you back.

Carmen fought the words back but found herself crying "Please, please take me back. I don't want to be alone."

The vision disappeared and she found herself in Hectors house again.

Take the book. The book belongs to me. She should not have been given it!

Carmen hesitates.

Meanwhile the team gets to Michaels house. "Who is it?' Michael growled.

"We're looking for Carmen." Rob yelled "We know she's in there."

"Go away!" yelled Michael.

Suddenly Ghostwriter goes through the door and straight into Carmen. He can see everything she saw now.

Carmen it is a nightmare! Wake up! Wake up!

Don't listen to him. He abandoned you.

Carmen, he is tricking you, I would never abandon you. I would never betray you!

Carmen closes her eyes "I don't know what is going on, but I won't hurt Hector. I won't hurt him even if he isn't my friend anymore. Stealing is wrong, and I'd rather have no friends then be friends with a mean creep like you."


She is not afraid of you anymore. You have no hold on her now.

"Yeah your connection is broken." Carmen said triumphantly "Your history, literally."

NO! Grandfather's diary should have been mine! Not Lydia's!

The light started to fade in and out.

I'll get you girl!

The light grabbed Carmen's foot but she reached out to Ghostwriters words and shook her foot trying to get free. Suddenly she felt Ghostwriter pulling her the other way; he was helping her get rid of Carpenter. She heard a scream: AAAAAAHHHHH!

Then the light went out and she was back in Michael's apartment.

Michael and Arthur were frozen at the sight of Ghostwriter. Arthur hid behind Michael "Carmen don't let him hurt us!"

"Why w-would he huwt you?" said Carmen slowly.

"He destroyed Mr. Carpenter. He's our enemy." Said Michael.

Carmen wrote "They are afraid of you Ghostwriter."

I will not hurt you, but you will tell the principle what you did.

Carmen gave the pen and paper to Arthur and Michael.

"Yes we will go now!" wrote Michael.

"We'll tell them we did it. We will tell them Hector was framed." Wrote Arthur "We will tell them that we made Carmen help us."

And you will tell no one about me or Carpenter. No one should know about ghosts.

Michael and Arthur nodded "WE better hurry to catch the principle." They ran out of the house and past the team.

"What happened?" Jamal said.

"You ok?" said Rob.

"Where are they going?" asked Gabby.

Carmen said slowly "He is gone."

Carpenter has passed over. I saw him go. He will never hurt anyone again!

"I am not af-f-fwaid any mowe." Carmen said proudly.

"Way to go Carmen." Lenni said.

"But why was Carpenter after my family?" said Hector.

Carmen wrote "He said the book should have been given to him not Lydia."

"Lydia, that's my mother's name." said Hector "Let's ask him who Walter Carpenter is."

They ran over to Hector's house.

"Walter Carpenter, why was my cousin. He runs an oil mining company that belonged to my Grandfather. My Grandfather didn't think highly of him though. He always was mean to people you see. The last time I saw him was at my Grandfathers funeral. He was mad because Grandfather left a l lot of the family heirlooms to me, like my Grandfathers diary. I'm so glad I have it though. I love reading about his adventures. See Hector. Here is his picture in at home in New York and here he is in WWI, and here he is- Hector!" she said pulling out a piece of paper. "This is a deed to someplace in California."

2 days later:

"I we hadn't asked." Hector moaned "I don't want to move to California."

"Hector your rich!" said Lenni "Your mother wants to keep an eye on your family's oil mining business. Who would have guessed that your mother had the real deed all along and not your cousin?"

"Your Grandfather picked your mother because she would be fair to the workers." Jamal said "and she knows a lot about business. She'll do great."

"Man that had to be a shock to your mother to find out her cousin died a month ago and no one told her. It's sad how he could hold a grudge so long." Alex said.

"I don't want to leave the team though." Hector said "We're finally all together."

"Hey we'll just switch off." Rob said "Now you get to be someplace new and exciting and I'll write to you from New York."

"Promise?" Hector Asked

"Definitely!" they all said.

Carmen sat in her room writing. Suddenly Ghostwriter appeared. How are you feeling?

"Better, thanks for saving me. I almost gave in before you came along." Carmen wrote.

Friends help each other out.

"I was so afraid of being alone." Carmen wrote "I am so afraid that no one will want me. Just like my parents did not want me."

The team wants you. We care about you.

"You were really brave. I wish I did not get scared." wrote Carmen.

I was afraid. I was very afraid! I was afraid the first time too!

"The first time?" Carmen wrote. She was confused.

I remember he was hurting the girl, because she told me what he was going to do. She got hurt because I tried to help her. I was afraid it would happen again.

"Who? Who was she?" wrote Carmen

I cannot remember.

"Someone from your past?" wrote Carmen

I think so…..